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...we acknowledge the God of the Bible as the Supreme Judge, Lawgiver and King and the first cause of all existence. Consequently, the principles and the platform of our party are rightly derived from Biblical presuppositions.[1]

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The Christian Liberty Party is a (thankfully) very small American political party that, despite the middle name, is a fringe right, theocratic, ultra-authoritarian party that seeks to enact biblical positions into government laws.

Social issues[edit]

Their stand on homosexuality is about what you would expect for a Christian Fundamentalist party.

We oppose state-sanctioned homosexual marriage, child adoption and special minority status. We oppose any legislation that restricts the right to express the Biblical position on homosexuality.

Of course, whether this means they want gays imprisoned or murdered is unclear, as that is all they say on the subject. Either way, it's not pretty.

Not surprisingly, they also want to ban abortion and pornography, and have harsh consequences for participating in either.


They would also like to repeal Social Security, the Federal Reserve, minimum wage, the Federal Food and Drug Administration, and other "unconstitutional agencies". The public education system also needs to go because public schools aren't willing to indoctrinate children with Christianity as homeschooling might. No, really, that's their position.

The government's only jobs appear to be providing national security, implementing tariffs, and harshly punishing heathens. Sounds fun.


New World Order/One World Government: Nationhood is a blessing and the basic building block of a stable world order. We oppose the transfer of governing authority to international agencies, alliances and treaty organizations as a dangerous step toward global tyranny. We call for an end to U.S . funding of the United Nations.

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