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A New Radical Centrism

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A New Radical Centrism is an American Islamophobe and alt-right HBD-pseudoscientist. He uses Twitter and is a Facebook admin of a group dedicated to discussing race and intelligence who re-labels and re-packages his far-right views as "centrist". Little is known about his real identity, except he lives in the US.[1]

A New Radical Centrism is obsessed with immigration and race and 99% of his Twitter posts are on those topics.


A New Radical Centrism's Twitter account is owned by the same person who administrates the A New Radical Centrism group on Facebook.

The group on Facebook is private and has 400 members.[2]

A new radical centrism facebook.png

A single post was made public and contains anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about cultural Marxism:

The only public post on your Facebook group is you approving of wildly anti-Semitic pseudoscience. I wonder what "centrism" you keep private?

Tellingly, despite purporting to be centrist, A New Radical Centrism only criticises left-wing politics, not the right; according to the Facebook description of the group:[4]

A New Radical Centrism draws upon the tradition of centrism, with its appreciation for data and science and reason, and also that of radical centrism, which seeks to reform political processes and practices that constrain maximum democracy, but it then goes one step further by questioning centrism's traditional faith in certain social institutions –- in particular, academia and the major media, which we believe to have been corrupted by the contemporary progressive-left.

A New Radical Centrism seeks to challenge and expose the unscientific basis of the progressive-left's foundational blank slate philosophy which posits that group differences arise purely from the operation of “oppressive structural forces” such as racism and sexism. We believe that this argument cannot hold up to rigorous scientific and statistical analysis.


A New Radical Centrism's views are pretty much standard alt-right or white nationalist:

Race and IQ[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: Racialism and IQ
Let me stress that there's no one of any seriousness conducting intelligence research who doesn't believe that black IQ is lower on average than white or NE Asian IQ — in fact, the gap between whites and blacks is 2 to 3 times wider than that between whites and NE Asians.

A New Radical Centrism primarily focuses on race and intelligence, having created several Twitter threads defending hereditarianism.

Oh, yay. Yet another IQ/race thread by admitted racist @a_centrism.

He's a fan of The Bell Curve.[7]

White fertility rates[edit]

A New Radical Centrism is a critic of white females who are voluntarily childless for concerns about the environment and climate change:

Ever wonder why white liberals who go childless in order to “save the planet” don't seem to mind immigration from non-white nations with high fertility rates?

Instead he supports conservatism because white female conservatives have higher fertility rates than liberals:

In the US, the fertility rate among white women is significantly higher among conservatives than liberals, but that edge is overwhelmed (at least for the next 20 years) by Hispanic immigrant fertility.
Conservatives have only one important demographic advantage that I can think of: Conservative women have higher fertility rates than liberal women.
As I see it, the main positive function of conservatism in the current political climate is to put a brake on the seemingly unending amount of social engineering that progressives want to inflict on society.


A New Radical Centrism opposes immigration from populations with "lower average IQs" (which he equates with nearly all "non-Europeans" such as blacks and Hispanics):

Estonia doesn't have a lot of wealth. It doesn't spend much on education. But it also lacks something else — and it's this deficit that explains much of its testing success ["Pisa rankings: Why Estonian pupils shine in global tests", BBC]. It lacks non-European immigrants. Naturally, the BBC doesn't mention this. By the way, there is no European country I'm aware of, other than the UK, where any Third World immigrant groups perform as well as the native European population.
The left doesn't want controlled immigration that bases admission to the US on talent, skill, or education — it says this would be racist because it might favor certain groups (Asian, white) over others (mostly Hispanic). But there's possibly another reason.
When you bring in a population that is less skilled & from nations with lower average IQs, you are "baking in" socioeconomic inequality & fueling resentment among those less successful groups. This resentment can be successfully exploited by the identity politics of the left.
Why is it that immigrants from low-IQ regions of the world don't rise to the IQ average of their destination country, even after several generations? It's almost as if there's something essential they take with them to the new country, something persistent, something...
Migration is increased crime.

Migration is cultural tension.
Migration is political polarization.
Migration is letting failing countries of origin off the hook.

Migration is an unprecedented burden on the welfare state.

However, A New Radical Centrism might have a fetish for North-East Asian women (not uncommon in the alt-right), since he makes a sole exception for NE Asian immigrants:

I want the US to be strong and competitive (especially against China). The US is being flooded by low-IQ populations and NE Asian immigrants nicely counter that. By all social indicators, Asian-Americans are outstanding citizens.

Racism and Islamophobia[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: Racism and Islamophobia
A New Radical Centrism claims to be a centrist and have 94% "openess" despite being anti-immigration and tweeting Somalis cannot support themselves and will leach off of welfare benefits.

A New Radical Centrism's Twitter page is chock-full of racist tweets such as:

But why not a more representative image — say, a Somali in Denmark who will never support himself but will enjoy a lifetime of free shelter & welfare state goodies w/in his own parallel society?

Relying on cherry-picked statistics, A New Radical Centrism has claimed "blacks commit far more violent crime than whites at *all* income levels".[19] He dislikes Muslims, arguing: "The net impact of Muslim immigration has been negative in every European country that I'm aware of."[20]

A New Radical Centrism opposes multiculturalism.[21][22]


Every single political orientation test I've ever taken has located me at dead center.

Alt-righters pretending to be political centrists is not unique to the a_centrism twitter account; several of his online associates do the same thing, including Anatoly Karlin and Emil Kirkegaard. It seems though to have fooled very few people who by mistake followed the account, but then read a_centrism's obsession with race and intelligence, to unfollow:

I feel like we can safely say you're not actually a centrist. You're a social conservative, a racist, a misogynist. Don't think your lack of religious inclination absolves you of somehow not being far-right.
I'm sorry does centrist also mean white supremacist? I followed this account because of my love for centrist politics and howard schultz, but this account seems like its about something else.
I think it's about time you stopped pretending you are a "centrist", don't you? Don't bother trying "classical liberal" either.
—@Mindful Drone[26]
You claim to be a centrist, but all your posts are right wing politics.
Are you sure you are a centrist? Your arguments into IQ are walking a grey border line area very close to the beginning or fascism.

A New Radical Centrism's usual response to people who point out the reality that he's alt-right, is to claim this is left-wing bias.[29]

However, more moderate right-wingers have pointed out he's to the right of them:

Bro. I am a right winger and holy shit. You are farther right than me.

External links[edit]


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