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Yes, this is the level of intelligence we're dealing with here.
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I'm actually a Nigerian...that's why my parents thought I was black. Then they proceeded to provide me with citizenship of 5 other countries, Israel, American, French and a couple of others. I've lived all over the world with my rich international jewish[sic] parents. So, yeah, I'm white, but I don't believe I'm "supreme" over other races.
—Yeah right.[1][note 1]

Billy the Heretic is an alt-right webcomic created by two Stormfront users.[2] The comic is supposedly an "autobiographical" work about a white African boy adopted into a Jewish family, and its creator has called it "the Dilbert for White Nationalists".[2] The fact that the comic's website links to Stormfront should tell you what you're in for, not to mention the fact that it's riddled with numerous obvious typos.[3] Billy the Heretic is infamously considered to be one of the worst webcomics of all time, if not the worst,[4] and considering some of its competition, that's saying a lot.


The "story", if you can even call it that, involves an Aryan boy named Billy who is adopted by the Rothsteins, a Jewish family. As befitting for the kind of work this is, the Rothsteins are portrayed as greedy, big-nosed, and at the center of an International Jewish Conspiracy. However, due to the terrible artstyle, the Jewish characters more resemble cartoon vampires than the Le Happy Merchant look the creators were going for, which is especially noticeable in the Halloween strip where they dress up as vampires (which also gives the artist another excuse to be lazy, not that he needed one of course). The main problem with the story, however, is that it's just really boring. Despite constantly alleging conspiracies, very little of it is actually shown and it just leads to being a bland regurgitation of neo-Nazi talking points. What makes it worse is how even ignoring his bigotry, Billy is just a really unlikable character, as he is a petulant, abusive, bully, and he comes across as less likeable than his Jewish family, who are intentionally written to be unlikeable.[5] It doesn't help that many of the Rothsteins' "evil" actions, such as supporting LGBTQ+ equality, civil rights, and donating to fight AIDS in Africa, only look bad if you subscribe to the extreme neo-Nazi views of the creator. But what makes the comic particularly infamous is the horrible art. The art is incredibly lazy and doesn't have any color, and in one comic that is supposed to critique affirmative action, Billy's dad gives all his dark-skinned workers a raise, but because there is no color or even shading it looks like he's giving everyone a raise.[6] In another, Billy and his father are supposed to be reading newspapers, but the artist just draws their heads floating above the newspapers.[7] It says something when even people who like Ben Garrison and Stonetoss don't take this stuff seriously.


Billy's Teacher: Genetic testing proves that people are BORN gay because of the high chance of being gay if you have a gay identical twin.
Billy: You also said that people had an even higher chance of being a criminal if they had a criminal twin. Are black people BORN criminals?
—So is the point supposed to be that being gay isn't natural and is because of Jewish degeneracy, or that being gay is natural because of biological determinism about black people and criminality? These Nazis can't even keep their own batshit talking points straight.[8]

If this comic is to be believed, then Jewish people…

Yes, all of it is as stupid as it sounds.[citation NOT needed]

To top it all off, the webcomic also promotes:

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  1. The creators are actually from Michigan and Ireland.