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Scott Douglas Lively (1957–) is an American Christian fundamentalist who pretends to be a historian, blaming gays for nearly everything including communism, Islam, terrorism, the Holocaust, natural disasters, and the price of Saudi oil.

Oh, and he is also an enthusiastic backer of Donald Trump. What a surprise.

Pink Swastika[edit]

Lively co-authored, with Kevin Abrams, the book The Pink Swastika, a propaganda piece where Godwin's Law is at work when dealing with homosexuality. In the book, Lively claims that gays are responsible for establishing the Nazi Party. Multiple professional historians have found large numbers of historical inaccuracies in the book.[1][2][3][4] Sadly, many people detached from reality, wanting gays to look as bad as possible, have bought into it. Lively is also keen to rewrite reality as needed – if called on the fact that 15,000 gays were killed in the Holocaust, Lively will argue that the Nazis in power were butch homosexuals seeking to purge the "femmes" from the population. This is one of Lively's more popular debate tactics - any hate crimes against homosexuals were either faked, examples of "gay-on-gay violence," or exaggerated so that the victim incited a violent response that was nonetheless exaggerated by the media.[5][6]


Lively was sued in a Massachusetts court for "crimes against humanity" by an organization named "Sexual Minorities of Uganda" due to his hand in the infamous Ugandan 'Kill The Gays' bill[7][8] passed a month after he visited Uganda. The Liberty Counsel defended him.[9] Lively denies he has had any influence on the making this law (which he considered a bit "harsh"); instead, he would have preferred legislation that enforced some form of conversion therapy.[10] This comes on the back of Lively giving lectures and saying "the Rwandan stuff involved these guys", pointing to the word "Monster" scribbled on a flipchart and referring to gay people as "the Nazis".[11] The suit was ultimately dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction.[12]

Pro-Family Resource Center[edit]

We are probably all familiar with the oft-cited fact that the collapse of numerous civilizations prior to our own were heralded by a rise in sexual immorality, especially homosexuality. That alone should alert us to the grave situation we find ourselves in today. But there is a deeper spiritual significance beneath that statistic. God has chosen rampant homosexuality to be a key warning sign for judgment of the world as a whole, and not just of individual nations.
—“Gay Marriage” as a Sign of the End Times[13]

Lively was responsible for The Pro-Family Resource Center, a webshite full of virulent homophobia.[14] The resources it promoted include a number of batshit crazy books and articles, as well as links to fake news sites such as Wing Nut Daily, Faux News, and the Washington Times. The site stated that its mission is to "promote and defend the Biblical view of marriage and family through education, training and funding". This is odd, because they don't seem to promote polygamy, the type of marriage showcased in the Old Testament.

The site randomly highlighted 3 of its catalog every day. Some of the more exciting propaganda on the "must read" list included the following:

  • Seven Steps To Recruit-Proof Your Child - a parenting guide which advises on how to "protect" your child from "the homosexual agenda."
  • The Poisoned Stream - a history of homosexual influences throughout history, particularly in Germany between 1890 and 1945.
  • The Pink Swastika - "proof" that the Nazis were all homosexuals and didn't oppress gays at all, oh, no!

All of their books were classified according to the particular perspective on Good Christian Life (TM) that the site promotes. Anti-family includes articles about mass murderers, or parents who have killed their children; Pro-family on the other hand, appears to be everything else, including articles about the Icky Gay (TM) and his attempts to infiltrate your world and "recruit" your child. Then, in case you don't have enough idea of the article's content from the "pro-family" perspective tag (which appears on nearly every article), there are "topics" which include (all direct quotes) "The Uganda Topic," "The History Topic," "The Legal Issues" topic, and we're sure "The Nearly Gay President" topic. Since virtually all of their articles are in some way about the Big Bad Gay, these subsets should really be understood not as "History" but "History of our discrimination against The Gay" topic, and not as "Uganda and all the various political and social issues there", but "The Big Bad Gay in Uganda, and how someone finally is doing God's work by putting them in jail and even killing them" topic. Don't believe us? Here's what they say about the murder of a gay man:

There is indeed evil in Uganda today, but it is not the reaction of Christian and Moslem citizens to the rape of their culture. It is the pink-gloved hand of western powers that are cutting the throat of Africa’s most God-fearing country, and one of the world‘s most promising Christian democracies.

Other homophobia[edit]

It goes without saying that Scott Lively has a strong affiliation with those who are opposed to homosexuality on political or religious grounds.[15][16] Lively is apparently so desperate for allies that he's decided that anyone who's disagreed with the particular tactics of the gay rights movement is his new best buddy, even when they're not.[17] He has preached against the Human Rights Campaign,[18] and his need to drink deeply of the wingnut kool-aid on this issue also involves acting as a major figure in Uganda's anti-gay legislative campaigns[19][10] and carrying the torch for Jerome Corsi's hilariously bizarre claim that Barack Obama was once secretly married to his Pakistani roommate.[20] More recently, Lively has claimed that Obama is secretly gay because he... went on a trip with a male aide but without his wife.[21] In Lively's lively imagination, two men travelling together can only mean one thing: constant, pulsating horny gay buttsex, obviously.

Despite all this, Lively got a bit thin-skinned in August 2012 on the subject of the Southern Poverty Law Center describing him as a virulent homophobe (mainly for his work with Abiding Truth Ministries[22]) and demanded that they "CEASE and DESIST labeling (him) as a hater"[23] (screaming capital letters his). It's difficult to say why Lively would make any real argument as to why he shouldn't be typified as a professional homophobe, since he's also convinced that it's perfectly okay to threaten mob action against people who don't jump on his paranoia bandwagon.[24]

In a sop to biblical literalists, Lively is also running around trying to convince people of a similar mindset that toleration of homosexuality (or as he puts it, "writing Song of Songs songs to homosexual marriage") was a trigger for Noah's Flood.[25] Talking of songs, "The Rainbow Belongs To God" (released not by Lively but a Danish pastor living in Israel) is so cringeworthy, it's really worth a watch. In the words of Lively, "You will be blessed by this amazing song".[26]

Lively is also the author of 7 Steps to Recruit-Proof Your Child,[27] which features a number 7 on the cover that suspiciously resembles the gay rights lambda symbol, and Redeeming the Rainbow, which is currently only in e-book format and has a gay rights rainbow flag design on the cover. We'll abstain from any Haggard's Law accusations, especially as Lively has made a point of explicitly stating that he is not gay in a 2010 interview with Jason Jones on The Daily Show.[28]

He's also fond of Imprecatory prayer-fueled strangeness that includes God as a strip club-burning vigilante[29] and a casino-destroying capo di tutti i capi.[30] His website took a step further down in similar-smelling muck when it asserted that an increase in cases of bacterial meningitis among gay men was a form of divine judgment.[31]

Lively actually took credit for Russia's passage of extremely repressive laws banning free speech in order to combat what he subtly deemed "homosexual propaganda".[32] He also thinks that Russia is now a "beacon of freedom" due to its war against T3h Ev1l Gay (comparing it to the struggle against Nazism, of course); conversely, he now thinks that the US and UK are both morphing into gay versions of the Soviet Union, whatever that means.[33]

He's an American, but his organization Watchman on the Walls is based in, of all places, Latvia. He has also appeared in a majorly homophobic Russian TV film Sodom (copying his Ugandan tactics of promoting homophobia abroad), preaching all kinds of nonsense about the LGBT community to a greater audience, such as linking LGBT rights to the CIA, MK ULTRA, transhumanism, free love, surrogacy and "genetic manipulation to remove memory" by mixing human genetics with those of other animals, and the Ukrainian revolution.[18]


Having too much hatred bottled inside of him to only unleash on gays, Lively has also railed against "fake Jews", who he sees as promoting the gay agenda and whatnot. Like most right-wing cranks, he also promotes a cornucopia of conspiracy theories surrounding George Soros.[34]

Stopped Clock[edit]

Scott Lively has attacked Milo Yiannopoulos and accused him of being a Nazi, though only because he links all gays to Nazism rather and not because of any of Milo's racist remarks, which are par for the course among extreme, Trump-loving right-wingers like Lively.[35] [36] [37]

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