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Chris Beat Cancer

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Chris of "Chris Beat Cancer" recovering from cancer-surgery.
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Here Chris "beat cancer" Wark has "inspired" Debbi not to believe her surgeon.

Chris Beat Cancer is a popular[1] anti-chemotherapy website created by Chris Wark, who claims he cured his bowel-cancer by adopting a "raw vegan diet".[2]

The saga began in Chris's colon[edit]

By his own admission, Chris Wark had surgery to remove the cancer from his abdomen.[3] According to Professor David Gorski MD PhD, (a surgical oncologist who was not involved in Chris's case), that surgery alone, (without chemotherapy), had a ~60% chance of curing Chris's stage-III bowel-cancer, and that probability would have increased to ~75% had Chris also received adjuvant chemotherapy,[4] which Chris refused.

So Chris's survival is not necessarily due to his unusual diet, and/or him worshiping a particular God.[note 1]
Long-term large-population studies have been done to determine the impact of going veggie after a cancer diagnosis, e.g. WHEL.[5]

Chris recommend$ many forms of "alternative" medicine[edit]

The Chris Beat Cancer website promotes a panoply of quackery, for which Chris is paid commission.[6] As an example of the measly income he receives from his website, Chris states he earns "8 cents" for posting a link to a product on Amazon.[7] However Chris's income from other links on his website is over 1000 times higher: a reader clicking on a link to Ty Bollinger's "TTAC", (The Truth About Cancer), products can earn Chris over $100.[8]

Chris promotes other pusher$ of cancer quackery, such as Cancer Tutor,[9] Cancer Control Society,[10] Dr Veronique Desaulniers,[11] American Anti-Cancer Institute,[12] CancerCrackdown,[13] CANCERactive,[14] "Yes To Life",[15] Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,[16] and Ty Bollinger.[17]

Chris repeats the conspiracy-theory that cures for cancer are being suppressed, e.g. amygdalin,[18] found in apricot kernels, ("suppressed", despite the fact apricots are readily available[19]).

Chris has compiled his accumulated wisdom into an own-brand "healing cancer coaching program", which only costs $297 $197.[20][21]
For some of those who follow Chris's advice and eschew chemotherapy, it will cost them more than money.
Initially Chris offered 100% refund to dissatisfied-customers, valid for 1 year[22], however, for some reason, he has reduced the refund-period from 1 year to 6 months[23]).

Chris Beat Cancer is a Limited Liability Company, registered in Nevada,[24] despite Chris being in Tennessee.[25]
(Incorporating a company "out-of-state" in NevadaWikipedia's W.svg is an attempt at tax-avoidanceWikipedia's W.svg and asset protection).Wikipedia's W.svg

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  1. Chris does bang-on about God, e.g. in writing here, here & here, and on video here, here, here & here


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