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Alternative for Sweden (AfS; Swedish: Alternativ för Sverige) are an unimaginatively named Swedish far-right[1][2][3] populist[4] political party. They received 20,290 votes (0.31%) in 2018, which was not enough to get into the Riksdag (Swedish parliament).[5] AfS also ran in the 2019 EU parliamentary election, where they basically got the same insignificant proportion of votes as in the general election.[6]


In 2017, the founders of what would become AfS gathered signatures to create the party at the Nordic alt-right conference Scandza Forum.[3] AfS was then founded in March 2018 by members of the former youth wing of the Sweden Democrats.[note 1]

AfS bet hard that they would get into the Riksdag in the 2018 general election, spending a lot of resources on their campaign. They ordered 10 million ballot papers for the 2018 election, which cost them around 600,000 Swedish kronor.[7]


We declare war against those who replace our people! Stop mass immigration. Begin repatriation.
—AfS banner during a demonstration in Stockholm.[8]
  • Their immigration politics is a policy of "active repatriation",[9] which in layman's terms means deporting all the immigrants back to their home country.
  • They want to switch from progressive tax to a flat tax.
  • While not on the official party line, many high ranking members has shown support for the Great Replacement conspiracy theory.[8]
  • AfS wants to remove "hets from folkgrupp" ("agitation against an ethnic group") from the Criminal Code, which is similar to VolksverhetzungWikipedia in Germany, since they believe that it is too open for "interpertation" and is used to suppress freedom of speech. This is probably because they have been accused of it several times.[10][11]
  • They want "gender studies" removed from academia while also expanding on academic freedom.[12]

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  1. The Sweden Democratic YouthWikipedia, which was excluded in 2015 due to internal conflict with the party leadership.