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Selvstendighetspartiet (abbreviated ShP, English translation "Self-Reliance Party" or "Independence Party") is a very small Norwegian fringe anti-immigration and climate-crisis-denying political party formed in 2015 by Ellen Due Brynjulfsen.[1]

Not to be confused with an early 19th-century political party of the same name, this party has strong ties to the Islamophobic group SIAN. It is anti-European Union (of which Norway is not a member) and anti-European Economic Area (of which Norway is),[2] and could generally be described as something like a Norwegian version of Germany's Alternative für Deutschland but with more overt connections to the Identitarian movement.

The party capitalizes on the same fear of Eurabia and The Great Replacement which led to Breivik's terrorist massacre. They did not run in the 2017 election to the Storting (Parliament),[3] instead directing potential voters to the deceptively named party Demokratene ("The Democrats"), who are "democrats" in the same sense as Sweden Democrats. So they could be seen less as a traditional political party than as a a far-right activist group.

Brynjulfsen frequently retweets or refers people to articles on the mysterious fake news WordPress site Alternativ-Media.com – which apparently is also meant to be called Rapport-X[4] – and which one might be excused for thinking is propaganda from a troll farm.

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