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Torben Søndergaard

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Torben Søndergaard is a Danish Christian evangelist and faith healer and who believes that autism is caused by demonic possession and can be cured by immersion in water-filled trash cans. His church The Last Reformation also claims able to be able to cure homosexuality and cancer in this way, and can also remove "the Spirit of Reiki Healing" from Reiki practitioners.[1]

The Last Reformation has been described as a "cult" by the press[2] and other churches.[3] A spokesperson from Autism Rights Together has criticised the group as "highly organised, sophisticated and dangerous", and accused them of exploiting vulnerable people and the mentally ill.[4] Søndergaard teaches that children are better at reading and interpreting the Bible than adults.[5]

Søndergaard claims to receive visions of Heaven and Hell directly from God.[6] After fasting for 40 days Søndergaard believed that God told him to write a self-help book,[7] saying "I will give you one chapter each day".[8]

In 2008, Torben Søndergaard was thrown out of a Danish music festival for "quackery" after supposedly convincing a drunk festivalgoer to remove his arm plaster so that he could be cured with prayer.[9] Søndergaard denied this, calling the expulsion a "regrettable misunderstanding".[10]


Søndergaard endorses wheelie bin baptism if you can't find a rainwater barrel

The Last Reformation holds indoor baptisms in plastic rainwater barrels filled up under a shower.[11]

At a 2016 event in Ireland, more than 40 people were baptised on stage in plastic wheelie bins.[12] When the Last Reformation hosts a baptism event, people are approached on the street by Last Reformation followers, asked if they are ill and encouraged to attend events to be baptised.[13]

The Last Reformation's baptism process can involve speaking in tongues.[14]