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Why did I leave The Grayzone? Well it's obviously run by an unstable megalomaniac with no coherent principles. ... Blumenthal and his wife are so close to racist reactionary Tucker Carlson, they invite him to their house for dinner. They have long abandoned any pretense of being on the left and are opportunist contrarians who believe in nothing other than self-aggrandizement.
—Ben Norton, formerly a major contributor to the site[1][2]

The Grayzone is a webshite founded by Max Blumenthal (1977–), who was formerly a journalist for mainstream news publications but later became an RT contributor. The website purports itself to be "a news and politics website dedicated to original investigative journalism on war and empire",[3] but it mostly promotes Assadist, Russian, Venezuelan, and Chinese propaganda. Especially after Blumenthal's trip to Moscow.[4][5] The Grayzone is known for using ad hominem attacks by calling critics neocon shills[6] or McCarthyites.[7] The website was formerly carried by Alternet, a liberal website that sometimes promotes pseudoscience about GMOs. In February 2018, The Grayzone became an "independent" news source.[note 1]

Major contributors to The Grayzone (including, as mentioned, Blumenthal) have worked in some capacity or another with Russia and/or its state-run media, like RT and Sputnik News. Blumenthal's wife, Anya Parampil, was previously a presenter for RT America,[8] and Kit Klarenberg has been credited in articles on RT and Sputnik.[9] Aaron Maté has previously worked as a briefer for Russia's mission to the United Nations.[10][11] Blumenthal, Parampil, Maté, Klarenberg, Ben Norton, Gareth Porter, Dan Cohen, Rania Khalek, Ajit Singh, Alan MacLeod, and The Grayzone itself have all received "Serena Shim Awards",[12] which come from the Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees,Wikipedia a group supportive of Bashar al-Assad.[13][14] In Blumenthal's case, he received $20,000 alongside the award, and in Porter's case he received $10,000 alongside it.[15][16]

At least one of The Grayzone's editors received funding from Iran via state-sponsored Press TV, possibly violating sanctions against those countries as well as the United States' Foreign Agent Registration Act.[17]

General dishonesty[edit]

  • They whine about how Wikipedia has "censored" them.[18] They try to paint Wikipedia editors as neocon shills because The Grayzone was deprecated as a usable source by the community for being a pro-Kremlin propaganda blog. The Grayzone claimed: "At no point has this cabal of editors pointed to a pattern of errors or fabrications by The Grayzone. Instead, they have argued for its blacklisting on the grounds of the political views of its writers". In fact, examples of false propaganda by The Grayzone were discussed (e.g. on the subjects of Syria and Nicaragua), along with its status as a kind of self-published blog rather than an established news organization with a serious editorial policy. The community discussion is publicly archived, meaning the thought process behind this decision can be openly verified by anybody.[19][20] They attack Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia's co-founder, for being a libertarian and admiring Ayn Rand.[20] The Grayzone at all attempting to link Jimmy Wales to the community decision to deprecate their website as a source further demonstrates either their ignorance or propaganda regarding the decision, since Wales had no involvement in the discussion.[note 2]
    Here are points raised against The Grayzone by Wikipedia editors (none among the listed were substantially refuted in whole by the response article; most of the "response" simply attacked the individual editors and writers who mentioned these problems; some of these points were not addressed in The Grayzone's response whatsoever) aside from their status as a group-blog, and their association with AlterNet, MintPress News, RT, and Sputnik News:
    • In 2011, Max Blumenthal was accused of outright fabricating quotes by the very person he was supposedly quoting (Karen Greenberg). Confronted about this, Blumenthal speculated that she was "intimidated by [Jeffrey] Goldberg and the pro-Israel forces he represents" into claiming she never said it.[21]
    • In 2018, The Grayzone published an article claiming validity in Nicaraguan opposition protester Valeska Sandoval'sWikipedia "confession" which was possibly coerced or even tortured out of her by interrogators; the article also claimed she was "shown to be play-acting" in a viral livestream where pro-government militants were shown "attacking [a] church in the capital, Managua, where she and 200 other unarmed students had sought refuge." The human rights office for the United Nations contradicted The Grayzone, stating: "The church was subject to shootings by police and pro-Government armed elements for several hours, which led to the killing of two individuals and injured at least 16".[22]
    • Quoting from The New York Review of Books:Wikipedia Blumenthal "has attacked not only the White Helmets but also Bana al-Abed, a nine-year-old girl who lived in rebel-held Aleppo and ran a Twitter account with her mother. ... The man ... now accuses anti-Assad Syrians of belonging to al-Qaeda and has claimed that the White HelmetsWikipedia were affiliated with the Islamist group".[4]
    • The Grayzone attempts to smear the Democratic Socialists of America as being substantially backed by the US State Department,[23] as well as "millions of protestors, from Hong Kong to Xinjiang, as U.S.-backed fascists and imperialists."[24]
    • In an earlier Wikipedia discussion, one editor highlighted a Grayzone article that attempted to: "insinuate that the ISO's logo of a raised fist,Wikipedia a symbol historically associated with anticapitalist movements (as well as others), was somehow connected to Otpor, a Serbian protest organization which the Grayzone describes as being 'US government funded'".[25]
  • Unrelated to Wikipedia: in 2023, Alexey Kovalyov, a journalist with the Russian opposition outlet Meduza posted a screenshot apparently showing his email exchange with one writer for The Grayzone, Kit Klarenberg. In it, Klarenberg states: "my reporting has played a not insignificant role in Meduza getting foreign agented. There's more to come on you lot too." Kovalyov indicated that this was proof that Klarenberg was collaborating with Russian government agencies to label opposition media as foreign agents (see: Russian foreign agent law).Wikipedia He asked another Grayzone reporter, Aaron Maté, about this.[26] Maté said that both he and Klarenberg suspected the email was fabricated; he added that even if it were real it wouldn't be proof of collaboration.[27] Kovalyov then sent Maté the .eml file and posted the unredacted screenshot, in response to which, Maté retracted his belief that the email was fabricated but continued to claim that the email did not demonstrate that Klarenberg collaborated with the Russian government. He also said to Kovalyov: "You fabricate claims constantly so there's no reason to trust you."[28][29][30] Maté did not respond to a follow-up question about whether Klarenberg had misled him about the email being fabricated.[31]


Conspiracy theories[edit]



Eastern Europe[edit]


  • In a surprisingly stopped clock moment, albeit one resulting from pro-PRC bias, The Grayzone called Trump out for normalizing the lab conspiracy, comparing it to Saddam's WMDs.[56]
  • Unfortunately, this didn't last as they were still hoping that it came from the US instead.[57][note 6][note 7]
  • They claim that Taiwan didn't warn anyone about COVID-19, which was misleading.[58][note 8]
  • Blumenthal talked on RT about Bill Gates's COVID-19 simulation.[59] His claims were completely false.[60]

US politics[edit]

  • Max Blumenthal spent an hour badgering members of The SquadWikipedia[61] at a protest related to housing evictions, "questioning them" why they didn't force Medicare4All through to be voted onto the Senate ground. This is a view that's known as "Force the Vote", and is considered to be generally politically unviable. In spite of being faced with multiple explanations as to why they didn't do this (it made no strategic sense and would burn the Squads goodwill and their ability to enact further change within the Democrats, it's important to first gather votes, none of the members of The Squad have the ability to bring the M4A bill to the Senate anyway), Blumenthal kept repeatedly asking the same question, seemingly ignoring the explanation. In response, Ilhan Omar pulled up Blumenthal's Twitter feed where she discovered that he'd been retweeting offensive memes about the Squad. When questioned, Blumenthal dismissed it as "just memes" before being removed by staff of the Squad. Blumenthal then uploaded a video to his own Twitter account which only showed him being removed after a short discussion with a single member, removing all context of the previous badgering to paint the Squad as the people unwilling to advocate for change.[62]

Norton-Blumenthal split, or "The Worm Turns"[edit]

Ben Norton absconds with money from The Grayzone (colorized, 2022).

Sometime around 2021 – early 2022, a schism emerged between Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton,[64] who was formerly The Grayzone's top writer. There is a dispute as to the facts of what happened. Norton's Geopolitical Economy Report (formerly Multipolarista) still exists as a splinter site from The Grayzone as a result of this schism.

On October 4, 2023,[note 9] Blumenthal made a "tl;dr"-worthy Twitter post proclaiming (edited for relative brevity):[66]

Enough silence. The criminal schemes of Ben "Bait-and-Switch" Norton must be known. In January 2022, Ben Norton lied to the public about the circumstances of his departure from The Grayzone, creating the false impression that he left voluntarily in protest of our critical coverage of the mass surveillance, repression and penury imposed on citizens across the world under the guise of pandemic controls. In fact, I fired Ben for publicly attacking his colleagues - and particularly me - over our opposition to perpetual lockdowns and jab mandates. He thus violated an employment contract he signed, which explicitly forbade Grayzone contractors from attacking one another in public. This behavior followed a string of bizarre ethical breaches and came during a lengthy period in which Ben refused to work or communicate with me.

After being fired, Ben unilaterally seized control of numerous social media accounts belonging to The Grayzone. He also seized the YouTube and Patreon accounts dedicated to our shared Moderate Rebels podcast. Ben then initiated a shocking bait-and-switch scheme, attempting to reappropriate these accounts to establish a new outlet, “Multipolarista,” which was exclusively under his control. (That outlet was rebranded this January as the “Geopolitics and Economy Report.”) In doing so, he deceived the public, stole intellectual property belonging to the organization which had employed him for over three years, defrauded supporters of Moderate Rebels, and violated a written agreement with me to share earnings from our podcast.

According to our original written agreement to split earnings from Moderate Rebels, Ben and I each received approximately $3000 per month. Since absconding with our podcast’s Patreon account in January 2022, I estimate that Ben has received $70,000 I would have been entitled to. I was only able to re-establish control of The Grayzone’s social media properties by delivering Ben a cease and desist letter[.] ... Ben was so determined to avoid legal and public accountability for his actions - and I was so averse to public drama - that we began a mediation process. This ultimately resulted in him agreeing to relinquish control of all social media accounts except for the Patreon belonging to Moderate Rebels. Following the conclusion of the moderation process, Ben deployed yet another cynical deception, suggesting in a final message to YouTube subscribers of Moderate Rebels that he had somehow been censored. ... [A]nother broken contract amid a string of criminal schemes. When I terminated Ben’s position at The Grayzone, I emphasized to him that if he had been so indignant about his colleagues’ views on the pandemic, he could have resigned on respectful terms and retained our support for his future ventures. (I never once demanded he take my line on the issue as a condition for collaborating with me). I also reminded him how I found him work at AlterNet after he was let go by Salon dot com, [sic] then arranged another job for him after our positions ended there. And I recalled how I arranged legal support for Ben after we were hit with a malicious SLAPP suit relating to his work.[66]

Norton wrote in response:

After I left The Grayzone over his opportunist right-wing turn, he hired a corporate lawyer to threaten to sue me. Note: Later, WE SIGNED LEGAL TERMS OF RESOLUTION, overseen by his attorney. Why did he threaten such an absurd lawsuit? I had created social media accounts for a podcast that we co-hosted but which I singlehandedly produced, edited, and promoted; I always ran those accounts, and he never had access.[67] Why did I leave The Grayzone? Well it's obviously run by an unstable megalomaniac with no coherent principles. ... Blumenthal and his wife are so close to racist reactionary Tucker Carlson, they invite him to their house for dinner. They have long abandoned any pretense of being on the left and are opportunist contrarians who believe in nothing other than self-aggrandizement.[1] ... Before the 2022 US midterm elections, The Grayzone promoted far-right 'MAGA' candidates such as the shady Trump-endorsed Republican Joe Kent, a former Green Beret who joined the CIA. Talk about losing the plot. It's beyond parody.[68]

Blumenthal also posted a video, apparently from July 2023, from an incident in which he (with Anya Parampil) accosts Ben Norton on a random bus in Nicaragua. He yelled at Norton about the above-mentioned disputes for at least two minutes.[69] Blumenthal was supported in the split by Caleb Maupin (who claimed Norton's "eyes look possessed"),[70] Maram Susli (who mentions Norton's opposition to the Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin),[71] Jackson Hinkle (no comment necessary),[72] and perhaps most strangely, conservative Twitter influencer Ian Miles Cheong.[73] Norton was supported by Marxist-Leninist pundit BadEmpanada,[74] as well as much of r/socialism.[75]

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  2. Further, Wales's personal political views have trended more centrist in recent years. He described himself as a centrist in 2017, was a staffer on Lawrence Lessig's brief 2016 presidential campaign, and in 2011 even expressed sympathy for Occupy Wall Street. If they were aware of these facts, The Grayzone has evidently chosen to omit them when describing Wales's ideology because it does not fit their narrative.
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