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Shine a light on bullshit. Shine an especially bright light on bullshit masquerading as science.

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Pseudoscience is a societal mental disease too powerful to be fought in the public arena. The media—the public’s main source of information—are more interested in what is popular than in what is right. However, behind the relative protection of classroom walls, we have an opportunity to reach the future citizenry and thus a hope that our grandchildren and their children will not succumb to the irrationality that has afflicted our generation.

In high school or in introductory college physics or chemistry courses, a five-minute weekly (extra-credit) quiz based on a 30- to 45-minute reading assignment can go a long way in making students aware of pseudoscientific nonsense and its danger to society. I suggest the encyclopedic resource as a starting point. Such training may not be as urgent as climate change, in which many teachers are admirably engaged.

But the consequences of pseudoscience are too menacing to be ignored. And the classroom is the only place where it can be challenged effectively.
Sadri Hassan, Physics Today, May 2016