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Qanon. The only "cult" that encourages you to think for yourself.
—Dylan Wheeler (Definitely not something a cult member would say)[1]

Dylan Wheeler, a.k.a. Educating Liberals (1992[2]–) is an American conservative who previously delivered rants from his bedroom in Minnesota onto Twitter (380K followers as of 2019). On 27 April 2020, his account was suspended from Twitter. Until August 2020, he was a big pusher of the QAnon conspiracy theory.


Dylan Wheeler grew up in Minnesota and attended Concordia College for two years before dropping out. Sometime around 2012 is when he claims to have been red pilled by Alex Jones. It was only then that Dylan had discovered his true calling as an online crank and conspiracy theorist. The rest is history.


In additional to being a vocal QAnon supporter, Wheeler also regurgitates tired talking points with an almost algorithmic predictability when it comes to conspiracies. Stuff like false flags,[3] deep state, FEMA death camps, and birther conspiracies are all par for the course for Dylan.[2] He was also peddling conspiracies about Ruth Bader Ginsburg being dead.[4]

Who is he?[edit]

Dylan is just your run-of-the-mill right-wing conspiracy theorist. Everything you'd expect and then some more is what you get from him. All of the paranoid fears about George Soros and the deep state plotting a vast conspiracy to confiscate firearms and make us all obedient effeminate beta males. Although he parrots the exact same talking points as people like Candace Owens and Laura Loomer, he doesn't have the added benefit of being either black or a female so he doesn't have any value as a token. That might be why he isn't as popular as he'd like to be. It's either that or big tech censorship.[5]

Twitter bans[edit]

Wheeler was suspended in 2018 for posting racist comments about black people.[6] After being suspended for 7 days, he was allowed to resume his activities. On April 26, 2020, after a report from Propaganda Bot Reporter to Twitter and the Council on Foreign Relations, Twitter permanently banned Wheeler.[7]

Wheeler's greatest hits[edit]

  • He does not know what the Fourteenth Amendment is.[8]
  • He is lacking the self-awareness to realize how racist he is.[9]
  • He claims that taxation is theft. Blames people for not being victims of that same kind of theft.[10]
  • He prides himself on being stubborn. Then calls libtards stubborn.[11]
  • He is not sure if people who don't like their countries should move somewhere else.[12]
  • He can't make up his mind about virtue signalling.[13]
  • He thinks that liberalism is a mental disorder.[14][15]
  • He pretends to care about gay rights when it's convenient to do so.[16]
  • He considers African Americans who don't agree with him to be slaves on a plantation.[17]
  • He is confused about government shutdowns.[18]
  • He claims to definitely not be a Republican even though he always votes for Republicans.[19]
  • He claims that Michelle Obama is a man.[20]
  • He has no idea where rights come from. God or government?[21]

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