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December 2011[edit]

2So-called liberal Barack Obama pulls a Calvin Coolidge and signs the vaguely-worded NDAA "with reservations." And if you think this is bad, wait for SOPA.
13Newt's doing so well that he doesn't need the gay vote.
6Anyone want a job with MC Hawking?
10Blatantly creationist bills in New Hampshire and now Indiana.
8Conservatives, typically, fear change. Some for very specific reasons, apparently.
5From the same state that almost set the value of pi to three comes a law to set specific standards for performing The Star-Spangled Banner.
11Fox News asks "Did the Jews kill Jesus?
5A new book claims that Tricky Dick was gay. Arrrrrroooooo.
5Make a straight line for Dear Leader or go down the memory hole!
10While a couple of BONs try to tell us that feminism is irrelevant, the BBC can't find 12 human women to put on its list of top female newsmakers, and pads the list with a zoo animal. Update: See the original for a laugh.
5Creationist antivaxer professor sues the University of Louisiana for viewpoint discrimination.
4American Indian activists take offense at the Occupy Movement's use of that word, trying to get them to change their name to the "Decolonize Movement."
7First Newt Gingrich failed to get enough signatures for Virginia, now nearly half the signatures for Rick Perry's campaign are invalid. Competence? And these are the same politicians who complain about made up the problems of rampant voter fraud.
11Rick Perry thinks that Canada is part of the United States.
14Michelle Bachmann: "We won't have teleprompters in my White House! I'll just read off an iPad instead."
7Oh fuck.
12Christmas. A time of peace and brotherhood.
6The son of the messiah from the south meets the son of the messiah from the north.
9This year RationalWiki will cover all the major fashion shows, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Tehran.
9New census data shows that in 12 major U.S. cities, geographic racial segregation has continued the downward trend it has been on since 1980.
15Demonstrations break out after members of an expanding Jewish fundie population call an eight-year-old a slut and a whore.
1Meet a lovely young couple: they're birthers, they're dominionists, they're...hipsters?
0A group of war protesters in New York are brought in guilty on a charge of disorderly conduct, following a failed defense on the grounds that U.S. wars are violating international law.
6The U.S. Department of Justice has blocked enforcement of a voter identification law in South Carolina set up to keep Democratic voters vote fraudsters from the polls.
13Wikipedia's domains are moving from GoDaddy, in protest of the registrar's support of PROTECT-IP and SOPA. GoDaddy has already lost over 37,000 domains since December 22.
6Cuba continues its privatization reforms.
11According to Newt Gingrich it's Virginia's fault that he couldn't get enough signatures to get on the state's GOP ballot. Nate Silver agrees.
6Why mid-twentysomethings shouldn't have access to nuclear arsenals.
8Bruce Schneier shows Vanity Fair just how blitheringly incompetent the TSA is.
16"Ark Encounter" theme park is having trouble staying afloat.
3Second Soyuz crash.
21The gay community of Minnesota apologises for ruining the institution of marriage.
14For once, Obama does not back down.
1Climate change in action? Deadly floods in Dar es Salaam. The "other stories relevant to this subject" link on the BBC article? Droughts lead to power cuts, only five months ago.
5The Texas governor we should have sent to Washington finally gets there.... Well, to the Kennedy Center.
19Now here's a great ePetition to sign: In keeping with the great lady's legacy, Margaret Thatcher's state funeral should be funded and managed by the private sector to offer the best value and choice for end users and other stakeholders.
14The Kepler telescope is on a roll.
14Remember last month's study of a modified bird flu variant that, if left in the wrong hands, could be used to exterminate huge sectors of the human population? The US government and Nature/Science are in a major battle to censor it or not.
-13Bradley Manning's lawyer demands that the investigating officer in Manning's case recuse himself due to the fact that >gasp!< his employers are conducting an investigation of Manning.
13Researchers at UC Berkeley find that rich people are less empathetic than poor people, specifically because they have not suffered as much themselves. This would, of course, explain why blue-bloods are much more likely to dribble sympathy over the Lower Orders than the "self-made" nouveau riche.
8In the midst of the SOPA controversy, who has the gall to twist US copyright law even further away from sanity? None other than those notorious copyright villains, the Atlanta Braves. One can only hope they're proving the laws' idiocy by example (and that certain commentators are being sarcastic).
3Here's something that will keep you nauseous for a few hours.
0Sports, the new Catholic Church
16December 20th: Happy 6th Birthday Kitzmiller v. Dover
10Newt Gingrich gets an unwanted endorsement from an adultery website.
-5Plane crashes on N.J. interstate; 5 killed.
19PolitiFact's Fail of the Year: In April, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) pushed a bill through the House of Representatives that would have made Medicare a privatized voucher program, essentially gutting it. About five weeks later, PolitiFact said that a "throw-granny-from-the-cliff" ad claiming that the Ryan plan would privatize Medicare was "Mostly True." Fast-forward another seven months (December 20) when PolitiFact names its Lie of the Year: The Democratic Party claim that "Republicans voted to end Medicare". Dems are now pissed because PolitiFact lopped off the last half of the claim: "Republicans voted to end Medicare as we know it." Paul Krugman is especially miffed.
18HIV vaccine trial.
15Goddamn! Are there any straight Republicans out there? (and Toronto does what it does best...*wink* *wink*)
4Invoking similar comments other conservatives made toward Christopher Hitchens, John McCain says goodbye to Kim Jong-il. Not sure which dead guy deserves such horrible wishes praise more less.
5Bachmannland Frankenland Minnesota State Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (no relation, allegedly) resigns after less than one year of service (as leader), after admitting an "inappropriate relationship" with an unnamed male staffer.
36What a day: Kim Jong-il is dead. Update: The horror of the cult of personality in full display.
20Tea Party member calls for assassination of Obama and his family.
14Vaclav Havel dies.
13Mission finally accomplished?
11Georgia birther sues to remove Obama from 2012 ballot.
15Catholics demand tolerance for their views. Of course, only their views should be tolerated.
12Damn you Isaac Newton!
3The Barefoot Diva has died
10More bad news for Greece: the worse an economy gets, the more the wingnuts enter the spotlight.
7Abandoning all claims of being a progressive conservative, David "Lizard" Cameron has revised the United States as a Christian nation myth into a twisted version for the UK of today.
5I love oooooooil! The look of it! The taste of it! The schmell of it! The texture!
10New report says that Sheriff Arpaio might not like dark skinned people
7We can now literally say that if you're anti-gay marriage, you're trying to break the Sixth Commandment.
16Want your mind to be blown? The six heirs of the Wal-Mart fortune own more wealth than the bottom 30% of American citizens.
39Christopher Hitchens has died at age 62 of complications from cancer treatment.
15War in Iraq declared over.
8Southern California family asked fellow churchgoer to beat their child.
4Noah's Ark found... again.
-2The CDC carries out a Mary Koss-style rape survey, of the general population this time around. Results are as expected.
6Butler, would you mind carrying me to my money bed? Oooh, my. But seriously, this is becoming a joke.
8Streisand effect!
13You smoke pot? Gingrich wants to give you a hemp necktie.
9Scientists observe altruistic behaviors in rats. Crap, we can't indoctrinate them with Ayn Rand.
15Scientists discover giant methane plumes bubbling to the surface of the Arctic Sea. - hmmm, sounds familiar...
7Two top US hurricane prognosticators school others in the meaning of the term "scientific integrity" by quitting after "a look back shows their past 20 years of forecasts had no predictive value." If only political pundits would follow this example.
5MIT reveal the world's slowest fastest camera.
12World's tiniest frog species (<9mm long) is discovered in New Guinea. And the world's biggest insect discovered on a New Zealand island.
16Time announces its "Person of the Year"—the protester.
8Bill Johnson, a candidate in the Alabama GOP gubernatorial primary who campaigned against same-sex marriage, has been found donating sperm on the gray market behind his wife's back.
9Racist racist pulls a racist stunt.
6James Murdoch: LOL, didn't read. But we all know what he was thinking about in his head.
11Elusive little bastard, isn't it?
8Obama: "Hey mister! Can we have our ball back please!" Ahmadinejad: "No, I wanna play with it."
12In a move that will forever damage Canada's reputation abroad, Peter "What is ozone?" Kent pulls the plug on the Kyoto Protocol. This move essentially turns the Great Black North into China and the United States' bitch.
15David Frum gives Fox News an appropriate description of their actions.
12In an eerie moment in post-Cold War politics, Putin and his sockpuppet to government dissenters: "Ok, ok, we might just listen to you. Calm down."
7If Anthony Weiner's clusterfuck wasn't enough, politicians should really be watching what they're texting.
8COP 17: Yay! We have a treaty... um... to talk some more and not do anything until 2020... *sigh*
10Sing along now: "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Nuke Year!"
12THANK YOU CLEVELAND! Cleveland shows official support for the Occupy movement.
7It seems that Joe ("Mr. Tough Guy") Arpaio has been somewhat more enthusiastic about rounding up illegal immigrants than about locking up child molesters.
6And the OECD confirms what Occupy has been saying all along: income inequality is spiking like never before OH NO. THere leftards! Liberalism is mental disoder!
7A neat architecture design offends some people who think the entire world is based on American sensitivities
26Trying desperately to remain the stupidest guy named "Rick" in the Republican race, Santorum announces that "science should get out of politics."
9In Soviet Russia, mass protests start you!
15Newt Gingrich states there is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians.
16Rick Perry: Now officially worse than Rebecca Black.
12Papa Bear: "Jon Stewart, you're going to hell." No, really.
4The EU decides not to break itself apart, but to allow stronger integration in a new budget pact. Here are the possibilities.
4Another one bites the dust as the GOP's least unreasonable presidential nominee candidate now "has questions" about climate change/global warming.
8Sean Hannity does a little historical revisionism a Eurasia/Eastasia flip-flop, attributing the death of Osama Bin Laden to George W. Bush.
8Fox News makes something up, using footage from Greek riots to suggest violent election riots in Russia.
11Gay couple given foster child to raise.
9Obama invokes Teddy and fudges some facts in Kansas.
10So your people are protesting the fact that your elections were an obvious sham. Who's to blame for the protests? Who else?
21Belgium gets an atheist, socialist and openly gay prime minister.
8Here's another addition to the long list of CIA fails.
4Virginia Tech sprayed with bullets again.
10It is almost certain that Mars had liquid water at one point. All that remains to be found is if there is water now.
10So... the Senate has passed the "infinite detention" provision. You're not keeping very good company, are you?
10If Republicans had a choice between killing Bin Laden or Obamacare, guess who would win. (Hint: It's not the guy with the beard.)
6It looks like you're building a nuclear reactor. Would you like help?
3Assad admits to being a crazy person.
6Now this is an example of a welfare queen.
6The second Illinois Governor in a row is headed to jail.
9WTF of the Day: Mythbusters experiment goes hilariously wrong.
14Church charity gives homeless fake designer clothes.
3Still using Facebook, and worried about shitty privacy settings? You won't have to anymore.
5Just in time for Christmas, a Greek history teacher has published a combination cookbook and survival guide based on newspaper articles published during the 1941-44 Nazi occupation of Greece.
2Set your dates for December 27.
6Better go skiing while we still have the chance.
9"A pawn or a champ?" Either way, the Crazy Lady of Minnesota got pwned.
13Woman who was anti-ObamaCare discovers ObamaCares
7For Christ sakes, another one? GOP NJ mayor Myers resigns following fallout from a Larry Craig-esque scandal involving a "RentBoy."
5OWS wins first major victory in New York State as Governor Cuomo agrees to rework state tax brackets.
5When you enter an address with the .xxx domain, don't say we didn't warn you.
8Muslim groups speaking out against women's violence? But I thought they all stoned women, OMG!
10For those (i.e., Newt Gingrich) who romanticize the era before child labor laws, be informed that today (December 6) is the 104th anniversary of one of the worst industrial disaster in US history, where 362 workers (including many children) died in a chain-reaction mine explosion.
5Irony alert! It seems that when Occupy Wall Street chose Zuccotti Park as their demonstration area, they chose an open space owned by wealthy tax evaders.
4Hype or Hope? Higgs Boson seen taking tea with Lord Lucan! Disclaimer: Please note, the previous story wasn't obtained through any form of phone hacking. We're serious!
4If you can't get the irony of this, you're not reading it right. It also seems that the Huff has managed to expand its fanbase quite a bit.
10Planet-nuking oil company catfight!
15Another staunch anti-homosexual mega-church leader discovered to be closet homosexual. Can we say Haggard's Law?
17Astronomers announce the finding of an Earth-Like planet around Kepler-22.
5Fukushima still causing problems.
10So that's what Schadenfreude means.
16Jim Henson's Muppets just a bunch of goddamn commies! says Fox News. UPDATE: Of course, paranoia regarding beloved Hollywood iconography is nothing new.
8Mario Monti, the new Italian PM in charge of clearing up Bunga Bunga's massive mess, passes an austerity plan which pisses off both lefties and righties as the euro deadline nears. Proving that stopped clock exists for politicians, he forgoes his entire salary as part of the deal.
9...and Nick Clegg appears out of nowhere to pressure the Lib-Tory coalition on curbing excessive boardroom pay.
11The beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin? Yes, that Vladimir Putin. Update: Video goes viral showing how easy it is to rig votes in Russia.
4The German city of Koblenz gets a WWII surprise.
15Were Herman Cain's staff pranking him the whole time? First there was the economic plan from "Sim City;" now he's quoting from Pokémon 2000: The Movie.
6Apocalypse delayed
13Herman Cain suspends his campaign
10Effin Facebook.
15Atheists considered as untrustworthy as rapists, a new study finds. Watch out children, there's an unbeliever under your bed! Update: Full paper available here.
14Cain, just give up.
12Australian woman claims to have been imprisoned on a Scientology ship for 12 years.
12Well everyone, enjoy the next week and a half.