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Frogs, clowns and swastikas
Rebuilding the Reich, one meme at a time
Submitted to /r/The_Donald, 18 July 2018.[1]

#NoMenMidterms is a manufactroversy created by 4chan's /pol/. Right-wingers created images that spoofed the campaign material of Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and that encouraged men not to vote in the 2018 US midterms. The fake images expanded to cover race (asking white men not to vote with #NoWhiteMales) and the hashtags #LetWomenDecide and #OurTurn.

James Woods was briefly suspended from Twitter for posting a NoMenMidterms image as if it were real.[2] All uses of the hashtags were from conservative accounts,[3] including the fake "Neverland Antifa" account.[4]

Before being memed, the #LetWomenDecide hashtag had been sporadically used in support of Ireland's abortion ban repeal.

These bogus hashtags were preceded by the #WalkAway hashtag and the bogus claim that "Millions of Americans are walking away from the Democrat[sic] Party!"[5] Both Breitbart and Epoch Times falsely claimed that #WalkAway was a growing movement among Democrats.[6] The #WalkAway hashtag was alleged to have been started by Brandon Straka, an alleged member of the alt-right, on June 29th, 2018,[6][7] but it usage goes back to at least 2015.[8]

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