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April 2013[edit]

35Five (FIVE!) year old, given gun as gift, shoots and kills 2 year old sister.
23Bonkers UK councillor hopeful says feminism is evil, gay rights activists are termites, education should be about obedience, and strenous physical activity prevents gayness. Considering he clearly hasn't been watching gay porn, I think we can rule out Haggard's Law this time. Good luck in the election tomorrow, champ! UPDATE Tough luck, old chap.
16A reparative therapy camp leader in South Africa is on trial for killing 3 gay teens and torturing more over several years. Meanwhile, the Bachmanns are probably thinking "Damn, why didn't we think of that?"
15Who doesn't like stem cell research now?
2Obama to send "Lethal Weapons" to Syrian rebels, and he doesn't mean Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
10Steve, we can't just keep re-editing your article once a week.
11Iran arrests thousands of men for claiming to be a fake messiah. Insert Life of Brian joke here.
14Dear Austrian supermarket, please don't call yourself "Common Sense" and then do this.
17Republic of Ireland to legalise (limited) abortion.
12The dog ate my homework Somebody hijacked my Facebook account.
24Diary of Anne Frank "too pornographic" for middle school students.
21Another Republican gets caught out; acts like a petulant asshat in response.
15Time for more conservative butthurt.
14Flat screens are just so noughties.
36Out of the closet, onto the hard court. UPDATE: A Breitbart editor does his best to launch the blowback on behalf of the right-wing noise machine. UPDATE 2: ESPN's Chris Broussard doubles down: "I would not characterize [Collins] as a Christian." UPDATE 3: The parents of Matthew Shepard feel honored that Collins chose his uniform number (98) to memorialize their son's 1998 murder.
12Somebody still doesn't know what blowback means.
24Time to write an article on Lamar "I Don't Understand the Nature of Research Grants" Smith.
18Mother makes her 13 year old accept a role as her artificially inseminated babymaker. Nice.
33Jenny, it's all a conspiracy against you!
22RINO Alert!
199/11 landing gear appears to have been found
20America's answer to school shootings, part deux: bulletproof whiteboards.
22America's answer to school shootings: bulletproof school uniforms.
36"Were you there?" is the correct answer to this school test's question, "The next time someone says the Earth is billions of years old, what can you say?"
24The price of our cheap clothing.
20After almost twenty years of the bill languishing without a vote, Rhode Island is now extremely likely to pass same-sex marriage, which would bring the number of states that allow it into the double digits.
13SOPA II is about to die.
16Smartest person in the entire family.
21Michele Bachmann's ethical problems worsen, which results in her running away from the media.
14Dinner pictures. You're doing it right.
37Police threaten woman with eviction for "too many" domestic violence reports.
15Britain, France, and Israel claim repeated use of chemical weapons in Syria.
13Body of student falsely accused of Boston attacks possibly found Update: Confirmed, police say no foul play involved
21Suspect in Canadian terror case bullet proof defense? The Criminal Code of Canada is not a holy book and should not apply to me. You use that defense good sir!
21Canadian woman has marker put on her US Customs and Borders Service file. Her crime? Having condoms and traveling with a married man [1]. Follow-up from her [2]
17Ireland's coalition government: "How about we get women wanting an abortion to have panel-based counselling from six to a dozen doctors?" The minister for children and the college of psychiatry: "How about no?"
11People on US Terror Watch Lists can still buy guns. Of course, no one seems concerned about the arbitrary "enemies list" the US Government has...
14NASA (accidentally?) drew a penis on the surface of Mars.
18Bret Easton Ellis, The gay author of American Psycho, has been banned from attending GLAAD's Media Awards night on the grounds that "the gay community" responded negatively to his Tweets. Meanwhile, the guest host is that guy who instituted DADT and DOMA. For an extra punch in the gut, head to the comments section and watch them become gradually more and more homophobic with worrying upvote distribution.
23French parliament passes law allowing same-sex marriage. 331 votes for and 225 against.
23The ricin letter charges against Elvis impersonator and conspiracy theorist Paul Curtis have been dropped.
19Bitcoin advocates burst into tears as Ron Paul says he isn't a fan.
4Bomber in Boston Marathon attack cites the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as source of grievance against the US (according to The Washington Post and its mysterious sources).
13Dear idiots: prayer doesn't work. You might have figured that out by now.
9Republican representative Dennis Johnson, of Oklahoma, uses the phrase "Jew me down" on the House floor.
20Sorry Sam and Ann: An imam just helped the Mounties prevent an Al Qaeda-inspired terrorist attack in Canada.
10Today we learned that the FBI has no fucking idea what a WMD is. Alternatively the FBI does know what a WMD is, since it is defined in law, and it is Joe Public who does not.
10How about the Higgs Englert Gurainik Kibble Brout Hagen Particle?
18Serbia and Kosovo sign a historic agreement.
13Another disturbing ethical oil statistic: Alberta, which consists of only 10% of Canuckistan's population, now contributes to half the country's AGW emissions.
30Attention Cranks: this is how academia works
29Apparently 10 seconds on Google is too hard for a number of people, forcing the Czech Republic's embassy to clear things up
8Meet Ruslan "Badass" Tsarni. UPDATE: It's over, final suspect in custody. One seriously fucked up week.
36Paul LePage, the Republican Governor of Maine, believes that windmill generators are actually "powered" with electricity when no wind is blowing to convince people clean energy works.
17Meanwhile in Michigan, a church minister who has two prior convictions for attacking women is convicted of killing his fiance's 24-year-old daughter because he was jonesing for some necrophilia. Memo to churches: (1. BACKGROUND CHECKS, dammit! 2. If you did a background check and hired him anyway, this is why they included 1 Timothy 3:1-16 in that book you're always shoving in everybody's faces.)
16Advertising Standards Authority has to tell a quack that you can't claim sitting in a cave will cure asthma. (HT Quackometer.)
24The FBI has released images of Marathon suspects Update: It appears Boston Police have killed the first suspect after a firefight and explosions at MIT and Watertown. Update II: The entirety of Boston is shut down. Update III: Lockdown lifted, manhunt continues.
25Second bombing in a week in Iraq, with a death toll nine times higher than the Boston Marathon bombing
15Android app is developed to help the population of Iceland (300,000) avoid accidental incest.[No, not The Onion]
16Well, this is disappointing: more coal power plants are being installed than renewable ones.
17The guy who sent the ricin letters is apparently a nutcase. And an Elvis impersonator.
13US Senate (y'know, the one the Dems control) rejects gun background checks.
2Arrest over Boston bombings: more details to follow Wait a sec. (CNN fucked up big time again)
16First a Mississippi Senator, now a package containing ricin just got sent to Obama.
49Wait for it, wait for it… New Zealand set to pass gay marriage. (Live stream.) Update: bill passes with 77 votes for to 44 against - and the chamber breaks out in song. Update II: Conservatives Chris Auchinvole and Maurice Willaimson deliver the awesome.
9A Dutch company is now accepting applications for a 2023 one-way colonisation trip to Mars, which will be filmed for a reality TV show.
12Baby, I want to hike the Appalachian Trail again! I don't care if Colbert's sister beats me!
18A nonpartisan review confirms everything we already know.
19Kickstarter rejects all manner of sane pledge drives, but accepts a pledge drive for an anti-gravity device from someone who rejects mere current physics and compares himself to Copernicus. Here's the paper ... on viXra.
9Belief in an angry God correlates with poor mental health.
12You're too handsome to live in Saudi Arabia.
11The Harper machine is beginning to fray at the edges.
14How dare you ask me not to be an autocrat! Jail for you!
25Two explosions at Boston marathon. Update: The NY Post brings the lies and islamophobia.
3Someone put the von Mises Institute on suicide watch.
9It appears a combination of prayer and inhuman treatment cures mental illness (If you're a wing nut)
14"It's as though the Tories have fingerpainted 'FUCK OFF AND DIE' on Parliament in heavy crude."
25Good news: Same-sex marriage in Ireland is headed to referendum in 2014 after being cleared by the constitutional convention: 100 votes break down as 79 yes, 18 no, 1 abstain, 2 spoiled. Better news: said referendum looks set to be a landslide. The writing is on the wall, and it spells "Equality". (clip of in-house announcement here.)
21The Bitcoin network uses 982 megawatt-hours a day just computing hashes. That would power 31,000 American homes or half a Large Hadron Collider.
17Look what you just did, Kim.
21Thought racial segregation was a thing of the past? Think again.
18The callous, dishonest bastard strikes again, only to have the Dept. of Health tell him to fuck off.
10Ireland's constitutional convention starts discussing same-sex marriage today, and voting to clear it for referendum tomorrow. Links to live stream, timetables (in PDFs) and where the clips will be archived all here.
9Welcome to North Carolina. Papers, please. And none of that prayer terrorism, you hear?
6Hi, my name is Joe Oliver, and now I will show you why I shouldn't be in charge of Canada's natural resources.
11Liz II: You do know that the Queen didn't die, right?
15Senator Feinstein blames video games for mass violence.
8Don't even think about speeding in Dubai
4Is North Korea trolling us?
14It was inevitable. (It's actually topped the UK iTunes chart, too) UPDATE: The sound of free speech
20Looks like Mars might be a quicker trip than we thought.
25During a committee hearing, Joe Barton actually said the following for the record: "I would point out that if you're a believer in the Bible, one would have to say the Great Flood is an example of climate change and that certainly wasn't because mankind had overdeveloped hydrocarbon energy."
3DEFCON Watchcon 2.
7A non-US gun tragedy: 13 people killed in a shooting spree in Serbia.
6April 9: Bitcoin is soaring! April 10: Maybe not...
9Russian parliament moves ahead on don't hurt God's feelingsanti-blasphemy law
21France is finally going to get gay marriage. Update: And Uruguay!
11In Texas, a community college student stabs 14 people before being wrestled to the ground by two other students.
16Today's US gun tragedy is brought to you by New Jersey, where a four-year-old shot a six-year-old in the head.
5Blue Angels and Thunderbirds grounded by sequestration. *cough* the Washington Monument tactic *cough* If only they flew F-35s...
20Rather than tackle any kind of actual issue, Oklahoma's house is busy making it perfectly clear they hate marriage equality to send a message to the Supreme Court. 84 vote in favour of a "one man one woman" affirmation, every democrat in favour of gay marriage walks away.
13Putting the "Vice" in "Vice-Mayor"
9Those lovable loonies from Westboro Baptist Church get set to picket Roger Ebert's funeral. Start taking bets on the possibility of Ebert rising from his coffin just to tell Steve Drain all of his videos are shit.
13Evolution can work much faster than previously thought?
18As one of Pinochet's friends passes away, one of his victims is exhumed
40It would appear that "the ethical treatment of animals" includes the slaughter of nearly 2700 house pets per year. "...[I]n the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals."
22Florida woman finds "sign from God" on Goldfish cracker.
54Margaret Thatcher is dead.
16You will be pleased to note that the Vatican does not seem to consider torrenting movies to violate "thou shalt not steal".
20WikiLeaks unleashes the motherlode on Henry Kissinger: 2 million classified US documents from 1973-1976, five times the size of Cablegate. Have fun!
5The US makes a smart military decision. Hard to think the Bush Administration would've played it this way. Update: Start laughing.
21Fucking Andrew Wakefield rears his scaly head once more.
20Fuck the Establishment Clause
22Fundamentalist Muslims in the hundreds of thousands from Bangladesh: "Hang atheists for hurting our feelings over the internet! Update: Bangladesh's PM: Fuck off.
26"Millionaires are raking in unemployment benefits." The number of unemployment claims for US households earning more than $1 million jumped 44% in 2009-10. (Considering how often right-wingers call working class people on the dole "leeches," it's kinda heartwarming to read the comment section and see them jumping to the defense of all these rich people sucking on the public teat.)
13"It's time to redraw the map of the world during the reign of the dinosaurs."
32Brooklyn judge declares birther "delusional", fines him $177K. In other news, Terry Hurlbut explodes.
15North Korea declares that it can't guarantee the safety of British diplomats after 10 April, in the event of war. Update: Warns all embassies. Update II: A SK official actually predicted this beforehand.
4Cameron, the minute you turn into a Blair clone is the minute your government will fall. Remember that.
29The Human Rights Campaign shows its uglier, appearance-obsessed side once more. Last I checked, immigrants and transgender people are humans too.
28Rest in peace, Roger Ebert. You will be missed. UPDATE: The official obituary posted to his blog Update II: The Onion's obituary for Ebert, that manages to be both classy, and The Onion, at the same time.
11The US military discovers $900 million worth of misplaced equipment that it originally lost due to "accounting error."
13Not April Fools: Apple's text messaging system is effectively PATRIOT Act-proof.
10Suddenly the US debt outlook doesn't look so bad.
16Virginia Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to ban consensual oral and anal sex.
6Got Bitcoins?
9Enbridge: Shit, Obama's serious about rejecting Keystone. What are we going to do? Alberta: Carbon...taxes?
15HIV vaccine possible?
33RationalWiki thrilled as North Carolina seeks to declare an "official state religion", because mocking Texas gets boring after a while.
9Public Policy Polling surveys belief in conspiracy theories, finds 4% of the US thinks the lizard people are real.
9Iain M Banks: less than a year to live!
9With a kid spouting rhetoric like that, someone's trying to impress Westboro Baptist Church...
7North Korea is currently denying entry into the Kaesong Industrial Park. We could be in all-out war within days.
19Brain mapping proposed by Obama Will this bring out the cranks?
6...they didn't call her Sleipnir?
7The scientific establishment lets down Henrietta Lacks again.
19Georgian Republican senator: We need, uh, to stop gay marriage because, um, um, um, only gay people are the ones who'll get married just for legal benefits! Wait, what?
14Where the hell were you for the past three years?
25Lech Walesa, champion of human freedom disgusting homophobe.
-10Try out Google Nose