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StoneToss, also known as MineralMotion, PebblePunt, RockThrow, GravelChuck, and other, similar names by his detractors, is a neo-Nazi webcomic known for promoting Holocaust denial, racism, homophobia, sexism, and antisemitism.[2] He has a nasty tendency to create more benign comics in an effort to try and disguise his more heinous ones.

The Anonymous Comrades Collective revealed in March 2024 that a man named Hans Kristian Graebener writes StoneToss and that he lives in Spring, Texas.[3][4] This revelation also confirmed the long-running suspicion that Graebener was also the author of the similar neo-Nazi comic RedPanels.[3][4][5].

New donation site[edit]

StoneToss briefly had a page with Hatreon, the self-aware "anti-SJW" knockoff of Patreon, prior to Visa suspending financial service to the site. After that, he used NewProject2, a minimalist "freedom of expression" membership platform (just like Gab and 8chan) that didn't have a complete privacy policy as of February 2019.[6] The comic had fourteen supporters as of April 2020. The NewProject2 was eventually shut down.


His subreddit[edit]

Stonetoss's official subreddit, banned on 18th March 2019, was a Neo-Nazi hive. The official reason given by Reddit was, "This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit".[7] This ban came a few weeks after the banning of an associated Discord server.[8]

His TV Tropes article[edit]

In 2020, either a fan or someone within Graebener's circle created a TV Tropes article about the comic, which was later deleted and salted after discussion decided there was nothing salvageable about the page, that it was impossible to describe the work in a neutral manner, and also because of concerns about his fanbase brigading the article (and that Graebener thanked the site for the publicity and traffic generated).[9] This is a rather special case, as TV Tropes normally keeps articles on hateful works.[10] Of course, the article's creator was also banned from the site.[11]

His NFTs[edit]

In November 2021, Stonetoss decided to dip his toes into the world of crypto art by launching his own collection of 5000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) called "Flurks," each depicting one of the humanoid characters he uses in his comics, but with randomized features and clothing. However, one day after the minting day, his collection was banned off of OpenSea[12] and Rarible,[13] two major NFT trading platforms. So much for decentralization?


Good one. He's not banned yet, though.

In fact — despite the alt-right on Twitter thoroughly embracing the doxxing tactic without any punishment whatsoever, with troll Twitter accounts Libs of TikTok and Andy Ngo being particularly egregious offenders — after StoneToss was doxxed, "free speech absolutist" Elon Musk actually went out of his way to suspend Twitter accounts that shared the identity of StoneToss as Hans Kristian Graebener. Musk also retroactively changed the site's rules to prohibit exposing a person's real name, which, to the surprise of no one, is never enforced when it comes to deadnaming trans people.

(Showing that Musk seemed to have no clue on how the Internet has responded to information suppression for decades, this merely resulted in a Streisand effect where numerous Twitter accounts changed their profile name to "Hans Kristian Graebener is stonetoss".)[14]

Parody edits[edit]

Due to their exploitability as a meme template, Stonetoss comics have commonly been parodied/edited for meme purposes by online leftists, usually with Stonetoss's website URL replaced by the phrase "Stonetoss is a Nazi." For instance, the Reddit community r/antifastonetoss has managed partial success as a parody and deplatforming effort, even temporarily overtaking his amount of followers. And naturally, in leftist infighting fashion, the subreddit split over Vaush.[15][16]

In 2020 and 2021, edits of Stonetoss' comics with people replaced with characters and intentionally bastardized references to the popular game "Among Us" also became a popular internet meme.[17] So much so that, unfortunately, Stonetoss played into it.[18]

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Want to read this in another language?[edit]

StoneToss (español) es la versión en español de este artículo.

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  • The website itself — as an interesting tidbit, hotlinking the website from RationalWiki previously redirected one to a shock video about members of the LGBTQ community being bug chasers.Wikipedia
  • Twitter (yeah, he somehow still has a Twitter; even before the Elon days, Twitter was infamously glacial in removing neo-nazis, especially when you compare how they quickly they crack down on copyright violations.)
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  • Youtube channel


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