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The American Security Rally of Montana, is an ill-informed, anti-immigration, anti-Muslim hate group. On their website, they claim "This page is for the discussion of the Security of the United States. This page exists for no other reason." However it takes very little investigation and research to determine that this Facebook page[1] isn't merely the "Patriot" movement they convey themselves to be.


Founded in February 2016 as a likely response to possible Syrian refugee resettlement in Montana,[2] the American Security Rally of Montana holds anti-refugee rallies and protests.[3] It also coordinates with other hate groups in Montana, including Citizens for a Better Helena, Montana Citizens Against Terrorism both Foreign and Domestic, and Montana Citizens Against Refugee Resettlement.[4]

Race and hate content[edit]

Very similar to the content shared by nearby anti-Islam hate groups, the majority of the content that the American Security Rally of Montana shares and promotes is usually directly tied to nationally recognized hate groups or nationally recognized extremists,[5] Other articles and information encompass tabloids, conspiracy websites,[6] racist blogs, and the occasional credible news source with scare quotes.

Refugee Resettlement Watch,[7] founded by extremist Ann Corcoran,[8] is a popular figure among white nationalist and racist websites and blogs. Racist groups that regularly share Corcoran’s work include the white nationalist group "Council for Conservative Citizens" and racist website VDARE.

Pamela Geller,[9] a prominent extremist and figurehead of anti-Islam ideologists. Her website has been the source of many debunked conspiracy theories,[10] ranging from "Obama is a Muslim beholden to Islamic overlords” to "Obama is the love child of Malcolm X".

Front Page Magazine,[11] founded by anti-black and anti-Muslim neoconservative conspiracy theorist, David Horowitz. Horowitz is often touted by the racist and white supremacist communities.

Gina Satterfield, anti-Islam and wingnut extremist. Hate speech content by Gina is being touted all over Montana's racist and anti-immigration online community

ACT! For America,[12] a prominent anti-Islam movement and source of extreme hate speech. ACT! For America is led by Bridgette Gabriel, described by the New York Times as a "radical Islamaphobe" and by publicists as "extreme". Gabriel’s hate lies against the religion of Islam itself, not just "radical" Islam.

Ann Coulter,[13] questionably white supremacist author who cites anti-Muslims, white nationalists, and other racists in her publications.

Oath Keepers,[14] a right-wing extremist group set to defend the United States from the liberals and their "New World Order". Founded by Stewart Rhodes, many Oath Keepers even defended a member of theirs as a victim of a government conspiracy to silence the Patirots, before that member was convicted of raping his 7-year old daughter.[15]

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