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Kuruc.info is an unofficial lie station "news outlet" of the Hungarian far-right Jobbik party.

The site is similar to Metapedia. It is hosted on American servers in order to avoid the long arm of the Hungarian law.

"Kuruc" was a term used to denote the armed anti-Habsburg rebels in Royal Hungary, the part of the Old Hungarian Kingdom that was not occupied by Turks (which today compromises most of Slovakia and westernmost Hungary). Led by nobles of mostly Hungarian origin, the kuruc army was made up of serfs, including Hungarian Protestants and many Slovaks. Ironically, these modern "kuruc rebels" are almost entirely Hungarian, for reasons below.[1]

The webshite in their own words[edit]

Taken from the "About Us" section of their, the following is a summary of their wacky beliefs. Translation of all the dog whistles and other nonsense in blue:[2]

Kuruc.info is a patriotic Hungarian conservative, right-wing, nationalist, fact-finding news site that is independent of political parties . We have been online since February 1, 2006. We are amongst the most popular Hungarian online papers with app. 50,000 to 80,000 unique IP readers on peak days.

Due to hostile Hungarian regime activity and restriction on civil liberties in Hungary our main server is located in the USA. We fully comply with U.S. laws and the U.S. Constitution and we do not instigate violence, set up people or groups against other personsas do some so-called liberal or post-communist papers, magazines and channels in Hungary. With no serious consequence a strongly libertarian, Zionist hate-medium called Radio Tilos a couple of years ago announced their wish to exterminate all Christians.

Others, blogs and daily newspapers, have been openly advocating killing patriotic, right-wing Hungarian politicians and public figures. They also ended up unpunished as did András Darányi, a rather well-known anti-Hungarian racist from Budapest, who holds Israeli and Hungarian citizenship. He is an ex-leader of the so-called Hungarian Holocaust Museum which was involved in massive embezzlement of millions of Hungarian taxpayers' dollars and he is the chief-editor of an influential left wing weekly magazine. He said in a video interview: ”you (Hungarians) are a dying race”.

Hungary has been in crisis and trouble for years. The Hungarian prime minister, a lackey of Israeli colonizers, Ferenc Gyurcsány ordered among others the police to shoot at peaceful Hungarian demonstrators on October 23rd 2006 in Budapest, seriously wounding hundreds and semi-blinding 14 people with rubber bullets.[note 1] In a secret speech to his party leaders in Balatonőszöd, he confessed that he and his government were doing nothing but lying and rigging statistics before the last general elections. His infamous speech was recorded and some months later leaked by someone (party rivals perhaps, but nobody knows) leading to continuous unrest and political instability in Hungary.

Debauchery is also widescale in our homeland. Several government politicians in all sincerity advocate and back decriminalization of drug consumption and openly popularize homosexuality and bisexuality. Some of them even proposed a bill to ease the culpability of pedophile felonies, although in the end this has not become law. Zionist leftists defend and support mostly ethnic, Gypsy and immigrant mobsters: criminal offenders who regularly terrorize, kill, rob and rape Hungarians all over the country, lynch teachers, attack among others physicians, paramedics, firefighters, destroy and steal railway tracks and metal devices, or sell drugs.

Another specific instance of Hungary's subdued condition was when on October 10th, 2007 at a Tel-Aviv business conference Simon Peres, the Israeli president, said "we buy up Manhattan, and we buy up Hungary, and we buy up Romania and Poland". No Hungarian parliamentary party objected to those outrageous words. Only nationalist sites and organizations raised their voice.

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  1. Actually, both sides were guilty in their handling of the situation - the MSZP government used excessive police force to disperse the protests at times, but it could be argued that it was forgivable as far-right thugs hijacked the protests, spreading wanton destruction including an infamous attack on a television station HQ, which for some reason Kuruc.info ommited.


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