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The Party for Socialism and Liberation (or PSL) is a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist socialist/communist political organization based out of San Francisco, which split from the Workers World Party.


PSL is very anti-imperialist, which is rational and all, but like many left-wing parties it goes to the extremes to support anti-American countries. PSL is very pro-Castro[1] and a bit defensive of the Soviet Union,[2] Mao Zedong,[3] and North Korea.[4][5]


Gloria La RivaWikipedia ran for president under the PSL in 2016 and did quite well, getting almost 75,000 votes (7th place), the most for any explicitly communist candidate in the US in modern times (William Z. Foster, who ran on the Communist ticket in 1932, gained over 100,000 votes). The main reason for this is the support of the Peace and Freedom PartyWikipedia, one of California's more powerful third-parties.[6][7] She did about as well in 2020, receiving slightly under 68,000 votes and earning 6th place.[8] She has run for vice-president four times, president four times, governor of California three times, and mayor of San Francisco once.[9] She hasn't won yet, but we'll keep you posted.

In the 2018 California elections, Natalie Hrizi, their candidate for Insurance Commissioner, running on the Peace and Freedom ticket, won 316,149 votes, getting about 5%.[10]

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