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Atomwaffen Division logo
Join your local Nazis!
—Atomwaffen Division's official slogan[1]
Don't be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the Nazi Party!
—Mel Brooks (mockingly) in The ProducersWikipedia
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce

Atomwaffen Division (AWD) (German for "Atomic Weapon Division") is an American neo-Nazi terrorist group founded in 2013 that makes even the most violent of other neo-Nazis look like hippies in comparison. Since 2020, the group has rebranded as the National Socialist Order (NSO), but in 2021 a second group of Nazis announced that they were the real AWD — splitters![2] The group's origins come from the equally fascist, neo-Nazi Iron March online forum and a re-discovery of writings by obscure neo-Nazi James Mason.Wikipedia Atomwaffen Division sponsored the publishing of a new edition of Siege, Mason's collected works. Siege is focused on racial warfare, specifically in the form of Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter".Wikipedia As of 2019, Mason is living in government-subsidized housing and eating at soup kitchens.[3]

Atomwaffen openly encourages violence and ethnic cleansing against Jews, African-Americans, homosexuals, Muslims, and anyone not white. They also promote race war and outright terrorism against the United States government. Atomwaffen is also infamous for murders committed by its members, notably that of a California gay Jewish student named Blaze Bernstein.[4] The group's membership is estimated to be around 80 members as of 2018 according to one former member and has chapters in at least 23 states.[5][note 1] AWD had affiliates by Canada in 2018[6] and in Germany by 2022.[7] The group also organizes trips to remote locations (again) unironically named "hatecamps". The logo of the group is (you guessed it) the nuclear symbol.

Just in case you thought this group couldn't get any edgier, they've also been rumored to be a Satanic death cult inspired by the occult neo-Nazi group Order of Nine Angles or O9A (a group that advocates transgressing literally all social norms — and so, encourages ritual sacrifice, child rape, and infiltration of as many institutions and groups as possible to sow chaos, to list a few[8][9]), under the influence of their current leader, who goes by the charming screenname "Rape".[10]

From their website[edit]

Here's the official mission statement of Atomwaffen:[11]

The rest of the world is collapsing beneath us as we speak. The system is beginning to suffer the consequences of its corruption. The failure of democracy and capitalism has given way to the Jewish oligarchies and the globalist bankers resulting in the racial and cultural displacement of the white race. We have absolutely no room for moderates and cowards. We wish to appeal to the radical in this struggle, as it is the radical that etches their place into history. There is nothing that can be fixed in a system so inherently flawed, National Socialism is the only solution to reclaim dominion over what belong to us. The west cannot be saved, but it can be rebuilt and even stronger without the burdens of the past.[note 2]

The group's description of itself:[12]

Formed in 2013 'The Atomwaffen Division' is a Revolutionary National Socialist Organization centered around political activism and the practice of an autonomous Fascist lifestyle. As an ideological band of comrades, we perform both activism and militant training (hand to hand, arms training, and etc.). We spread awareness in the real world through unconventional means (and it has worked). We often go hunting, adventuring, and a group favorite is urban exploring. We have various specialists in the group ranging from various occupations. [keyboard warriorism is nothing to do with what we are or what we do] Joining us means serious dedication not only to the Atomwaffen Division and its members, but to the goal of ultimate uncomprising victory. With this means only those willing to get out on the streets, in the woods, or where ever we maybe in this world and work together in the physical realm. As it must be emphasized; no keyboard warriorism (we do however have some among us who have adept programming or hacking skills) If you don't want to meet up and get things done; don't bother.


2017 mugshot of Brandon Clint Russell, the group's shithead founder.
Now that abortion is banned we gotta be knocking up hoes left and right to raise that white birth rate! They can’t do anything about it if you get them pregnant.[13]

As mentioned above, Atomwaffen has been linked to several terrorist incidents. Brandon Rusell, the group's founder, was convicted of attempting to bomb a building with hexamethylene triperoxide diamine; Rusell was also a former University of South Florida student and a member of the Florida National Guard who idolized Timothy McVeigh (the infamous Oklahoma City bomber).[14] Another member named Devon Arthurs killed two of his roommates and a fellow Atomwaffen member for ridiculing his conversion to Salafist Islam (he described himself as a "Salafist National Socialist" who was photographed at a San Antonio vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting with a skull mask (probably the AWD’s telltale fanged skull mask) and a sign that said "God Hates Fags").[15] But the most infamous killing by the group was the murder of gay Jewish college student named Blaze Bernstein by Samuel Woodard in Orange County, California. Woodard was an avowed member of the group who attended Atomwaffen Division events and training camps.[4] Needless to say as soon as the murder occurred, Atomwaffen members praised him, with one member stating "I love this", another member called him a "one man gay Jew wrecking crew". They also praise the deeds of other terrorists such as Anders Behring Breivik, Dylann Roof, and Timothy McVeigh.[5]

The mindset behind these acts of terrorism is a kind of accelerationism, an idea sometimes associated with Marxism that seeks to hasten the end of capitalism by destabilizing the economy with rapid growth. Atomwaffen apply this principle instead to their goal of inciting an apocalyptic race war so they can overthrow the US government, exterminate the mudbloods, and make a purified white ethnostate on American soil.[16] It's likely that the 180-degree-turn on their stance on drugs, from "kill your local drug dealer" to supporting one, was also to promote this view.[17]

A homemade bomb made by Brandon Russell, photographed by the FBI.

AWD is officially designated a terrorist organization by the Canadian government.[18]

Some Atomwaffen Division members have celebrated the reversal of Roe v Wade by SCOTUS, believing that this will enable their plot to commit mass rapes of white women to "increase white birth rates." If a woman is unable to get an abortion, she will be forced to carry to term. The section of Atomwaffen that advocates for this has been dubbed "Rapewaffen," an apparent O9A subgroup,[19] and at least two of the Atomwaffen fucks arrested[note 3] have been associated with this group.[13][19]

Arrests and convictions[edit]

In August 2019, an affiliate of AWD, Conor Climo, was plotting to firebomb one or more Jewish sites in the city, and other sites such as a gay bar and a homeless encampment.[20]

In 2020, five members were arrested and charged with making racist and antisemitic threats against journalists, and for conspiring to engage in swatting: John Cameron Denton (the leader of AWD who replaced Russell[21]), Taylor Ashley Parker-Dipeppe, Johnny Roman Garza, Kaleb Cole, and Cameron Brandon Shea.[2] All five were sentenced to prison time.[2] The arrests caused AWD to disband and regroup.[2]

Similar to other neo-Nazi extremists, leaders of Atomwaffen Division have encouraged chatting about plans to attack and destroy United States infrastructure, such as the electrical power grid and public water systems.[22] In August 2021, four men (including two Marines) who identified with AWD (at least symbolically) were charged with conspiracy to damage the property of an energy facility. Two of the men had initially met on the Iron March forum.[23][24]

Having learned nothing from his previous arrest, Russell was arrested again (along with Sarah Clendaniel, whom he met while incarcerated) in February 2023, this time (similar to the above) for allegedly conspiring to destroy an energy facility. According to prosecutors, the two planned an attack that sought to destroy five electrical substations within the BaltimoreWikipedia area.[21]

A splinter group of Atomwaffen Division was set up in Germany in 2018; this group was aligned with other neo-Nazi terror groups established in Germany, such as Combat 18 and Knockout 51. A nationwide police operation in April 2022 focused on the three hate groups resulted in four arrests.[25]

One Rapewaffen member, a U.S. Marine, was arrested for lying to a "federal firearms licensee" in order to make "straw purchases" of a pistol and assault rifle. The ex-Marine had plotted to commit mass rape, murder, and an attack on a synagogue.[13]

A second Rapewaffen associate, a former member of the US military, was sentenced in March 2023 after plotting an ambush against his own unit.[19][26]

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