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Brittany Pettibone

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Have lots of [pure] white kids = stop whites from becoming a minority by 2042.
—Brittany Pettibone, being honest about her beliefs.[1]
You act like Alex Jones [and] Paul [Joseph] Watson are unreliable...
—Brittany Pettibone, explaining that InfoWars is a reliable news source[2]
A "pro-white" activist.
The colorful pseudoscience
Icon race.svg
Hating thy neighbour
Divide and conquer

Brittany Alicia Merced Pettibone (born 7 October 1992) is an American young adult fiction writer, alt-right commentator, Schrödinger's white nationalist,[3][4][5][6] and overall conspiracy nutcase who refers to herself as an "American nationalist". Her prominence among the alt-right is generally due to her status as a sort of white power Barbie.[citation NOT needed]


Pettibone was born in California to Theodore and Sabrina Pettibone (née Gurries), with 7 siblings. Her father was a candidate for Governor of Kansas in 2002 under the Reform Party [7][8]

She rose to prominence for her support of Donald Trump;[9][10] along with her promotion of nutcase theories such as white genocide[11][12] and Pizzagate.[13] She is also a supporter of Russia against NATO and the modern West.[14][15][16]

Pettibone's posts about "white genocide" often include Israeli and communist flags flying in the background. (Jewish BolshevismWikipedia's W.svg)

Funny enough, her posts on Pizzagate ended after the 2016 election. It is almost like...

Is this intentional?[17][18]

Hatred Day and Virtue of the West[edit]

An active imagination is so important to writing fiction! Yours must help you a lot with your novels!

Hatred Day[edit]

Continuing the apparent Alt-right trend of writing shoddy fiction with the suffix 'Day', Pettibone is co-author of the Hatred Day book series alongside her twin sister Nicole, under the pen name T.S. Pettibone (previously N.B. Pettibone).

Virtue of the West[edit]

Pettibone has very strong ties to the alt-right, despite claiming that she herself isn't a racist. She co-hosts a webcast called Virtue of the West with British white supremacist Tara McCarthy, one of the most extreme racists on YouTube; its GoFundMe was taken down by the site as promoting hate speech.[20] Pettibone has also been a guest on McCarthy's Reality Calls webcast.

Alt-right activism[edit]

ADL Hate List[edit]

Unsurprisingly, her actions led her to be listed on the ADL's hate group list. [21] Pettibone responded that BLM was the "real hate group" [22]

Generation Identity[edit]

She was a part of Defend Europe. [23]


Schrödinger's white nationalist[edit]

Pettibone's stances on white nationalism have been contradicting, vague, and unusual to say the least. In an interview with filmmaker Tim Pool, Pettibone stated that she rejected white nationalism and all forms of white supremacy. [24] However, in another video she stated that "civic nationalism" can't work and seemed to imply support of it. [25] Pettibone also regularly reposts white nationalist propaganda on "white genocide". There is a case to make that whether she is just sympathetic and supportive of white nationalism, or is one, the effect is the same.

Pettibone also continues to support and promote the work of open unapologetic white supremacists and eugenicists such as McCarthy, Stefan Molyneux and Russian-American white nationalist radio host Lana Lokteff, as well as other racists such as popular YouTuber 'Blonde in the Belly of the Beast' (Yes, that is the name of her YouTube channel). Pettibone has refused to publicly disavow any of these people's racist statements or views (Sound familiar?). But of course, she wants you to know she totally isn't a racist white supremacist herself.

Trump shilling[edit]

Wingnut infighting[edit]

RooshV has argued that they are "deep seated feminists". [26]

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