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Artificial general intelligence (AGI), also called strong AI,[1][2] is a hypothetical type of artificial intelligence that would not be limited to a specific task (as opposed to current AI, which is called specialized or "weak"), but would rather possess a general capability of thinking, learning and improving much like an organic mind (though not necessarily working like an organic brain). In other words, an AGI would be a full artificial mind (and, with a body, a full artificial being). It differs from a collection of specialized AIs, which is what things like Alexa and Siri are; you can include as many tools as you want in a Swiss army knife, but the object will never be able to develop new tools by itself when it sees fit.

AGI is a basis of the transhumanism and singularity lore. Without it, many of the wondrous things transhumanists expect to happen in the future will not be possible. It is also commonly portrayed in science fiction in diverse ways.


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