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Frogs, clowns and swastikas
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Ilbe Storehouse(일베 저장소) is South Korean far-right and alt-right[1][2] populist community website. They are known for their extreme abhorrence of liberal politicians.

The site is highly anti-feminism, anti-Jeolla province[note 1], anti-LGBT, extreme meritocracy, extreme pro-business & anti-labor, ableist, and anti-immigration. They are very negative about issues related to 'political correctness' and 'social justice'. They mainly support the United Future Party politically.

Ilbe's image in South Korea is also much worse than DC, even though it is much smaller, because its members engage in extreme right-wing political actions in real life, whereas DC members mostly stay online. One of the most disgusting such actions came in the wake of the Sewol ferry disaster, when Ilbe members staged a "Gluttony Strike", eating pizza and fried chicken in front of the grieving parents who were staging a hunger strike in protest.[3]

Whereas South Korea's center-left liberal media have not yet reported DCinside as far-right, there are countless reports of Ilbe's far-right inclination.[4][5] A conservative newspaper, "Dong-A Ilbo"(동아일보), also reported that ilbe is fascist.[6]

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  1. Jeolla is a rural area with a strong political liberal leanings, although socially conservative. During the far-right military dictatorship in the 1980s, the May 18 Democratic Movement took place in Gwangju, a downtown district of Jeolla Province.