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Alt-center or alt-centre is a misleading term sometimes used by HBD/race realist individuals in the alt-right community (i.e. white supremacists) who try to present themselves as political centrists and moderates because they realise if they openly admitted having a right-wing to far-right bias, this doesn't work too well with their bullshit claims of being "objective" scientists. In other words, it's a form of crypto-politics. The concept of alt-center is used by the alt-right as an attempt to push the Overton window closer to alt-right ideology. Most self-described alt-centrists are associated with the OpenPsych pseudojournals that publish racialism pseudoscience, as well as Quillette founded by alt-right anti-feminist activist Claire Lehmann.

Right-wingers and alt-righters using the alt-center label[edit]

  • Nathan Cofnas: quasi-alt-righter who espouses alt-right views (with the exception of anti-Semitism because he is Jewish) but tries to present himself as middle-ground between alt-right and SJWs extremes; fixates on race and intelligence and racialism, yet is known to get very defensive and lash out whenever anyone points out his racialist views and links to the HBD alt-right.[2]
  • Noah Carl: far-right[4] pseudoscientist who published a bunch of Islamophobic papers at OpenPsych. Denies being right-wing.Do You Believe That? In April 2019, Carl was was stripped of his fellowship at a Cambridge University and sacked from his job, over his publications in OpenPsych and links to far-right extremists.[5][6]
  • Giovanni Dannato: alt-right blogger who writes blog posts about "alt-center neo-tribalism", basically rebranded white nationalism.[11]
  • Ryan Faulk: so-called race realist and white nationalist; has named his website "Alternative Hypothesis" claiming he is neither alt-right, nor alt-left.[17] However, he then rants about how immigrants of other races supposedly tend to be left-wing - which is not even always true - and kind of shows that he is really alt-right.[citation needed]
  • Sean Last: a far right southern nationalist, neo-nazi and white nationalist who later tried to pretend he has no ideological bias and is neither left or right wing.
  • Richard Hanania: conservative who has delusions his views are unorthodox. Has labelled his right-wing ideology as "enlightened centrism".[18]
  • Simon Webb: A far-right pseudohistorian who makes racist YouTube videos and criticizes black history and immigration but claims to be politically neutral.