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Ghost's first avatar. We shit you not.
Skeletor Ghostler's second avatar.
Ghostler's third avatar, drawn by that brown-noser KaraszKun.

GhostPolitics is yet another right-wing Crank on the internet. He operates a podcast known as "The Ghost Show", formerly known as "True Capitalist Radio" (in turn, that was the former name of "True Conservative Radio", until he got pissed off at a certain ex-governor of Alaska.), which has gained a cult following due to his... audience.

We're starting this article and let's get started... RAAAT NAAAOW!![edit]

True Capitalist/Conservative Radio initiated as a Paltalk stream by Ghost, which will be talked about when I have access to a source on it that is not blocked by this stupid school firewall. Eventually, in 2008, he moved to BlogTalkRadio. His show was frequently raided by trolls from 4chan, Reddit, Ebaumsworld, etc. after the move. The show started becoming popular after a YouTuber named DarkRazorZ uploaded a video of one particular troll raid in which callers played a song whose title has long since been forgotten, but has been remembered as "Fuck You Texas", thanks to the chorus. DarkRazorZ had consistently archived portions of the show filled with troll callers, particularly the Twitter Shoutouts and Radio Graffiti segments. Another YouTuber known as Elfoxoloco followed suit, and has been archiving the more recent troll raids while DarkRazorZ is off doing military service.

The Good[edit]

This will be a short list of the rare occasions in which Ghostie is actually right.

Ghost has said a few things that, despite his insanity and rage, he does have a point on.

The Bad[edit]

This will be a short list of the many, many occasions in which Ghost is wrong. It will also contain examples of his pure unadulterated dickery. On several episodes in 2016, he engaged in Holocaust denial by falsely claiming George Soros collaborated with the Nazis.

Tinfoil Radio[edit]

This section will discuss Ghost's conspiracy theories, including crankery about moon landings, HAARP, Satanists, and eebill commies.

"It's All Nevada!"[edit]

Ghost seriously believes that NASA faked, not just the Apollo missions, but every other mission that has brought back data, including the ones where only space probes were used. Especially the space probe missions, it seems. He also thinks that Stephen Hawking's TTS device is not controlled by him, but some other nefarious group.

HAARPing on about the floods[edit]

Ghost also thinks that the then-recent flooding Texas has been receiving (as of 19 April 2016) was caused by HAARP. He has also threatened to start constructing cloudbusters that use Orgone energy to combat against HAARP's "weather warfare", and sell them THROUGHOUT DA WUUUUUUUUUUUURLD!!!!1!

Slave Trade Denialism[edit]

Ghost claims that black Americans were bred from the indigenous population, rather than, you know, being brought here in chains from Africa.

DA MAYSENZ!!!!!1!![edit]

Ghost once went on a MASSIVE tirade] about how the Freemasons are in charge of everything and control us through symbols, like the ones on bathroom doors. Or something.

Crank Magnetism: Fat Edition[edit]

Ghost is notoriously prone to fat-shaming, including creating a personal insult for "all these fat jelly-asses that are walking around in the goddamn shopping malls on their stupid hoverrounds". Said insult, "hambone", invariably ends up being used to insult him. Despite the fat-shaming tendencies, however, Ghost has denied that obesity causes any problems, up to and including saying "a stick of butter a day keeps the doctor away".


Beginning in 2017, he started railing on people who are diagnosed with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Many of these rants are extremely ableist, to the point these rants encompassed most of his episodes. In late 2018, he went as far as wanting to put them "to sleep". He has dialed back on openly calling out eugenics against autistic people during the Ghost Show and the Saturday Night Ghost Show, but he still continues ableist rants against them.

Views on science, or a complete lack of[edit]

Ghost's views on science are also, to say the least.

Back when Ghost was hosting True Conservative Radio, he has called global warming/climate change "a step forward into instituting worldwide communism", showing he denies climate change.[1] In early 2020, he repeatedly said the coronavirus was "nothing but the flu," showing how out of touch he is with science. Many science experts have pointed out that COVID-19 is worse than the flu.

Moreover, in an April 2020 episode of the Ghost Show, he expressed skepticism of vaccines, citing Bill Gates conspiracies.

Being a Stumbling Mumbling Jerk Dick[edit]

Ghost has proven himself to be a humongous asshat on multiple occasions.


This subsection will discuss a certain unfunny failtroll caller by the name "NSM88", also known as Area Code 417. 417 was notorious for racist and anti-Semitic comments that were directed at Ghost when he called in during 2011 and 2012. He started calling in May 2011 and attempted to insult Ghost, only for him to get counter-trolled. He claimed he was from Saginaw, Michigan, when that area code corresponds to southwestern and southern Missouri. Ghost called him on Christmas Eve 2011 and his mother answered this time around. The last time he called in was in April 2012, chanting Ron Paul's name continuously.

Mercifully, he did not come back after Ghost made his return in 2016.

The Lulzy[edit]

This will be a short list of some of the funnier moments of Ghost's show, including trolls calling in. Especially when they call in.

The Internet Buttstalker[edit]

One of the original callers who prominently called in during the "True Conservative Radio" and for most of the 2011-12 era of "True Capitalist Radio," they were actually a group of people who made advances towards Ghost for the sole purpose to exploit his homophobia. They stopped calling towards the end of the pre-Return era of True Capitalist Radio, but they still have impersonators calling in.

Tub Guy[edit]

Tub Guy is one of the few callers to troll during both eras of True Capitalist Radio. He does a George Takei "Oh my" impression at the end of the calls and usually makes a suggestive advance towards Ghost. It'll totally be legit!

Navy Huskie[edit]

A caller from the United States who played remixes with the sole purpose of pissing Ghost off during the 2011-12 era of "True Capitalist Radio." He only called in once during the 2016-present era, due to him now being enlisted in the United States Navy.

Ghetto Capitalist[edit]

A caller formerly from California who moved to Georgia. During the 2011-12 era of "True Capitalist Radio," he would manage to get Ghost to rage every time that he called in. The Ghetto Capitalist claimed he was on welfare and Ghost hated that he was "mooching off capitalists." He did come back for a couple episodes in 2016, but he stopped calling after June 2016.


A caller who was known for making remixes that made Ghost quit the show for good. He started appearing towards the end of 2011 and has made infrequent appearances in the 2016-present Era of Ghost's show.

Benito Ghostini[edit]

A newer caller from the revival era of "True Capitalist Radio," he played remixes and splices of Ghost singing or saying things that he never said. Several of his remixes and splices managed to get Ghost to end his show in rage.


boat is another 2016-era caller who became infamous in Ghost's eyes for speed remixing his voice to different songs. He even made Ghost rage quit several times due to his speed remixing skills.

See Also[edit]

  • Jesus Chatline gets trolled ALMOST as much as he does, but Ghost actually believes this tripe, unlike the guys who run Jesus Chatline.
  • Alex Jones, who supposedly rips Ghost off, especially in the 2011-2012 broadcasts. Ironically, Ghost has become an even crankier and noisier version of Jones.
  • Rush Limbaugh, who also uses nicknames for his call screener.

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