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The Falconist Party is a fun event held by enthusiastic falcon owners small ultra-nationalist American political party. The Falconists describe themselves as having a "radical center" ideology which combines the "best" views from the left and right (although "best" most likely refers to the "most loony").[citation needed]

The party's platform contains many elements of fascism and imperialism (though it publicly denies being a fascist party). However, it does not include an emphasis on racism or antisemitism found in many Neo-Nazi parties. It also differs from many neo-fascist parties (which promote isolationism) - and instead promotes militaristic expansionism and colonialism. It also differs from many far-right parties in the US (which promote states' rights and fiscal liberalism) - by promoting the supremacy of the federal government and socialist economic policies such as heavy government intervention and regulation of the private sector and the replacement of the federal reserve with a state-run "Bank of the United States". Overall its views are more in line with "old school" fascists like Mussolini and Hitler.[citation needed]

The party supports drastically expanding the military and police forces, restoring laws which "curb immorality" (such as the abolition of abortion and restoration of prayer in public schools), and the incorporation of Iraq and Afghanistan (and eventually other countries) into US territories and states.[citation needed] The party even advocates the eventual colonization of the ocean floor, the moon, and other planets in the solar system.

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