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*Tries to remember suitable quote...*
Oh well. Welcome to RW, anyway. :) <font=""; face="Comic Sans MS">Jellyfish!However, there no need to fear. 19:03, 30 August 2008 (EDT)

New logo large.png Welcome to RationalWiki, Yossarian!

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If you are interested in contributing:

Hi Yossie! I see you didn't have a welcome template, so I gave you one. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 00:05, 2 September 2008 (EDT)

Thank you! :) --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 00:09, 2 September 2008 (EDT)

"What is the collective noun for denizens of RW?"[edit]

"RationalWikians" seems to be the most popular. I tried to coin "RatWives" a while back -- mainly for use in the Forbidden Zone -- but it didn't stick :( <font=""; face="Comic Sans MS">Jellyfish!However, there no need to fear. 20:38, 30 August 2008 (EDT)

"Goatse" ħumanUser talk:Human 00:15, 2 September 2008 (EDT)


I'm pleased to lend my assistance; give me a second and I'll take a look at it for you. I've had this problem before, and it turned out to be pretty knotty back then, so I'm not sure how much use I can be.
Oh, and I'm using an auxillery account because I just blocked myself for five days. I have legendary powers of poor timing. Marginally Less Chaos!Audacity! 06:39, 31 August 2008 (EDT)

Thank you muchly, erstwhile Jellyfish. ;) --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta
I removed a couple of carriage returns from inside the Choose template (which has occassionally worked for me even though it's completely illogical). Can you try your sig with the date so I can see the effect? Marginally Less Chaos!Audacity! 07:22, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
I do believe I can. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT) didn't like it, then it did, then it didn' was wrong on the preview, but correct when I actually posted. Then it was wrong when I added the strike-through to the "darn" --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta
HMMM...seems like it doesn't like certain variations of the text. It's okay when it displays the "upside down" text, but not when it displays the "speak, memory" one...hmmmmmmm.... --Y
I thought I had it then -- you'd arranged your talk page link so that the font tags were both inside and outside the link code (if that explanation makes any sense). However, tidying that up doesn't seem to have fixed it. Let me try something else... Marginally Less Chaos!Audacity! 07:37, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
Yes, that does make sense...I also tried shuffling some stuff, but it came to nothing. But somehow the upside down one works...what method lies in this madness?! Anyway, I ought to go to bed (it totally isn't 4:30am here...nope, not even CLOSE), but thank you for your continued help! I'll see if things have improved tomorrow morning. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta
Alright, I'll see you later then. I think I might have an idea what's causing it... Marginally Less Chaos!Audacity! 07:46, 31 August 2008 (EDT)

Convenient test section[edit]

--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT)
--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:24, 31 August 2008 (EDT)

I win!![edit]

Take that, inconvenient coding conventions!
And now I must sleep, to prevent my brain collapsing into a neat pile of dust. Marginally Less Chaos!Audacity! 07:55, 31 August 2008 (EDT)

Welcome to the Dollhouse! You're one of my favorite fictional characters. ħumanUser talk:Human 00:12, 2 September 2008 (EDT)


When I saw "Yossarian" I thought "Major Major Major Major" would be a perfect username for somewhere, but you beat me to it. Maybe "Doc Daneeka" then. CorryBaby, you got a stew going. 07:08, 2 September 2008 (EDT)


I have a confession to make, dear Yossie: I have done something unspeakably horrible; I made you a sysop.

I'd give you bucket and mop, but we have a glut of floor cleaners already. Would you like some Lysol cleaner? Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 20:09, 13 September 2008 (EDT)

Damn you to the bowels of hell, good sir! Also, I use Mr. Clean. I assume this position comes with a raise. Right? --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 05:00, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
(Edit conflict, Hulk SMASH) It's double what you got before. Also, don't only conservapedia sysops assume the position? Totnesmartin 05:09, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
They do indeed. But it's missionary and only twice a month. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 05:22, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
Yes, but it's in the form of, uh, intangible benefits. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 05:05, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
So, like, metafits? --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 05:07, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
Yah! Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 05:11, 14 September 2008 (EDT)
Sweet. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 05:22, 14 September 2008 (EDT)


I liked "People George" as well, actually. I suppose your fingers just really wanted to type the "eo" bit from George. They got a little carried away :) New3.pngPink(Astronomy Domine) 07:26, 16 September 2008 (EDT)

My enthusiasm for George is understandably great! I kinda like it, too, actually. Maybe "People George" is his revolutionary nom de guerre. He is, after all, a man of the purple. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 07:31, 16 September 2008 (EDT)


Would you please enable your email? I have a Very Important Message to send you. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 04:07, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

A VIM! Of course! --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 04:16, 8 October 2008 (EDT)
I am enabled, email away. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 04:22, 8 October 2008 (EDT)Hopefully it will work...the reason it didn't work before was because I had a comma instead of a period in it...:P
Good, good. Prepare to be spammed! : ) Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 04:32, 8 October 2008 (EDT)
Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam...--Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 04:33, 8 October 2008 (EDT)

Teh image in yor userbocks[edit]

[[Image:CheGueschlafly.png|200px|center|<choose><option>Our tireless benefactor</option><option>Our fearless leader</option></choose>]] The only way to attach a caption to an un thumbed picture is like I've done on "our" page: using Divs. 04:40, 13 January 2009 (EST)

Oh, I know. I just want it to be a little hidden scroll over text thing, if that makes any sense. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 04:42, 13 January 2009 (EST)


Dear Yossarian,

It is my sincere regret to inform you that you have been further demoted to the rank of Bureaucrat. As such, you are encouraged to read the guide, and again, I have pity on you.

Warm regards

ĴαʊΆʃÇä₰ secret trainer of pizzas!

My sincerest thanks. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 14:29, 14 February 2009 (EST)

You're clueless[edit]

I've switched in the new version of teh a-fly's quote machine.

"Yossie" (your insulting name is getting tiresome), I've managed to read your rants and you deny that liberals get a thrill out of deceit for its own sake alone, so my confidence is over three standard deviations away from the mean that you're an agent provocateur. You are in complete denial that that homeschooling stops insanity. It's simple logic: you don't quote from a pope to support your views, because no pope has supported your views. Once someone buys into evolution, he typically refuses to learns anything about the Bible again, despite its undisputed role as the most influential book. --Aschlafly 07:15, 25 September 2023 (UTC)

That was a test.--Kriss AkabusiAAAAWOOOOGAAAR!!1 16:17, 20 February 2009 (EST)

Unfortunately the quote machine is out of date. Teh Schlafurher now signs himself "Andy Schlafly". Redchuck.gif ГенгисIs the Pope a Catholic? 16:22, 20 February 2009 (EST)
Excellent! Step one in the construction of Schlafsimile is complete! --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 16:24, 20 February 2009 (EST)

Come on down![edit]

УОЅЅДЯЇДИ, you are the next contestant on The Conservapedia Game Show! --Irrational Atheist 14:06, 8 March 2009 (EDT)

I see everything twice![edit]

Catch 22 is a great book, finished it the other day. My favourite character by far was the chaplain funnily enough. The scene where the Colonel compares the plum tomatoe to a young girls breasts was priceless! MarcusCicero 17:43, 3 April 2009 (EDT)

I read it when I was 13, and it pretty much changed my outlook on life. I've read it four times, in and out of order (so you can see why my handle would be appropriate, lol). My favourite bit is Clevinger's trial, just for sheer laughs. I'd have to read it again to tell you other favourite bits, but that one has always stood out for me. Also the beuatiful description of how much effort Yossarian put into not constructing the officer's club. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 19:47, 3 April 2009 (EDT)


Howd'you like the national bird, flower & saint? ToastToastand marmite 03:07, 10 April 2009 (EDT)

I thought it was brilliant, especially the saint. What did you think of "The Suspiciously Benign Theocracy"? :) --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 03:13, 10 April 2009 (EDT)
At the risk of sounding like a Mutual Admiration Society, Excellent! ToastToastand marmite
(I liked the Booby best) ToastToastand marmite
and you no doubt noticed the "Chief Archivist". ToastToastand marmite 04:03, 10 April 2009 (EDT)
I did indeed! --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 06:26, 10 April 2009 (EDT)

What seems to be the problem[edit]

with your signature? -- Nx / talk 07:58, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

Oh, it was treating the time stamp as a line break, thus causing all sorts of insanity. Now it won't let me have the <choose> tag without doing that... :'( --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 08:01, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
It's the whitespace between the option tags, same problem as Assquote had. -- Nx / talk 08:04, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
Oh yeah! That's the ticket. Thanks! Did we get an upgrade or something today? I've been in transit for the last 6.5 hours. --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 08:07, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
You missed all the fun :) Read this, this, and this -- Nx / talk 08:11, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
Oooo! I did miss the fun! Hmm...your solution did not seem to help my sig, so I had to revert it back to the stationary form. --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 08:12, 25 April 2009 (UTC)
Strange. I've got to go now, so I can't help you, but Human's signature is working, take a look at that. -- Nx / talk 08:17, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

I think I know what the problem is, I'm fixing it now, don't edit your sig. --  Nx/talk  10:21, 28 April 2009 (UTC)

There, fixed it. To restore complete randomness (right now it's random, but the same on one page view), change your sig in preferences and add an empty parameter section, like this: {{User:Example/sig|}}. You can also make the images link anywhere with link=, e.g. [[Image:Andy.gif|link=Andy]] --  Nx/talk  10:28, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
Ah! Thank you muchly, it was driving me nuts. I owe you an Internet. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 10:32, 28 April 2009 (UTC)
You're welcome. --  Nx/talk  10:35, 28 April 2009 (UTC)


Thanks for cleaning up after me. Kiss.gif Toast& marmitechat 13:24, 8 November 2009 (UTC)

No worries! Just thought I'd Russify Rob's name a touch further. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 18:59, 8 November 2009 (UTC)

Sorry, but Jinx has it wrong[edit]

You claimed Jinx McHue - his name forever be damned! - wrote about women submitting, but he's just another phony Christian. I found the essay on his blog you were talking about and he dares claim that men must submit to women more than women must submit to men. That's a lie borne in the fires of HELL!!!! Someday he'll be submitting his pathetic, tight little backside to demons when he's cast into those same fires someday. SoldierInGodsArmy 22:08, 9 November 2009 (UTC)

Jinx, curséd be his name, is--, actually, I just wanted to curse Jinx's name. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 10:26, 10 November 2009 (UTC)


Welcome to MeiWiki, Yossarian.
Please see this political leaflet and this badge of support, which you should adopt as soon as possible.
Vote for Mei.

Ask Mei for maps if you are lost. Mei has maps. -- =w= 05:18, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

If you tell me how you got the custom user page logo, I just might follow your insane coup d'etat well thought out plan. --Purple George!YossieSpring in Fialta 08:42, 19 November 2009 (UTC)
I asked nx but I don't think he wants to give out any more. Its all code and code shouldnt be encouraged. -- =w= 04:20, 21 November 2009 (UTC)
By no means do I encourage/endorse code. --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 01:38, 22 November 2009 (UTC)

CheGueschlafly image[edit]

Comrade. The party is pleased by your revolutionary artwork. I'm attaching bourgeois copyright notices to the images, and need to confirm something: Did you create CheGueschlafly.png and Chelafly.png images? If so, were you attaching any licence to them? --ConcernedresidentAsk me about your mother 11:20, 20 December 2009 (UTC)

I did indeed create them, comrade. I guess whatever the most up to date creative commons license is. --ԿՕՏՏՃՐԼՃՈStrong Opinions 07:28, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
The people shall remember your contribution to the glorious struggle. Thank you. --ConcernedresidentAsk me about your mother 07:42, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
Vive la revolution! --sloqɯʎs puɐ suƃısuɐɪɹɐssoʎ 07:47, 21 December 2009 (UTC)

In the antipodes its 1.04 past midnight[edit]

All the staff at McWicked Co. wish you a merry christmas.
On the west coast it's 04:08! Merry Acemas! --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 12:08, 24 December 2009 (UTC)

Your signature...[edit] missing a </font> tag, as everything following it on a page is in the Arial face. Mjollnir.svgListenerXTalkerX 04:07, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

Weird...I'll have a look. --User:Yossarian22:32, 2 February 2010 (UTC)
Are you positive it's mine? All the ones with Arial font in my sig page seem to have the proper </font> tag. Which one is doing it? EDIT: I'm assuming it's not affecting sigs, since I just looked at the LJ page, and there are lots of fonts besides Arial in signatures beyond my sig. Is it just affecting the unadulterated wiki text? If so, that's probably why I haven't noticed, since that's my default... --IN SOVIET CANUCKISTAN, BEAVER DAMS YOU!!!YossarianThe Man from the USSR 22:46, 2 February 2010 (UTC)

Lindisfarne Jumper voting[edit]

Ello there. You voted in the famous Lumpy Jerboa bi-election, but there's some confusion as to who voted and who just commented. If you only intended to comment, can you modify your post on the RationalWiki:May 2010 Loya Jirga by-elections by adding a strikethrough tag to it? e.g.

<s>My earlier comment</s>

You can leave your post as is if you were actually voting.

ConcernedResident bat for the ladies 09:04, 13 May 2010 (UTC)

In a puff of smoke[edit]

I still owe you an email, don't I? New3.pngPink(Embarrassed and forgetful) 03:10, 9 May 2011 (UTC)

This is not incorrect! --YossarianSpeak, Memory 20:42, 9 May 2011 (UTC)
Project Email will begin presently. Godspeed. New3.pngPink(Is a perfectly acceptable colour) 18:42, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

Yossarian in Cyrillic[edit]

Your username in Cyrillic characters would be: "Йоссариан" --Eira OMTG! The Goat be Praised. 01:34, 27 May 2011 (UTC)

Oh, yes yes. I knew that; I was referring to the Armenian form of my sig. I'm strangely well versed in Cyrillic for someone who speaks no Russian...but thanks anyway! --YossarianSpeak, Memory 09:50, 27 May 2011 (UTC)
Oh, duh... ok, I found two possible transliterations: either "Յոսսառիան" or "Յօսսառիան". I've not been able to distinguish between the two, because there are two characters for non-word-initial "o", and both versions result in a transliteration of "Yossarian". I've also been unable to find any Armenian text that refers to either version as well. --Eira OMTG! The Goat be Praised. 13:50, 27 May 2011 (UTC)
Wow, thanks! Way to go above and beyond. I tried to find an excerpt of Catch-22 in Armenian long ago, but no such luck. I like the first one, at least from an aesthetic point of view. Armenian is best when it looks like a series of lowercase 'U's and 'N's. --YossarianSpeak, Memory 21:41, 27 May 2011 (UTC)
Well, you're definitely on to something, as Google (thinking itself extremely clever) gave English results for "Yossarian" for both variants. --YossarianSpeak, Memory 21:43, 27 May 2011 (UTC)
I think it's a matter of Google not finding anything for the Armenian itself, and thus transliterating it, and doing a search on that. I've seen Google do that a few times before. I'm not actually sure "Yossarian" is an actual Armenian name. The book claims that he's Assyrian, but Assyrian being a Semetic language doesn't allow "Yossarian" in its phonology. Working under the assumption that it's pseudo-Armenian, I would suggest going with the first one that I presented, as the "o" character is the older glyph, rather than the newer glyph. ("newer" being relative... it's still older than either of us, I'm sure.) --Eira OMTG! The Goat be Praised. 22:32, 27 May 2011 (UTC)
I've long suspected it's a fake name that Heller threw together, or at least a misremembered one. I know in the sequel there's a joke about how he was an Armenian pretending to be an Assyrian. Anyway, I think I will go with the "older" character! --YossarianSpeak, Memory 23:05, 27 May 2011 (UTC)


Hey there buddy. Don't see you around much anymore. Hows it all going? AceModerator 22:10, 2 May 2012 (UTC)

Heya, Ace! I'm doin' alright. Working on a theatre project and trying to find writing work (or any work, really). Yeah, I've unfortunately been a bit scarce on the RW, but I like to keep an eye on things, especially over at CP. I appreciate the shout out! Hope all's well with you. --YossarianSpeak, Memory 22:43, 2 May 2012 (UTC)
yeah things is OK. AceModerator 22:44, 2 May 2012 (UTC)

Your sig[edit] broken because due to the upgrade it is automatically substed in. Trent is refusing to fix that. Peter Rapidly running out of marmite 06:28, 4 September 2012 (UTC)

I thought it might be something like that. Thanks for the info! --YossarianSpeak, Memory 07:20, 4 September 2012 (UTC)