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This is the place to sort, search and review all the classic What Is Going On in the blogosphere? moments. Results are sorted by vote count and month, at the moment you can provide your own vote number cutoff, browse different months, or filter all the results by a keyword.

The day-to-day updates of the blogosphere are over at What Is Going On in the blogosphere? and all new contenders should be added there. Entries are automatically moved here.

85A quiz "persecuted American Christians" need to take - How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions
74The forces of stupidity outdo themselves and reveal that Canadian force to be reckoned with, Canadian Cynic is in reality Rob Day from talk.origins. The tactic backfires badly, as now the Cynic is able to call Creationists and IDiots "douchebags" in a much more public fashion than before.
61Over the past decade, a new type of historical denialism has cropped up -- the insistence that 19th century Americans never discriminated against Irish immigrants. Enter a 14-year-old girl who decided to do a Google search on the topic just for the hell of it and . . . well, you can probably guess the rest. And if you'd like to see some examples of actual, supposedly non-existent 19th century "NINA" (i.e., no Irish need apply) classified ads, here are some from The Brooklyn Eagle. (The professor whose claim the girl refuted? R.J. Jensen, late of Conservapedia.)
61Christianity has died in the hands of Evangelicals. Evangelicalism ceased being a religious faith tradition following Jesus’ teachings concerning justice for the betterment of humanity when it made a Faustian bargain for the sake of political influence.
60"WARNING: This product contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The Surgeon General has determined that DNA is linked to a variety of diseases in both animals and humans. In some configurations, it is a risk factor for cancer and heart disease. Pregnant women are at very high risk of passing on DNA to their children."
55The subject is Canadian blogger/idiot Patrick "Twatsy" Ross, but we can all spot people we know. Including at CP. Maybe especially at CP.
54Cracked: 4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits, featuring Sylvia Browne and Jenny McCarthy.
54"Dear 1%ers, many of our fellow citizens are starting to believe that capitalism itself is the problem. I disagree, and I’m sure you do too... [but] these idiotic trickle-down policies are destroying my customer base. The pitchforks are coming for us plutocrats."
53The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment, according to one of its developers: Complete and total failure as human nature overcomes libertarian ideals.
52The creator of the blatantly fake UndergroundNewsReport.com shared his outlandish (and totally false) stories to pro-Trump groups on Facebook, who fell for it hard: "It seemed that there wasn’t anything I could write that was too wild or outrageous to be believed by this particular audience."
52Popular youtuber JonTron allegedly "goes full Nazi".
52Sovereign citizens — not "radical Islam" — are the biggest terrorist threat in the US.
51Complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority about the British Homeopathic Association. UPDATE: A response has been received from Advertising Standards Authority. Seems they agree that the BHA leaflet "contains material that is likely to be problematic".
51"Vaccines Work." A cartoon guide to vaccines and vaccine denialist arguments.
50Pizza chain CEO who owns "a 40,000 square-foot mansion in a tony suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, that features several swimming pools, a private golf course and a 22-car garage among other amenities," threatens to make all of his employees part-timers in order to save the $5 to $8 million that (he says) Obamacare will cost him. He also claims that O-care will cost him between 11 and 14 cents per pizza. Forbes columnist does the math: It'll cost between 3.4 and 4.6 cents per pizza -- and, besides, the company gives away about 2 million pizzas in an annual promotion that costs between $24 and $32 million dollars.
50A new experiment in teaching kids to be critical thinkers and combat pseudoscience and fake news shows promise.
49Oh behalf of actual gamers everywhere, everyone's favourite former NFL player Chris Kluwe spectacularly rips Gamergaters several new ones.
49 John Oliver finally gave into the temptation to talk about Donald Trump.
49A video exposing the corruption in Putin's government has been banned in Russia, so its makers have reuploaded it to PornHub.
48Apparently this is controversial.
48Muslims take the piss out of ISIS, using genuinely funny snark and satire. We at Rationalwiki salute you.
48Jimmy Wales tries to patiently explain to a Gamergater why Gamergate has some public relations problems. "It is very difficult for me to buy into the notion that gamergate is 'really about ethics in journalism' when every single experience I have personally had with it involved pro-gg people insulting, threatening, doxxing, etc." They don't quite take the recommendations of the world-famous and highly influential charity founder they enquired with to heart.
48"I teach human evolution at the University of Kentucky. There are some students I’ll never reach."
48On Starbucks and the "War on Christmas", from a Christian who's had enough of that nonsense.
47Cracked: A 90-Second Guide to Determine if Your Internet Cause Is BS
47John Oliver takes on televangelists. Alternative link.
47Even Reason thinks the Republican base has gone totally and utterly bonkers.
47NPR, as part of its 4th of July celebrations, tweeted the entire text of the Declaration of Independence. The response from the right went about as well as expected.
47"This tax bill is straight out of 1929" says economic historian.
46Shortest evolution debate ever?
46In 2008, Focus on the Family predicted what 2012 under Obama would be like. Let's see how they did. (Some portions may be familiar.)
46Mars One is sounding pretty scammy.
46The privatization of the US justice system, thanks to a 2011 Supreme Court decision that allows businesses (defendants) to shift an individual plaintiff's lawsuit out of the courts and to a private arbitrator -- who is usually hired by the defendants. So basically...
46Return of socialism to the U.S. (Note: worldwide, it's not considered socialism.)
46Donald Trump Isn’t the Presidential Candidate We Should Be Worried About: The real danger is the smarter, more capable neo-fascist politician who will inevitably rise in his wake.
46The Dutch far right’s election donors are almost exclusively American.
45Twitter Joke Trial: a layman journalist’s view. Paul Chambers was prosecuted for joking on Twitter that he planned to "blow an airport sky high" if they didn't deal with their snow problem. This blog post is about the appeal and a layman's view from the court room.
45"Legitimate" rape and the "gift" of pregnancy: An analogy as subtle as being hit with a slice of lemon, wrapped around a brick.
45"I'm not a scientist" = "I'm losing the War on Science."
45Frustrated Gunman Can’t Believe How Far He Has To Drive To Find Nearest Planned Parenthood ClinicThe Onion
45A Christian pastor explains how young Earth creationists like Ken Ham are turning young people against Christianity. (Short version: a myth that flies in the face of all evidence is a terrible foundation upon which to build a lasting faith.)
44 P. Z. Myers writes beautiful open letter to a nine-year old suggesting that "how do you know?" is a better question than "were you there?". The dribbling idiot who came up with the "were you there?" question complains. Mom weighs in without reading the letter.
44Mayor of Boston to Chick-fil-A: Fuck off.
44Go fuck yourself, ESPN! ESPN suspends MLB writer Keith Law ostensibly for defending evolution.
44Reddit enacts new anti-harassment policy and begins to crack down on subreddits that promote harassment. Among the first on the block is the infamous /r/fatpeoplehate along with /r/hamplanethatred, /r/transfags, /r/neofag and /r/shitniggerssay. A large number of users are enraged by the news, and the announcement is currently flooded with downvotes.
44Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary, the country has run out of rubbish, and has to import rubbish from other countries to keep its recycling plants going.
43Creationist Questions translated.
43The "Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology" petitioned Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, to "create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing." Jimmy Wales responds.
43Daily Kos: Neil deGrasse Tyson makes important scientific discovery: Liberals can be just as anti-science about GMOs as Conservatives are about Global warming.
43Idaho Representative Vito Barbieri is not an OB-GYN
42If only American TV journalists had the balls to say something like this on the air. Oh, and there is video of it on the intertubes (quote at 2:30).
42Court decides parent's refusal to vaccinate kids is not “free exercise of religion”. Win one for the constitution. (self promotion warning)
42Phil Sandifer: an analysis of the 2015 Hugos, the Sad Puppies, Vox Day's politics and his supporters, and how neofascism works in a culture war.
42A woman in Texas kicks off a plan to protest a "campus carry" law by carrying dildos to a university.
42Star Trek Discovery — y'know, the series that shows races from all over the galaxy working together — now has an Asian captain and a black first officer. Right wingers are outraged by this clear example of "white genocide".
41How Gamergate has destroyed the reputation of video games in academia.
41The left should receive more criticism for their anti-science views - Opinion piece from The Tech.
40Skepticism *is* making a difference
40The heir to Mencken's throne of snark: An American football player?
40Can you tell the difference between conservative Christians and Muslim fundamentalists?
40From The Onion's new website: "My Doctor Told Me I Should Vaccinate My Children, But Then Someone Much Louder Than My Doctor Told Me I Shouldn’t"
40Salon: Why rightwingers hate smart people in general, and Neil deGrasse Tyson in particular.
40Five things I learned at a Pray Away the Gay Camp.
40A self-described conservative Evangelical Christian and Liberty University graduate reacts to Bernie Sanders' speech at his alma mater.
40The Grauniad on "populist correctness", aka the right's tendency to get triggered by whatever doesn't fit their worldview.
40Israeli Comedy Show Host Implores Israelis to Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid