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Dog-whistlers is a blog operated by an Italian-American man who uses the pseudonym RaceRealist[1] on Twitter that promotes racialism pseudoscience. To his credit in April/May 2017 he changed his views on hereditarianism and now criticises the idea that genes play a role in population differences in intelligence, as well as questioning the validity of IQ.[2][3] Instead however of giving up all his HBD beliefs, he still defends a form of pseudoscientific "race realism",[4][5][6][7] influenced by the philosopher Michael O. Hardimon, but that does not entail there are IQ differences among human races; this minimalist concept of race is "characterised by nothing more than outward physical differences and health-related biological susceptibilities".[8] Curiously he has left up all his pre-2017 blog posts that are sympathetic to hereditarianism, but has claimed he's leaving them up to show the evolution and change of his views.

RaceRealist was an anti-vegan activist between 2018-2019 who used to pal around with carnivore diet advocates but since 2022 has come out against the carnivore diet and now mocks the pseudoscientific health claims of Shawn Baker.

Race realism[edit]

RaceRealist identifies as a "race realist", a euphemism that is commonly now adopted by Neo-Nazis and white nationalists (for example David Duke) because openly identifying as the latter is toxic to the ordinary public. Although RaceRealist denies being a white nationalist he advertises VDARE, Jared Taylor's American Renaissance and Kevin MacDonald's Occidental Observer on his website.[9] All three are white nationalist organisations; Taylor's explicitly so. RaceRealist is also a part of the pseudo-intellectual "human biodiversity" blogsphere, with Emil Kirkegaard and John Fuerst who try to present themselves as scientists, when their agenda is racism and trying to legitimise the far-right politics of the Alt-right.

On his website, RaceRealist calls "race deniers" liberal creationists. This is amusing since racialism is a pseudoscience comparable to creationism.

RaceRealist defines human races as follows:

I define ‘race’ as a genetically isolated breeding population.[10]

However, by this definition the only races that might exist are strongly endogamous ethnoreligious groups (that are essentially breeding isolates) like the SamaritansWikipedia or (Lancaster) Amish people. Certainly not what RaceRealist has in mind. RaceRealist's concept of a "black" or "white" racial grouping doesn't fit his own definition of race since these are not isolated, nor in fact are they even breeding populations (that tend to be much smaller in size).


In a 2016 blog titled "Non-Western People are Abnormal to Our [Western] Societies"[11] and its comments,[12] RaceRealist argues that non-Western immigrants (read: brown people) cannot assimilate into the West and therefore he opposes "non-western" immigration:

The "4 d's of abnormality" and how they relate to our culture and the current culture/biology of those non-Western immigrants coming into our country is extremely telling. It's clear that those people cannot assimilate into our societies because of differing biology and differing locations in which they evolved in. We chose our environments based on our biology. Environment increasingly depends on their genes, rather than being the cause of their exogenous behavior.

In particular, they assert that non-Western immigrants cannot control their rape-y urges due to low IQ and high testosterone:

The average behavior of those non-Western immigrants is dangerous to us in the West. Their behavior is deviant, which leads to dysfunction, which in turn leads to distress of the people in the area and finally it is dangerous to the population.

They are dangerous to us because they don’t know how to live in our Western societies, they don’t know how to handle themselves around beautiful Western women (because their women are covered up from head to toe all day), so therefore when the average Western Asian sees the average Western woman, they cannot control their urges due to 1) low IQ and 2) higher testosterone. Those with lower IQs cannot control their urges like those with higher IQs. As seen here, those with higher IQs lost their virginity later than those with lower IQs, showing that the higher your IQ, the more you can hold back your urges to have sex.

RaceRealist extends this reasoning to "Negros":

The same can be said for Negros[sic] in America as well. They are deviant, dysfunctional, they cause distress in our country and finally, they pose a danger to us, our families and societies as a whole. Just like those immigrants we have come into our countries who cannot assimilate because it’s not in their biology.

However, he asserts that not all non-Western immigrants are degenerate rapist idiots:

That’s not to say that all non-Western immigrants act like this. As always, I’m talking about averages. There are those on the right side of The Bell Curve, who are not a representative of their population, so they can assimilate into our culture. But for the vast majority of those people, they cannot assimilate due to lower average IQ as well as their average behavioral patterns for their ethnic group, which causes the “4 d’s of abnormality” as I have listed above.

As a result, he supports IQ testing on non-Western immigrants:[13]

Haaretz reported today Germany was going to begin IQ testing on the 'migrants' to assess where talent and what occupational groups that they could put them in. This is a slightly positive change with all of the negativity this past year.

Jews and anti-Semitism[edit]

RaceRealist asserts that Jews evolved nepotism as a survival trait:[14]

Ashkenazi Jews are over-represented in many facets in America, as well as around the world. What is the cause of Jewish nepotism? What makes them stick together so much while derogating other ethnicities?

The evolution of nepotism in Ashkenazi Jewish communities goes back a few thousand years. They constantly got kicked out of nations, 109 times to be exact, so therefore, they needed to be more clannish, which comes with increased genetic similarity. They needed to stick together and always have each other’s backs. This is due to inbreeding, which as noted above leads to increased genetic similarity and therefore, individuals who inbreed closely become more related to one another than non-co-ethnics. When two groups who are so genetically distant live in one society together, strife happens. Which is going on in Europe at the moment. But with Jews, it’s different. They are more in the background, so to speak. They hide in the shadows while giving more favoritism to their own kind, ethnic nepotism.

He bizarrely maintains their higher average IQ is partly a product of "breeding with beautiful Roman women a few thousand years ago", for which there exists virtually no evidence:

So when they got driven out, they had to stick together. As I noted in the linked article on the connection between Ashkenazi Jews and Southern Italians, male Jews migrated from the Levant to Rome during Greco-Roman times, which mass conversions led to 6 million Roman women who then began to practice Judaism. The genetic proximity of Ashkenazi Jews and Syrian Jews to Northern Italians, Sardinians and French populations suggest that there is non-Semitic ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews. The findings also say that any theories of Ashkenazi Jews having ancestry in Khazaria or from Slavs are incompatible with genetic studies. The close genetic similarity of Ashkenazi Jews and Southern Europeans has been noted in many studies. Any theories of Ashkenazi Jews being converts from the Khazar empire got put to rest by this paper. Anyway, that’s part of the reason for their higher average IQ, breeding with beautiful Roman women a few thousand years ago.

RaceRealist denies being an anti-Semite, yet supports the views of the virulent anti-Semite and white nationalist Kevin MacDonald and often retweets him, including a tweet where MacDonald argues "white people" have "a genetic interest in their race" to exclude Jews as an out-group.[15]

Pro-Soy Shill[edit]

For more information, see: stopped clock

On the bright side, RaceRealist calls out Paul Joseph Watson for claiming that soy feminizes men.[16] Even in this glimmer of light, however, RaceRealist states that "East Asians seem to be adapted to soy". Alas.

View on RationalWiki[edit]

I finally made it on "RationalWiki", though it mischaracterizes me as altright and a white nationalist.
—RaceRealist on Twitter (@RaceRealist88)[17]

Twitter contributor "Race Realist Eighty frickin' Eight" wishes to make it absolutely clear that he does not consider himself "altright" and certainly not a "white nationalist". They first, unironically, clarified that the 88 in their username is their birth year.[18] Later, RaceRealist wrote a response titled "My Response to (Ir)RationalWiki", in which they then asserted that the 88 was kept because "it's good to weed out the people who aren't serious about discussion and just look for things to discredit people that are meaningless to the conversation at hand".[19] Right.

RaceRealist has since removed 88 from his Twitter username.

Views on veganism[edit]

Trying to get a lady-friend of mine to drop the vegan BS, she says it's "for the animals" and whatnot. it's tough getting through thick skulls.

RaceRealist between 2018 and 2019 was a staunch anti-vegan and was defending the carnivore diet on Twitter. He used to pal around on Twitter with his carnivore friend Travis Statham and Shawn Baker to attack vegans.

I've personally never worked with a vegan in my life. It's hard for them to get ample nutrients. Pregnant women shouldn't be vegan. Kids shouldn't be vegan. We can use these "should" statements because we know basic things about nutrition and what occurs when pregnant women... and children aren't well-nourished. So I can at last say without a shadow of a doubt that pregnant women and children should not be vegan.[21]

Have you any idea how long it would take to power our brains which have 86 billion neurons only on a plant based diet? Herculano-Houzel discusses it in the linked paper. It. Is. *NOT*. tenable at all. Therefore claims from vegans that we ate high plant diets in the past are false.[22]

He also claimed that veganism causes mental disorders.[20]

Similar to his views on race, RaceRealist quickly changed his views on veganism and now mocks the claims of the carnivore diet on Twitter.[23][24] As of 2022 he attacks Shawn Baker and calls him a "grifter".[25]

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