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Paul Ray Ramsey (also known as RamZPaul and the "smiling Nazi") (1963–) is a racist asshole and white nationalist alt-right vlogger who cloaks his views in satire to make them appear less unpalatable.[1][note 1]

Ramsey supports Southern secession, opposes interracial sex, attacks "Cultural Marxists" (read "anyone not a racist, straight, conservative, and Christian white male"),[1] thinks transgender people are delusional,[2] believes in the racist idea that immigration will ruin the country,[3] thinks that all gay people are child molesters,[4] supports the abolition of the 19th amendment,[5] and of course is a raging antisemite.[6]

Ramsey's YouTube channel has over 72,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views.[7] His Twitter feed has over 60,000 followers.[8]

In a video deleted by YouTube for violating the site's policy on hate speech, Ramsey suggested that the victims of the 2019 mass shooting event in New Zealand deserved it because of immigration.[9]

Ramsey has been interviewed by Rosie Grey from BuzzFeed News,[10] National Public Radio,[11] and white nationalist Richard Spencer.[12]

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  1. Ramsey rejects the "white nationalist" label, preferring the term "American nationalist" (with a good amount of racism mixed in, of course). He stated in a video that he thinks white nationalism is a cult.