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Chris Beat Cancer

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Chris of "Chris Beat Cancer" recovering from cancer surgery.

Look out, Chris! Your mustache is melting!
Against allopathy
Alternative medicine
Clinically unproven
Here Chris "beat cancer" Wark has "inspired" Debbi not to believe her surgeon.
"Gave me the strength to turn down chemo!".
Whether this is a genuine or fake review for Chris's book, it's horrific either way.

Chris Beat Cancer is a popular[1] anti-chemotherapy[2] website created by Chris Wark, who claims he cured his bowel cancer by adopting a "raw vegan diet".[3]

The saga began in Chris's colon[edit]

By his own admission, Chris Wark had surgery to remove the cancer from his abdomen.[4] According to Professor David Gorski MD PhD (a surgical oncologist who was not involved in Chris's case), that surgery alone (without chemotherapy) had a ~60% chance of curing Chris's stage-III bowel cancer, and that probability would have increased to ~75% had Chris also received adjuvant chemotherapy,[5] which Chris refused.

So Chris's survival is not necessarily due to his unusual diet, and/or him worshiping a particular God.[note 1]
Long-term large-population studies have been done to determine the impact of going veggie after a cancer diagnosis, e.g. WHEL.[6]

Chris recommend$ many forms of "alternative" medi¢ine[edit]

The Chris Beat Cancer website promotes a panoply of quackery, for which Chris is paid commission.[7] As an example of the measly income he receives from his website, Chris states he earns "8 cents" for posting a link to a product on Amazon.[8] However, Chris's income from other links on his website is over 1000 times higher: a reader clicking on a link to Ty Bollinger's "TTAC" (The Truth About Cancer) products can earn Chris over $100.[9]

Chris promotes other pusher$ of cancer quackery, such as Cancer Tutor,[10] Cancer Control Society,[11] Dr Veronique Desaulniers,[12] American Anti-Cancer Institute,[13] CancerCrackdown,[14] "Best Answer For Cancer",[15][16] CANCERactive,[17] "Yes To Life",[18] "HealingStrong™",[19] Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby,[20] Mike Adams,[21][22] and Ty Bollinger.[23]

Chris repeats the conspiracy theory that cures for cancer are being suppressed, e.g. amygdalin,[24] found in apricot kernels, ("suppressed", despite the fact apricots are readily available[25]).

Chris Beat Cancer publications: "Square One" video-series & eponymous book[edit]

"Cancer Mastermind"[26] Chris has compiled his accumulated wisdom into an own-brand "healing cancer coaching program" called "Square One", which only costs $297 $197.[27][28][29][30]
For some who follow Chris's advice and eschew chemotherapy, it will cost them more than money.

Initially Chris offered a 100% refund to dissatisfied "Square One" customers, valid for 1 year;[31] however, for some reason, he has reduced the refund period from 1 year to 6 months.[32]

In Chris's coaching program he recommends: essiac tea, "Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse formula", colloidal silver, "black-seed expert, Dr. Roby Mitchell",[33] Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's enzyme-therapy,[34] "The Navarro Urine Test",[35] Dr Richard Schulze's "herbal detoxification program",[36] Gerson therapy,[37] alkaline diet,[38] and SirWikipediaJason Winters anti-cancer tea. Chris also encourages his "Square One" members to try Poly-MVA and black salve.[39]

On 25th September 2018 Chris Wark released a book entitled "Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally".[40][41] Within ten days it had garnered over 200 five-star Amazon customer-reviews, but according to "" most of those reviews are bogus.[42][43] NB: fakespot's AIWikipedia would not recognize that reviews by delicensed doctors,[44] naturopathic doctors,[45] & "dear friends" of the author,[46] are unreliable.

In December 2018 PinterestWikipedia deleted the ChrisBeatCancer account.[47]

In June 2019 Chris Wark was featured in a Washington PostWikipedia article,[48] exposing cancer-quackery on Facebook & YouTube.

In July 2019, in the wake of an investigation by The Wall Street JournalWikipedia, [49] the ChrisBeatCancer YouTube channel was demonetized.

Chris Beat Cancer is a Limited Liability Company, registered in Nevada,[50] despite Chris being in Tennessee.[51]
(Incorporating a company "out-of-state" in NevadaWikipedia is an attempt at tax-avoidanceWikipedia and asset protectionWikipedia).

"Chris Beat Cancer" by AddictedToIgnorance[edit]

Chris lies about his testimonials - when people he interviews die of cancer he deletes the evidence from his channel and website.[52]

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  1. Chris does bang on about God, e.g. in writing here, here & here, and on video here, here, & here.


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