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Decades of FBI data: Black people in the US are *overwhelmingly* more criminally violent than whites.

Monitoring Bias, now known as eyeslasho[2][3] (aka i/o, A New Radical Centrism), is a far-right Twitter account which primarily tweets anti-black racism and race and intelligence pseudoscience. In February 2023, Elon Musk tweeted to Monitoring Bias, which sharply increased followers of the account.[4][note 1] As of August 2023, Monitoring Bias has 93,000 followers on Twitter.[5] The account is similar to Libs of TikTok — the main difference being that group is virulently anti-LGBT while Monitoring Bias is staunchly anti-black.

Monitoring Bias criticizes transgender people, multiculturalism, and veganism, but mostly tweets very negatively about black people. Monitoring Bias has stated that "I only claim to monitor a very specific kind of bias: That against whites and Asians by our opinion-shaping institutions".[6] Like other white nationalists such as Richard Hanania, Emil Kirkegaard, and Anatoly Karlin, they identify as alt-center.[6]

The owner of the Monitoring Bias account formerly used to go by the name A New Radical Centrism, but now blocks anyone who points this out.[7][8][9][10][11]

Monitoring Bias spreads misinformation about LGBT and has likened being trans to a "gender cult".[12]

In September 2023, Monitoring Bias changed their account handle to eyeslasho. This likely has to do with the fact that they were mentioned in a legal complaint as defaming someone in a tweet with false and malicious allegations.[13]

In February 2024, Eyeslasho classified themselves politically with white nationalists Steve Sailer, Bo Winegard and Noah Carl.[14]

Digital footprint[edit]

I'm certain it's the same guy. He started a new account on @anrcentrism, and then changed the handle to @monitoringbias. Keeps using the exact same talking points as a_centrism as well.

The Monitoring Bias account on Twitter was created in July 2022. However, they used to tweet as A New Radical Centrism. The latter went inactive the same month Monitoring Bias was created; their race and IQ threads were copied by another account, Paolo Shirasi.[16] It is widely suspected Shirasi is in fact a third account owned by the same person.[17][18]

It is not difficult to connect Monitoring Bias to A New Radical Centrism: they follow the same accounts, post racist content, use the same punctuation and spelling, identify with the same terms politically, both claim to be living in the US, have very similar descriptions on their profiles, and so on. While A New Radical Centrism deleted virtually all their tweets, an archive can be found on Wayback Machine.[19][note 2]

Facebook group[edit]

Monitoring Bias used to own a private group on Facebook. A single public post of the group bashed "Cultural Marxism" and promoted the anti-Semitic theories of Kevin MacDonald:

A post on Monitoring Bias's Facebook group.
The only public post on your Facebook group is you approving of wildly anti-Semitic pseudoscience. I wonder what "centrism" you keep private?

Elon Musk[edit]

Some media already picked up on Monitoring Bias' tweets on race in October 2022.[21][22] In February 2023, Musk responded to one of these controversial tweets.[23][24][25] Specifically, Monitoring Bias had defended Scott Adams over a racism controversy.[26] Musk responded, tweeting: "For a *very* long time, US media was racist against non-white people, now they’re racist against whites & Asians."[27] Monitoring Bias' user description at the time similarly had read: "monitoring.... institutional bias against white and Asian people in America."[28] Musk nor Monitoring Bias substantiated this far-fetched claim.[note 3]

Anti-black racism[edit]

Monitoring Bias is obsessed with black people.[29]
You know that's also the "A New Radical Centrism" account guy, right? The "Black people have contributed nothing to society" dude?

Monitoring Bias' unhealthy obsession is disparaging black people by claiming they are dysfunctional, prone to crime and have low IQs:

The Truth Is, Many Americans Just Want Black People to Take Responsibility for Their Dysfunction [31]

Black men (6% of population) committed about half of all homicides in the US in 2021. Over the past 50 years, blacks have murdered about 98,000 more whites than whites have murdered blacks.[32]

35% of black people in the US have an IQ below 80 (borderline intellectual disability), compared to less than 10% of whites and 4% of Asians. This fact explains so much about disparities in America, but it is untouchable in the discourse.[33]

I'll keep saying this: The US black mean IQ is 85. In inner cities, it's probably below 80. There is no path forward toward closing achievement gaps where such a huge cognitive disadvantage exists. Getting these kids up to 8th grade level is the best one can hope for.[34]

But if you're an ambitious progressive white parent with a kid at Harvard, would you rather that she be surrounded by less intellectually-qualified blacks or more intellectually-qualified Asians? Which is better for your moral signaling and, more importantly, for your kid's GPA [35]

Despite what you see on TV and in the movies, blacks have a much higher serial murder offender rate than whites.[36]

In EVERY public school district in the country containing enough students of both races to make a statistically-reliable comparison, white students outperform black students. Even in those districts in which blacks are wealthier.[37]

Black women in the US have a higher murder perpetration rate than white men.[38]

Blacks admitted to medical school have, on average, much lower MCAT scores and undergrad GPAs, higher drop-out rates, lower licensing exam pass rates, and (although data is sparse) higher malpractice rates. This suggests that there should be fewer, not more, black doctors.[39]

A repeated dubious claim by Monitoring Bias is there is a mean IQ gap of 15 points (1 SD) between black and white Americans.[40][41][42][43] However, the B-W IQ gap is considerably lower (9.5 points).[44]

Monitoring Bias has described Black Lives Matter as a "founder-enriching scam".[45]

Criticism of interracial relationships[edit]

Similar to Edward Dutton and other white nationalists, Monitoring Bias criticizes interracial relationships with black men in many of his Twitter posts. This seems to stem from anger, fear and insecurity.

Asian, Latino, and white women appear to prefer white men. Black men are least preferred.[46]

Other views[edit]

White identity politics[edit]

Eyeslasho supports white identity politics:

Even the wokest and most anti-white definition of "whiteness" makes it sound pretty good. (I am not ashamed to admit a fondness for the nuclear family, individualism, the scientific method, goal orientation, timeliness, respect for authority and hard work, and so on.)

But there's perhaps an even more powerful reason to embrace a concept of "whiteness": Given a future multicultural America in which "whites" will be less than half the population, it may be an important component of developing a protective group ""consciousness".[47]


Monitoring Bias aka Eyeslasho has described immigrants to the UK as "more likely to commit crime" and who "reap the benefits of the welfare state without contributing to it".[48]

In November 2023, Eyeslasho supported anti-migrant protests in Ireland.[49]

Eyeslasho has described immigrants to Europe from Africa and the 'Muslim world' as follows:

It cannot be stressed enough just how bad the quality is of the immigrants that Europe receives from the developing world.

By contrast, those who arrive legally in the US from the developing world are far more likely to be educated and secular, and far less likely to commit crime or dream of jihad or hate the culture they're entering.

And whatever you might think of the illegals that stream across our southern border, hardly anyone would accuse them of hating what America stands for or of not wanting to work for a living.

But there are immigrant communities in Europe in which only minority of adults work or are able to support themselves. They live in houses and shop with money provided to them by the native taxpayers whom they hate and victimize with massively disproportionate crime. It's the biggest grift — and cucking — in human history, and every institution in most of these countries is calibrated to ignore and suppress information about it.

Europe is truly cursed by its proximity to Africa and the Muslim world.[50]

Anti-indigeneous racism[edit]

In response to Unthanksgiving DayWikipedia and Indigenous Peoples' DayWikipedia, Monitoring Bias (as a New Radical Centrism) tweeted the following:

People from Europe created in America the most economically advanced, technologically and scientifically innovative, politically free, and dynamic nation in history, seizing control of the land from groups incapable of producing any of those achievements.[51]

Eugenics and fertility rates[edit]

The implicit point I was making about IQ is that nations that have a lot of very smart people (those who generate the most innovation) are the ones who should be producing the most children. Instead the highest TFRs in the world are overwhelmingly found in low-IQ countries.
—@eyeslasho,[52] eugenicist

In a now deleted number of tweets Monitoring Bias criticised the overpopulation activist Paul Ehrlich calling him a "quack".[53][54] Monitoring Bias' issue with Ehrlich is he wants to decrease fertility rates worldwide. Monitoring Bias instead, as a eugenicist pseudoscientist concerned about so-called dysgenicsWikipedia wants to increase the fertility rates of "high IQ" populations and "prosperous nations."[55]

Our global dysgenic future is fully underway!

South Korea (average IQ 106): 1.0 total fertility rate (lowest in world).

Niger (average IQ 68): 6.9 total fertility rate (highest in world).

(Note: The population-replacement fertility rate is 2.1.)[56]

Monitoring Bias has criticised white women who do not have children because of concerns over anthropogenic climate change:

Ever wonder why white liberals who go childless in order to “save the planet” don't seem to mind immigration from non-white nations with high fertility rates?[57]

As a eugenicist fixated with intelligence, Monitoring Bias is concerned that the "most educated groups" have lower average fertility rates than "less educated":

That sinking feeling about America's future when you find out that only the less educated from each racial group are above the population replacement rate and the most educated are well below it.[58]

Eyeslasho is concerned about increasing fertility rates to 2.1:

Total fertility rate (TFR): 0.78

TFR needed to replace population: 2.1

To survive, South Korea will need massive immigration. Luckily, it will, like Japan, mostly get it from nations in Asia that typically provide higher-quality immigrants.

It will escape Europe's bleak fate.[59]


Unsurprisingly for a racist who loathes black people, Monitoring Bias opposes black immigration into the US and has also criticised Mexican immigrants:

Immigrants from East Asia, South Asia, and Europe punch well above their weight. Immigrants from elsewhere, well below theirs.

Question: Where are the Mexicans (our largest immigrant group by far) in all of this?

Answer: Almost nowhere to be found.

It's almost as if illegal mass immigration of barely-literate non-English speakers from nations with low mean IQs isn't a good idea.[60]

Monitoring Bias has criticised Muslim immigration to Europe[61] (but not the US) and claims "they are a disaster in terms of crime and welfare dependency."[62]

They have denied accusations of white nationalism by claiming they support immigration from East Asia to the US.[63] This is not though an unusual viewpoint among the alt-right.[64][65]


Monitoring Bias is openly transphobic:

I'm definitely not anti-LGB. And I'm only anti-T activists.[66]

... the demolition of a biologically-based binary in order to accommodate a disordered group of people — that opens up the gates to civilizational chaos: If the male-female binary can so quickly be imagined-away, are any stabilizing forces safe?[67]

In March 2023, The Daily Dot published an article categorising Monitoring Bias as a right-wing social media commentator attempting to stoke divisions and fear over a trans rights protest.[68]


Monitoring Bias is against veganism and has mocked vegans.[69]

As Eyeslasho, they have continued to criticise veganism while describing their own diet as including chicken and fish:

Oatmeal Almonds and walnuts Apples and bananas Greek yogurt Chicken and fish Dry beans, rice, and pasta 4-6 different vegetables[70]

Eyeslasho has said they also occasionally eat eggs and beef.[71]


Monitoring Bias opposes multiculturalism:

Canada continues its headlong rush into nothingness -- its "national identity" being precisely its lack thereof -- an agreeable mush of pablum fit only for the digestive system of multiculturalism.

To be a Canadian is to really be nothing at all.

This will be the West's future.[72]


I have to confess that while I was right about the nature and threat of the woke virus, I was wrong about the *speed* with which it would infect our society.[73]

Monitoring Bias formerly identified as an "anti-woke" and "unwoke" as recently as February 2023.[74] They used to call almost anyone who disagreed with them "woke" (showing how nebulous and ill-defined the term is); however, they now criticise some anti-woke memes (such as "go woke go broke"[75]) and even anti-woke activists such as James Lindsay.[76][77][78] In a nutshell, Monitoring Bias is a fake contrarian. As soon as they realized being against wokeness gained some popularity (especially among conservatives) they started to distance themselves from it and removed "unwoke" from their Twitter description.[79]

Fake centrist[edit]

Monitoring Bias is basically the anti-black version of Libs of TikTok.

Monitoring Bias falsely claims to be politically a "centrist".[80][81][82]Do You Believe That?

NewsNation journalist Zaid Jilani has described Monitoring Bias as "far-right... obsessed with hatred of minorities".[83]

Twitter's "You might like" algorithm for Monitoring Bias' account includes the far-right account Libs of TikTok.

Hilariously, some conservatives have even pointed out Monitoring Bias is to the right of them:

Bro. I am a right winger and holy shit. You are farther right than me.[84]

Ties to white nationalists[edit]

Emil Kirkegaard retweeting Monitoring Bias.

Monitoring Bias is a mutual follower of multiple far-right and white nationalist Twitter accounts, including Emil Kirkegaard, Steve Sailer, Bo Winegard (who self-identifies as an "ethno-traditionalist"), Hbdchick, Noah Carl, and Sean Last (who was formerly affiliated with the neo-Nazi The Right Stuff). Monitoring Bias also supports "white pride", albeit under a euphemism as a "consciousness of European ancestry":

I agree that "white pride" isn't a very good term. But a consciousness of European ancestry will be important for whites as their population share shrinks and the US becomes more racialized.[85]

Monitoring Bias in the past (on their A New Radical Centrism account) was more open about their white nationalist sentiment:

Estonia doesn't have a lot of wealth. It doesn't spend much on education. But it also lacks something else — and it's this deficit that explains much of its testing success ["Pisa rankings: Why Estonian pupils shine in global tests", BBC]. It lacks non-European immigrants. Naturally, the BBC doesn't mention this. By the way, there is no European country I'm aware of, other than the UK, where any Third World immigrant groups perform as well as the native European population.[86]

Nevertheless, they still openly criticise countries which have high racial/ethnic diversity:

A robust finding in the social science literature is that racial and ethnic diversity and "multiculturalism" reduces social trust.[87]

They also more or less admit to being a racist:

You can't stop Wokism unless you have an alternate explanation for race disparities.

Establishment conservatives point to families and culture. Realists point to the relationship between IQ and group outcomes.

Both explanations are considered non-discussable and racist.[88]

As far as being racist: I've noticed that when you notice huge race disproportionalities or anomalies in violent crime across a large population, there's always a particular group behind them.[89]

Monitoring Bias has tweeted numerous white nationalist tropes, including "white guilt", "anti-white racism", and so on.[90][91]

In November 2023, they were again transparent about their white nationalist sentiment when tweeting to Bo Winegard:

Identity politics is the future. Whites will soon be less than 50% of the US population. Future immigration will be almost entirely from the developing world. The left is culturally ascendant. Colorblindness hasn't delivered for blacks. Multiculturalism will be the new reality.

So how are whites, when they finally do become a minority, going to respond to this new multicultural order in which all other minority groups are celebrated for having an "identity," but whites are not permitted to have one? How will they respond when these other groups use their identity to compete in the political system for their own interests? Will whites, now also a minority, still accept the old rules and imagine they don't comprise a group with their own interests? Will they accept a rigged system designed to favor other groups and punish their own? Or will they wake up to the new reality and embrace a group consciousness?[92]

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