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Trykkefrihedsselskabet (literally "press-freedomWikipedia society" in Danish) is a Danish far-right organization that deals in anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, and counter-jihad activism. It was founded by a group of Islamophobic Danish writers in 2004 after they were denied membership in the Danish PEN association on account of their extreme views.

As a front[edit]

The group claims to work to promote freedom of expression, but according to the late Tøger Seidenfaden, former editor-in-chief of Politiken, this is merely a cover for their true purpose, promoting hatred against Muslims and foreigners.[1] Politiken has written in an editoral that Trykkefrihedsselskabet promotes "conspiracy theorist drivel."[2] The self-styled champions of free speech also had a curious selective interpretation of it when it came to who were allowed to participate in one of their debate meetings, refusing entry to a 20-year old university student named Jihad Taha solely on the basis of his Muslim name, despite the fact that he had paid for a ticket to attend. Taha subsequently lost a discrimination suit against Trykkefrihedsselskabet, whose spokesman allegedly called Taha a greedy media whore for suing; while the vice chairman called Taha's behavior impudent and in bad taste, saying he had "overplayed his victim card."[3][4] Oh, and Taha never had his ticket refunded either, btw.[5]


Trykkefrihedsprisen, the "Freedom of Expression Prize," was awarded by the association until at least 2007, when the virulent Islamophobe and crank Daniel Pipes was the recipient of the prize.

It seems that Trykkefrihedsprisen is no longer awarded by the society, but has been replaced by Sapphoprisen (the Sappho Award), which has seen recipients such as Melanie Phillips (2009), Eurabia peddler Mark Steyn (2010), Ezra Levant (2014), Roger Scruton (2016),[6] and Tommy Robinson (2019).[7][8][9]

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