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Rod Dreher is an American conservative Christian and homophobe[1] who opposes equal rights for LGBT people. He believes Christians must be granted the right to discriminate against LGBT people whenever their religion demands it. He is author of best-selling book The Benedict Option, arguing anti-LGBT Christians should withdraw into cult-like isolation modelled on a medieval Benedictine monastery, where they are free to indoctrinate their children in peace.[2]

Dreher calls African people “barbarians” but insists that isn’t racist because it is a “perfectly just” description.[3]

Dreher took an African-American professor’s remarks out of context, stirring up a racist mob against him in the process[4]

P. Z. Myers writes that Dreher is “totally ignorant of science”

Jerry Coyne describes how Dreher is in the pay of the Templeton Foundation.[5]

Dreher supports TERFs, and defends the right of Christians to discriminate against transgender people.[6]