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February 2013[edit]

13Don't worry about the government censoring your emails - Apple will do it for them.
13Discrimination is dead in the United States. Oh wait, no, sorry, this guy is dead. (Probably worth noting that the coroner thinks politics wasn't involved in the death)
21We are as gods.
18Tom Flanagan (Stephen Harper's Rove doppelgänger and Assange execution advocate): Child porn for everyone! Update: Fired by the CBC. Update II: Fired by the University of Calgary.
15Mars space proposal #46: Hitch a sexually active middle-aged couple in a refrigerator-sized, radiated capsule for 500 days for a flyby 5 years from now without any re-entry plan. The cost - 1/10 of an Apollo mission. The sane person's reaction - [1]
14Scalia thinks that African-Americans are entitled.
12Move over, MRSA. Now gonorrhea is antibiotic resistant too!
5Canada has a Senate?
15Swedish wieners cut off in UK
14Italian election results are in. Good news: Silvio Berlusconi lost. Bad news: So did everyone else.
16Blair: I need a Whaambulance!
7That reported decline in enemy attacks in Afganistan was a goof.
11Never wrestle with pigs in the mud, they'll enjoy it, and they'll beat you with experience. Progressives say something racist and do the GOP's work for them.
15Two-body interactions: A Longitudinal Study: Physicist proposes in science paper. No word on how this will be peer-reviewed.
10Goat pilaf lasagne... not just limited to the UK.
9For Fuck's Sake
29Daily Mail: 'Hi Mumsnet, got any nasty stories about NHS doctors being "reluctant to treat children" and sending them to A & E?'
Mumsnet: Piss off,Daily Fail!.
12Ted Cruz, a Tea Party Senator talks about Reds under the bed.
12Davros is dead.
16Yet another one: prize-winning homophobe Cardinal Keith O'Brien 'accused of inappropriate acts' with other priests. O'Brien was friend to notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile. [2] More: he resigns or The Pope forces him out.
8Heart-warming story of the year, starting with a diamond ring dropped accidentally into a begging bowl.
2Let them eat horse meat.
13US Justice Department calls laws denying financial benefits to gay and lesbian marriages unconstitutional.
6Oh Jesus fucking Christ. (Berlusconi might manage a comeback)
6Respect for all people. UPDATE: Respect respond.
20North Korean Women Encouraged to Choose from 18 Official Hairstyles, Men Get 10. [No, not The Onion]
20Vermont caves to the anti-vaccine crowd.
4Outrage! Religious oppression of Pastafarianism in New Jersey.
20Another day, another round of gay sex, blackmail and corruption allegations at the Vatican.
45Jon Huntsman comes out in support of same-sex marriage.
-5Japan executes some people.
4The cop investigating Oscar Pistorious is himself up on attempted murder charges.
15Capitalist spits in the face of labor rights. (And lectures French officials in English. Well done.)
31Hilarity ensues as the chairwoman of the Yellowstone County, Montana Republican Party comes up with a totally original black man/watermelon combo.
17Mitch McConnell gets suckered by an Onion-style article.
-4Meat clusterfuck, this is.
16Alberta in 2008: "See what happens when you listen to to the Gore-sucking enviroweenie socialists, Ontario? Oil trumps all!"
Alberta in 2013: "Fuck."
12"In order for you to understand quantum mechanics, I will need to take off my clothes and play this video with Hitler and 9/11 while ninjas beat me up."
18Does baseball involve getting hit in the head a lot? 'Cause Jose Canseco is trying to explain science, and not doing very well.
17"Hello, Hello! America? Yes, can you please nuke us? It would be really great!!" Chinese Politburo: Facepalm.png
46Irony meters are SPROINGing eveywhere when a GOP Missouri state rep proposes legislation to make proposing gun control legislation a felony. His argument for a bill which violates the First Amendment? "We seem to be having a lot of people willing to further restrict our constitutional rights and take our rights."
-3North Carolina allows illegal immigrants to have driver's licenses in the most begrudging fashion possible: slapping a humiliating "NO LAWFUL STATUS" label on their licenses.
42In the Republican Party's continuing gross misunderstanding of human biology, an Alabama lawmaker claims fetuses are "organs" that women shouldn't be allowed to "remove."
12Is this an election campaign or a plea to your ex-wife?
-1Oscar Pistorius, who was recently charged with murdering his girlfriend, is now also alleged to have been using anabolic steroids. Is there no athlete for our children to look up to?.Apart from Usain Bolt and Bradley Wiggins and David Rudisha and Allyson Felix and Anna Chicherova and Kobe Bryant and Gabby Douglas and Beth Tweddle and Chad le Clos and Jade Jones and Mo Farah and Omid Norouzi and jacqueline Freney and David Villa and Cameron Leslie? Probably not, no.
24Mississippi finally ratifies the Thirteenth Amendment thanks to Steven Spielberg.[No, not The Onion]
12So much for all Buddhists being peaceful. "Stop having freedom of religion, you bloody Muslims and your halal products!" (They were actually protesting against the process of Halal slaughter.)
21Let's see you doing it then, you fucking prick (Especially if it's for free)
19Irish government to, after much waiting, apologise for the atrocity known as the Magdalene laundries...while another high-up institution stays silent.
7Get ready for Google Brain
-27So, what do you get when your TV network airs a blatant Da Vinci Code ripoff that gets the lowest ratings for a scripted pilot episode in your network's 65 year history. (And that includes this infamous turd.)
15I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was...to catch Fox is my real test, to train them is my cause!
21The moment sexual equality becomes a reality: When you don't have to use a professional soccer career to try and "escape" from your own sexual orientation.
35Suddenly the Tunguska event isn't such a mystery any more. Update: The Guardian has more videos of breaking glass and swearing Russians. Cue conspiracy theories in 4...3...2...1... (The first one to connect it to 2012 DA14Wikipedia gets a shiny new tinfoil hat!)
20Melba Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA paper has been released, but there are a few problems with it... (It's this joke come to life.)
24In Arizona, convicted felons cannot legally carry firearms (with certain exceptions). But join Boss Hogg's Maricopa posse and as long as you weren't convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in the last 12 months, mount up, podner!
22Prepare to watch a NYT writer get fired for trying to repeat the Tesla/Top Gear fiasco. Update: Pwning continues.
10Brooklyn College continues to show the democratic, American spirit by throwing students out of a public meeting for being visibly Jewish?
34The Tea Party demonstrates how classy it is by making a fake Hillary Clinton bestiality video.
37Sheriff Joe Arpaio hired a convicted child-sex criminal for armed school "posse" that schools didn't ask for. And said he didn't care when it was pointed put to him. And also hired Steven Seagal to provide weapons training for the "posse". Remember, only ten links ago, the Tea Party was trying to block, possibly with some force, a recall petition against Boss Hogg.
14Could The Sun finally burn out?
10The same Icelandic parliament containing internet freedom activist Birgitta Jónsdóttir is now considering instituting its very own Great Firewall of China in order to enforce its very own "Antipornography Civil Rights Ordinance." Gail Dines is very much excited, pretending that this approach has not been tried before.
2Unfortunately, moments like these are too few.
5Try not to make eye contact with the photo. The BBC reports on legal action against itself in the Jimmy Savile sex scandal.
4Fugitive Ex-Los Angeles Cop Believed Killed in Fire After Shootout
31Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers UPDATE: Tea Party and Faux News say, "Nuh-huh and they used tax-payer dollars for the research!" Grab the popcorn.
7Remember the "penis-head fish" that was 'made of lol' last year? Creationists, what's your God doing now?
4this medical procedure is shit
20What does it all mean? UK government permits gay marriage: nada. Pope Benedict resigns: Vatican struck by lightning twice. St. Peter's Basilica being a tall building on a hill with a lightning rod during an electrical storm is, naturally, just a coincidence.
15Fuck you, Tory scumbags
32Add "democracy" to the list of things Teabaggers don't understand.
10Homophobic assholes just love to show their support for tradition by eating, don't they? The "pro-family" crowd have a cake dessert from the Oregon bakery that refused to make a lesbian wedding cake to follow down that fried chicken.
14A woman who was raped in New York a year and a half ago had her case demoted to sexual assault...because it wasn't vaginal. With luck, her case will help a languishing bill that will make oral and anal rape classified as, you know, what it fucking is.
20Coroner: "Drinking 10 litres of Coke a day for years may have been a causal factor in a woman's death". The family "did not consider Coke was harmful because its labels do not contain warning signs". Maybe a baby being born without enamel on its teeth might have been a sign.
2CNN hosts a debate between William Lane Craig and The Amazing Atheist. Finally, someone who makes even T.J. look good.
11That's no earthquake... (North Korea may have tested a nuclear bomb.) Update: Confirmed. All eyes on China now.
46Pope Ratzy is resigning at the end of the month. (We're witnessing history here. The last Pope to do this was Gregory XII, in the 15th century.)
11Harper and friends, just how fucking idiotic are you?
-13Sometimes, standard sciencey stuff just fails you can take some time and money.
9Brazilian pastor jailed after telling his flock that his penis contained "holy milk." (Spanish original.) Update: We done been Poed. Original satirical blog post, article on people Poed by it.
7Maybe it was better not to hack the Bush family emails.
11Conservatives can't get enough of those robocalls. Amazingly, they fessed up this time, after first denying it.
28Atlas Shrugged Part 2 fails as badly as part 1. (The fans in the comments are great.) Will we see part 3?
23At least it's not the Bible in schools: a new bill would require all Idaho kids to read Atlas Shrugged in school. UPDATE: Bill fails.
21Must have been late for the ark Update: Intelligent Design Biology 'Expert' explains all in the comments section
22Religion bringing people together.
279/11 Truther defaces artwork in the Louvre.
18The WBC responds to 2 of Fred's granddaughters leaving the flock: "If they continue with the position that they have, those two girls, yeah, they’re going to hell." So much for "blood is thicker than water."
21Well, at least the rightwingers will be happy it wasn't one of them this time: Black ex-cop snaps, goes on spree shooting in Los Angeles. His manifesto. Police shoot wrong people. Update: Up pops a loony almost immediately
19"Targeted killing" = The new "extraordinary rendition."
26Who saved the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu from the Islamists? The librarians, of course!
9What part of "Streisand effect" don't you people understand?
15Newly discovered largest known prime number (257,885,161-1) is 17,425,170 digits long. The previous largest known prime number, discovered in 2008, was a mere 12,978,189 digits long.
20Taking the kids for fast-food? Don't forget your gun, in case another customer bothers you.
32One Two more souls saved from the Westboro Baptist Church.
12What did the new head of security for American nuclear facilities do at his last job? He managed a Target.[No, not The Onion] Bonus: He's a retired colonel who previously commanded a missile base that flunked a nuclear security test within five months of his departure.
11Playing Superman might make you a better person.
25Oh, look. Another ex-gay activist who isn't as ex-gay as he claims.
8Magnitude 8 earthquake in the Solomon Islands; potential for tsunami in the Pacific ocean. (clearly God's wrath for the WIGO below)
59The Britons are set to pass gay marriage!
9You know that knuckledragger from the 49er's who said gays wouldn't be allowed in the locker room? Well...
22The GOP's War on Women continues unabated.
22No sooner do we celebrate the successful end to the Alabama stand-off, with the gun nut dead and the 5-year-old safe, than we hear about the assault rifle "assault weapon" toting Florida man, who forced his wife to watch as he shot their sons, then himself.
-23Thunderbirds are go!.......again....Peter Jackson Weta Workshops takes aim at another entertainment icon - roll on 2015!
17They've dug up the skeleton of someone who probably was Rich the T...hird.
8Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asserts his readiness to be the first Iranian in space
32From now on, girls shall be pretty and inoffensive when in school.
27Israel demonstrates to the world how much of a modern, democratic nation in the Middle East they are. Correction: Independent article is blown out of proportion and misleading.
4Cheneygate 2.0.
31The "Gay dog" saga descends deeper into a mini-statement about all that's wrong with the American right wing, as Bill Donohue describes its adoption as "reverse discrimination" against straights. These days, satire writes itself.
14NASA's Curiosity tests out its tools to penetrate rock on Mars. Drill, baby, drill!
13*Please be Lake Vostok* *Please be Lake Vostok*... Not yet.
13Mmmmmmm. Mother of Jesus.
-17A legend says goodbye. If I have half as much grace as he does I will die very happy. Sleep well Wilko, every punk and R&B head and guitar fan from here to 'there' will miss you my friend.
35Never mind the absurd rates of teenage pregnancy and KKK membership, the GOP lawmakers in Tennessee are busy with having another shot at passing the "Don't Say Gay" bill, and this time, teachers have to inform parents if Johnny uses too much glitter in arts and crafts class.