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Martin Sellner

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Sellner and future-wife Pettibone in 2017: Heil selfie!
Frogs, clowns and swastikas
Rebuilding the Reich, one meme at a time

Martin Sellner (1989-) is an Austrian identitarian alt-right figure who makes it very hard not to violate Godwin's law. Although one might think this Austrian is behind Gates of Vienna, that's not his.

Sellner, leader of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity, is married to American professional racist writer Brittany Sellner (neé Pettibone).[1]

Sellner has been blocked from entry into the USA and United Kingdom. [1] He and fellow Austrian identitarians such as Martin LichtmeszWikipedia's W.svg (article in German) nevertheless continue to travel to alt-right rallies elsewhere, sometimes with Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Greg Johnson, Fróði Midjord, and other such milk people.

In 2019, Austrian police conducted raids on Sellner's residence after it came to their knowledge that Sellner had been in contact with the perpetrator of the Christchurch terrorist attacks.[2]

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