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Paul Ramsey

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Paul Ray Ramsey (also known as RamZPaul and the "smiling Nazi"[1]) is a racist and white nationalist[note 1] alt-right vlogger who cloaks his views in satire to make them appear less unpalatable.[1] Ramsey supports Southern secession, opposes interracial sex, attacks "Cultural Marxists" (read "anyone not a racist, straight, conservative, and Christian white male").[1] and supports the abolition of the 19th amendment.[2]. As of November 2017, his channel has 42,000 subscribers and 13 million views [3] as well as 41K twitter followers [4].


Paul Ramsey has been interviewed by Rosie Grey from BuzzFeed News[5] as well as National Public Radio[6] as well as white nationalist Richard Spencer.[7]


  1. Although he rejects this label, preferring the term "American nationalist" (with a good amount of racism mixed in, of course). He stated in a video that he thinks white nationalism is a cult.