110 People Who Are Screwing Up America

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110 People Who Are Screwing Up America (ISBN 0060761296), a 2006 book, lists 110 people who former CBS newsperson-turned-Fox News toady Bernard Goldberg[1] feels are screwing up America. It is an expansion of his early work, which only had 100 people. While he does bash some conservatives and racists, in the introduction of the book he admits that the list mostly contains "liberals". The introduction also gives a screed against profanity, rap music, the liberal media (odd, given he worked for CBS,[2] which conservatives view as liberal), television, anti-Americanism, trial lawyers, affirmative action, Enron, feminism, professor values, and "Hollywood values".


Here are some of the most notable on his list, in order of evilness. Some were obscure even when the book was written. Here are the top 12, as well as some other notable ones.

Top 12[edit]

1. Michael Moore: Moore is clearly the greatest threat to America. Goldberg doesn't even say why, just a photo and a quote.
2. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger: Publisher of the New York Times.
3. Ted Kennedy: Oops he's dead now, isn't he?
4. Jesse Jackson
5. Anthony Romero: Head of the ACLU. Because civil rights or something.
6. Ramsey Clark: Saddam's lawyer. The rule of law shouldn't extend to evil people.
7. Jimmy Carter
8. Margaret Marshall: Massachusetts Supreme Court justice who legalized gay marriage.
9. Paul Krugman
10. Jonathan Kozol: Left-wing education advocate.
11. Ralph Neas: Head of People for the American Way, a liberal lobbyist group.
12. Noam Chomsky

Notable entries[edit]

15. Ted Rall, though in fairness, Ted Rall blamed 9/11 widows for putting on airs
18. John Edwards
20. Al Gore
21. George Soros: Did he ruin the wrong economy?
22. Howard Dean
23. Roy Moore: 1st conservative on the list! (Look! Equal opportunity!)
40. Al Franken
51. Robert Byrd
65. Michael Savage: 2nd Conservative! We are on a roll! Too obvious, as are the next three. Yawn.
70. David Duke
74. Fred Phelps
75. Jimmy Swaggart
78. Ward Churchill
109. Matthew Lesko

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