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Luke Rudkowski (born 1986) is an American investigative journalist, right-wing activist, conspiracy theorist and founder of "We Are Change", a libertarian, independent media organization comprising individuals and groups working to "expose worldwide corruption and hold authoritative figures to account for their actions and crimes in which their involvement has been covered up or hidden from public knowledge."[1] He is also an ardent Ron Paul supporter.

Street interviews[edit]

Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change mainly preach their message through filmed 'man on the street' interviews that he does with random members of the public, similar to Jay Leno's "Jaywalking." Here, he tests their knowledge of the New World Order, Federal Reserve, and September 11 conspiracies, and sometimes other issues.[citation needed] Most of the sheeple are unaware of the irrefutable conspiratorial truths that Rudkowski and his group put forth, and as a result are often ridiculed during these confrontations. Rudkowski has also confronted powerful political figures, including Henry Kissinger[2] and David Rockefeller,[3] and has questioned them about their plans to bring about a "one world socialist government" and to kill off the useless eaters. Most of these powerful figures generally avoid answering Rudkowski's predominantly stupid questions, which he and his followers see as proof that these evil people are conspiring against us!

A few of his videos have actually been quite good. In one video, Rudkowski interviewed numerous religious individuals and a secularist in an attempt to show America's religious hypocrisy.[4]. In other videos, Rudkowski has questioned the human rights record of Barack Obama and other political leaders and has shown skepticism about celebrities who have endorsed such figures. However, many of Rudkowski's cinematic pieces are just irritating examples of a typical condescending crank at work. He also refuses to tell his viewers how he gains access to these powerful figures, but instead he created a satirical video detailing how it is done.[5] He has also protested with the Christian conspiracy crank Mark Dice, libertarian propagandist Adam Kokesh,[6] David Icke[7] and Immortal Technique, and has maintained friendships with these individuals. Furthermore, and unsurprisingly, Rudkowski is a climate change denier and believes that the idea of anthropogenic global warming is being used to justify a one-world government and the elite's use of eugenics.[8] In short, he should be regarded more as an attention-seeker with a video camera rather than someone who will actually bring some positive change to the world.[note 1]

We Are Change[edit]

members of We Are Change at the World Trade Center

We Are Change is an independent media organisation comprising activist groups who promote right-libertarian values along with a wide variety of conspiracy junk, primarily New World Order and September 11 conspiracy theories.[citation needed] WAC was initiated by Rudkowski in New York, and now has chapters in cities all over the world, including Los Angeles, Sydney, London, and many others.[9] WAC made a lot of fuss when they found out that the Southern Poverty Law Center linked them alongside other "conspiracy-obsessed, anti-government "Patriot movement" groups, saying they did nothing to mention their charitable activities, such as "raising money for 9/11 first responders, toy drives during the holidays, clothing drives and feeding the homeless."[10]

We Are Change was influential in promoting Ron Paul in both his failed 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns. Despite bearing a name which may suggest a tendency to liberalism, We Are Change is a right-libertarian organization, most evident through their support of Paul.

Most of We Are Change's videos of members protesting, 'truth' speaking and publicly ridiculing the sheeple in America and around the world are available for viewing on YouTube. They're mostly boring and you won't get much enlightenment from watching any of them. One really stupid We Are Change member even went to the extent of protesting a Noam Chomsky public engagement because he believed Chomsky is a leftist pawn of the New World Order. We Are Change said it, so it must be true!

The MVP interview held at the 2014 NFL SuperBowl was interrupted by 30-year-old Matthew Mills, a member of We Are Change, who urged the crowd to "investigate 9/11" and claimed that the attacks were perpetrated by the US government[11].


In 2010, a series of YouTube videos emerged entitled "Luke Rudkowski Exposed!", in which Rudkowski is accused of mishandling We Are Change funds for his own personal gain.[12]

Global warming[edit]

Furthermore on the subject of 'change', Rudkowski openly denied anthropogenic climate change[13] and his group has not in any way attempted to educate the public on the potentially disastrous consequences of global warming. That doesn't matter, Luke knows the truth, and we must listen to him! Disregard the scientists and rational thinkers! They're just New World Order pawns!

Spreading the message to the world[edit]

Rudkowski and We Are Change make the effort every year to protest at the annual "Illuminati meetings" of the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg Group, even if it entails traveling abroad. In 2013, Rudkowski traveled to the United Kingdom with other conspiracy theorists to protest at the Bilderberg meeting.[14] Rudkowski has also traveled to Poland and Australia to publicize the theories he believes in.

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  1. We're not dealing with another Martin Luther King here, folks.