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See the main article on this topic: Religion

A religion is a systematic set of beliefs, rituals and codifications of behaviour that revolves around a particular group's worldview (views about the world at large and humanity's place in the world). Typically, these beliefs center around some aspect of the supernatural (also often referred to as "divine") which is most often expressed as some form of deity, ie., gods and goddesses.


  • Adam Marshall Dobrin(link): God himself[1] kook with a Messiah complex who spawns numerous blogs, spams multiple listservs and universities, and pens incoherent screeds[2] that purport to use religion and language to "prove" that God exists, in order to "end world hunger and heal the sick" as well as cause a "revolution" just by "knowing" we are living in The Matrix.
  • Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps(link): Bizarre cult loosely based on old Salvation Army screeds.
  • aka Catholic(link): Reactionary Traditionalist Catholic site.
  • Amightywind(link): Rambling, sloppily-designed Pentecostal website with a section on UFOs and aliens. "Breakingwind" might have been a more apt name for this one.
  • BarbWire(link): Matt Barber's website.
  • Beginning and End(link): Fundamentalist Baptist blog
  • Berean Research(link): A conservative, fundamentalist Christian website that expresses homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, anti-evolution, biblical literalism views and has expressed disdain towards anyone and anything that doesn't share their views, especially liberal and progressive Christians. Co-run by Marsha West, who is notable for claiming that yoga is of the devil.
  • Bible Life Ministries(link): Promotes health woo in addition to the usual evangelist message.
  • Bible Gender Roles(link): a website run by a sole man who thinks married men are owed sex even if they abuse their wife, and encourages punishment for your wife if she doesn't put out. He goes as far as suggesting you ignore your wife's face and have sex with her anyway and that God would like that.
  • Brad Harrub(link): A Ph.D. 'scientist' who only does videos on Christian apologetics, creationism, and homophobia. His channel appears to be inactive.
free Free FREE Doctor of Divinity Degree!
  • Cambridge Theological Seminary(link): A frighteningly awful web site for a diploma mill that offers free divinity degrees.
  • Capalert(link): Movie reviews by a fundie. Literally every single one except that for Mary Poppins is negative; and they include complaints about such things as "suggestive eye movements".
  • Catholic Family News(link): Traditionalist Catholic site.
  • Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights(link): Bill Donohue whinges about the non-existent anti-Catholic sentiment exhibited by anything and everything.
  • Chalcedon Foundation(link): Christian Reconstructionist organization founded by R.J. Rushdoony.
  • Christian Persecution in America(link): Apparently 90% of the US's population is complaining about persecution.
  • Church Militant(link): Utratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Church of the Crusaders(link): Another ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • {{web|[[Come Reasons Ministries|}}: Apolgetics Organization.
  • CreationScience(link): YEC who, albeit having good quality videos, debates in the comment section with an annoying arrogant tone. Is famous for using the "it's possible, though because I believe it, it's true" argument in many of his videos. Has been featured on Potholer54's Golden Crocoduck competition. Formerly known as jesse8857
  • creationtoday(link): The reboot of Cseministry, run by Eric Hovind.
  • Culture Wars(link): Yet another ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Cutting Edge Ministries(link): mixture of fundamentalist Christianity and conspiracy theories.
  • Darth Dawkins(link): Narcissistic Christian Pressupositional Apologist Youtuber infamous for debating Atheists online
  • Debunking Atheists(link): A site that claims to debunk atheism, but in reality, says no new arguments. Ignores portions of comments he doesn't like and quote mines said comments.
  • Dial-the-Truth Ministries(link): Another fundamentalist Christian website.
  • Divine Revelations(link): A crank fundamentalist Christian website that lists people's anecdotal experiences in heaven or hell. The site features many stories of near-death experiences including Colton Burpo's[3] and Bill Wiese's[4] alleged experiences, among others. [5] It also displays a fundamentalist stance on topics such as evolution[6], abortion[7] and homosexuality.[8] They're certainly never bothered by the fact that these revelations are often directly contradictory to one another.
  • Escape All These Things(link): A site that takes an assload of verses in the Bible out of context, and forms a "map" of the end times.
  • Evidence for God(link): Shoehorns science into the Bible. Nothing new to say.
  • Eye2EyeIIIV(link): A YEC and a supporter of Kent Hovind and pseudoscience.
  • Family Friendly Gaming(link): Behind their Just Dance videos on YouTube is this fundamentalist Christian video game magazine and website that happen to be at the far end of the religious right. It has expressed homophobia[9], casual racism[10][11], anti-Eastern religious beliefs[12], COVID-19 denialism[11], global warming denialism[13], young Earth creationism[14][15], a highly ridiculous persecution complex[16], and general wingnuttery[17].
  • Family Research Council(link): Homophobia wrapped up as family values.
  • First Things(link): Ecumenical, conservative "journal of religion and public life", more thoughtful and erudite than most but nonetheless decidedly right-wing in orientation. Founded by Richard John Neuhaus, a Lutheran pastor turned Catholic priest, after his expulsion from the Rockford Institute over his (well-founded) charges that the organization was friendly to anti-Semitsm and nativism.
  • Fish Eaters(link): Ultratraditionalist Catholic site.
  • Time Cube with a fundamentalist Christian spin.
  • Foundations For Freedom(link): Ironically named, theocratic website.
  • Not much to say. Batshit insane zealots, great for "moherowe beretyWikipedia.
  • G Man(link): An obnoxious man child who defends Biblical slavery. Doesn't believe starving children Christians exist.[18]
  • GEERUP(link): Also an shill for alternative medicine, and heir to the VenomFangX channel.
  • Geronami(link): A fundamentalist Christian preacher named KJ Paul. He is a physician originally from Hyderabad yet he disregards evolution as nothing but "the devils work". He's made videos vehemently criticizing Eastern religions (especially Hinduism), Atheism, and American left-wing policics while giving his support to the American religious rights. He's a brown-skinned Jerry Falwell!
  • Girl Defined(link): Make videos about how women should act and how they should get back to God's design. In one of several video responses to Girl Defined, Rachel Oates pointed out Girl Defined's blog and illustrated how Kristen Clark of Girl Defined is homophobic.[19]
  • Heavyduty3737(link): User:conservative of conservapedia fame.
  • iEmanuella(link): Came out as a friend who said she wasn't like most of the other Christians and said her channel would be that of love.[20] Eventually made a video called "Real Talk on Homosexuality" where she compared being gay to shooting children.[21] Granted, that was her only video in regard to being a bigoted fundamentalist Christian, as far as we know, but it was the video that ruined her career on YouTube.
  • In Plain Site(link): Just another Christian site that claims to have "proof" of God's existence.
  • Jack Chick(link): The infamous Christian cartoonist, complete with conspiracy theories and enough strawmen to make cowardly lions and tin men completely redundant.
  • James Lyman (as OneChristianVoice(link)): He is an extremely sexist, homophobic, bigoted street preacher. His videos typically consist of him screaming and ranting at pedestrians, pissing them off in the process. While most of his content involves him bashing other religions, homosexuals, and females, he has also made bizarre videos criticizing Avatar Toys, Family Guy, Veggie Tales, and dirty cars.
  • James Morre (as THENEWJMONEY507(link)): Makes Hell threats on other videos.
  • Jesus Is Savior(link): Run by David J. Stewart, allegedly a child sex offender[22] and neo-prohibitionist who bravely works to expose everything in the world as evil.
  • Jezuzfreek777(link): A rather dull, boring creationist who has defended slavery and rape, yet has a rare quality not found in other creationists: belief in free speech.
  • Joshua Feuerstein(link): Paul Blart lookalike with a serious case of Vertical Video Syndrome. Fails horribly (and often humorously) to legitimately challenge scientific theories and logical arguments against the existence of God from his car.
  • Judgement House(link): Much like Hell Houses, Judgement Houses is a walkthrough presentation that uses fear mongering to scare people into accepting Jesus Christ. Unlike Judgement houses, however, each judgement focuses more on the choices the characters make before they die. There is only two choices: choice Christ or reject him. There is no grey scale morality when it comes to Judgement House.
  • KabaneTheChristian(link): An Eastern Orthodox vlogger. Most of his videos center around Christian apologetics and Orthodox Church history. He is a theistic evolutionist and has a channel (currently retired), called Kabane52(link) dedicated to refuting creationism. Or so we thought. On September 20, 2016, Kabane made a video where titled "The Trouble With Naturalism: The Evolutionary Argument Against Nationalism", where he accepted the creationist beliefs he once refuted.
  • Kent Hovind's blog from prison(link): Veers between ignorance, megalomania, and just plain weirdness.
  • MegaSage007(link): A YEC Geocentrist youtuber who insists on atheism being a faith, having no morals, and being self-refuting. Dismisses science offhand with the fervor of an egotistical layman. Claims to have found Jesus a few decades ago, and apparently hasn't bought a razor since that time.
  • Mere Comments(link):
  • Movieguide(link): Christian right-wing fundamentalist website "pro-family", "pro-life", pro-capitalist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-pagan, anti-humanism, anti-atheist, anti-communist and anti-socialist, anti-PC (aka political correctness), anti-leftist and whatnot film reviews, and whining about the Hollywood agenda.
  • Mundabor's Blog(link): Another ultra-traditionalist Catholic fanatic.
  • Mysticalforest(link): A heavy right-wing religious conservative YEC who bashes evolution, science, non-Christians, or anyone who leans any other way. Out of touch with reality and believes Fox News is the most reliable news source (wait, that's redundant).
  • Now the End Begins(link): Principally an end times fearmongering website positing that Obama is a Muslim poised to institute martial law, etc., but it also contains everything from Jack-Chickian all-non-Christians-are-doomed-to-Hell preachery to stuff about secret government weather control projects to gun nuttery to stuff about Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity among other things.
  • Official Street Preachers(link): Site founded by Islamophobic and homophobic hate preacher Rubin Israel.
  • Operation Save America(link): Formerly Operation Rescue.
  • Paul and Morgan(link): Homophobic Christian YouTubers.[23]
  • Peace by Jesus(link): Mid-90s style site with excessive use of multiple colors and Comic Sans.
  • People of Praise(link): Charismatic Christian group known for teaching that the husbands are the head of the household and wives should be submissive to them. The society People of Praise strives for is one of the many inspirations for the events of "The Handmaid's Tale". One of there members, Amy Coney Barrett, was Donald Trump's pick for Supreme Court nominee after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
  • PPSIMMONS(link): A group of YEC Christians who makes many videos attacking evolution and promoting intelligent design. They repeat old creationist arguments and search for any scientific article that mentions "design" in any form to conclude that scientists do recognize design in nature, and thus must require an intelligent designer.
  • Presidential Prayer Team(link): Seems to be as much "support the troops" jerks and George W. Bush jerks as Jesus freaks. Mark Twain's ‘’War Prayer’’ applies here.
  • Rapture Letters(link): As if leaving your nearest and dearest behind when the Rapture comes isn't bad enough, now you can send them a smarmy letter, gloating about how great life in Heaven is, while they suffer the torments of the damned.
  • Rapture Ready(link): A psychotically-paranoid echo chamber of rapture believers encouraging each other to be mentally ill.
  • Reasonable Faith(link): William Lane Craig's apologist site filled with its author's hallmarks: mixing fundamentalist apologetics with philosophically sounding sophist window dressing. Useful for debunking due to its huge number of transcripts of Craig's debates and to contrast his academic airs in these with his naked fundamentalism in the site's Q&A section in which Craig counsels the faithful. Named after Craig's magnum opus.
  • The Remnant Ministry and Real Talk Radio Network(link): Bizarre Christian-ish interpretations based on paranoia and criticism of others' interpretations. Their radio show is a mash-up of angry, pretentious and totally insane screeds.
  • RepresentingTruth(link): Extremely homophobic Christian YouTuber named David Jarzabek. Made a video back in 2013 titled "50 Reasons Gay Marriage Affects Society", filled with nothing but homophobic bullshit. Has a history of cyberstalking.[24]
  • Shockofgod(link): YEC and best internet friend of Conservapedia's Conservative. Makes videos by pointing his webcam at the computer screen creating hideous aliasing. Has ignored repeated requests and beggings to download Capture Fox. Never has anything original to say. His videos mostly consist of him reading Conservapedia pages and giggling to himself, sometimes on his motorcycle in order to compensate for his.
  • Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS(link):
  • Society of St. Pius X(link): Ultratraditionalist, neo-monarchist, rabidly anti-Semitic Catholic sect.
  • StateofDaniel(link): During the iEmanuella controversy from December 2013 into early 2014, Daniel was one of the few Christians to stick his neck out and actually defend her, despite the bigoted comments she made towards consenting adults having sex with each other regardless what the gender of their partner is. Claims that people like MrRepzion were responsible for bullying her off YouTube, despite the fact that MrRepzion has spoken out against the bullying that she has received, and then proceeds to bash Laci Green regarding abortion clinics being under attack, to the point where he even called the video Womb Raider. Anti-atheist as proven in his video Gay vs. Christian.
  • Support Christian Porn(link): Pornography the way Jesus intended. Our minds are blown. Poe or the real thing? You be the judge.
  • Survive Any Disaster(link): A guide written from Christian fundamentalist point of view on how to "survive" disasters.
  • The Way of the Master(link): Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort's evangelist show and home of the banana fallacy.
  • TheAtheistAntidote(link): A Christian YEC, apologist, and exposed plagiarist.
  • TheInterlang (Langdon Parks)(link): A vlogger who makes videos about how evolution is a lie, homosexuality isn't real love, dubstep will make us go deaf, and transgender people are counterfeit. His earlier videos show him wearing a fedora and sunglasses. He is known for his weird facial expressions, his reliance on biased websites, and his monotone voice. He also admits he used to think he was a bisexual.
  • Throne and Altar(link): Ultratraditionalist Catholic site "devoted to defending the legitimate authority of God, tradition, fathers, and kings against the diabolical partisans of freedom and equality."
  • No Greater Joy(link): Michael and Debi Pearl provide instructions on how to beat the disobedience out of your kids.
  • Tom Wattkins (as Bride In the Wilderness(link): The end is here! Apparently thinks the 144,000 will see his obscure Youtube Video. At least he doesn't think Obama is the Antichrist.
  • Tradition in Action(link): Another reactionary Catholic site.
  • Truthislife7 (as truthislife7(link)): Blatant lies in a nutshell. Galileo was a myth, The Bible says the Earth was round, and we're... misrepresenting Pascal's Wager... Just because we're not quoting his entire pensees book...
  • TruthShock TV(link): All about how the government is the satanic, Illuminati NWO that will usher in the Biblical end times.
  • Unam Sanctam Catholicam(link): Still more reactionary Catholicism.
  • Unapologetically Christian(link): Catholic apologest.
  • VCP(link): Short for Flemish Christian Party, which is a splinter of the CD&V. Just like the CD&V it promotes family values. Unlike the CD&V it believes that The Ten Biblical Commandments should become a political institution. As a mayor, is signing permission for the party to expand its activities to your municipality like making a deal with the devil.
  • VenomFangX(link): Barely sane young man who apparently retired from YouTube when his mom and dad discovered his illegal and morally dubious charity drive. As September 2013, he seems to endorse AIG's 3D movie Genesis[25]. He has posted a Youtube movie in which he and Eric Hovind interview Ray Comfort on his movie GodvsEvolution.[26]
  • Vine and Fig Tree(link): A site that was dedicated to "Anarcho-Calvinism," a simultaneously Christian fundamentalist and anarchist form of government. Now defunct.
  • Wild Bill for America(link): A teabagger known for his rhetorical rants against homosexuality, abortion, Islam and atheists. Intends to bring back the "Biblical principles that were the key of our founding fathers".


  • Alminbar(link): Extremist website with Anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler content, calls for women to be completely subjugated to inferiority. It even has a whole section on the evils of the World Cup. It constantly complains of the "filth" that all nonbelievers spread, and that they should all be hated.
  • Dawah Man(link): YouTube proselytizer from the United Kingdom known best for a video about atheists drinking sperm because they have no morals. His real name is Imran ibn Mansur.
  • Drkhalid(link): Created by British fundamentalist Khalid Khan
  • Harun Yahya(link): One of the more well-known Muslim creationists. Once included a fishing lure in a "natural history" book.
  • Islamic Awakening(link): The forum deserves a special mention for the sheer amount of bloodlust.
  • Islamic Network(link): Islamic website which requires a password and account to view. It includes horrific content about women, gays, and apostates.
  • Islamic Research Foundation(link): Site of Zakir Naik
  • Islamophobia Watch(link): Not strictly a Muslim site, but apparently dedicated to defending any and all Muslims from criticism no matter how nutty they are. It also has some anti-semitism.
  • IslamQA(link): Islamic fundamentalist-Salafi website coming out of Saudi Arabia that is unfortunately quite popular, has such ridiculousness as claiming that women should cover everything but the eyes, they shouldn't drive, and that muslims should hate westerners.
  • Liam Egan: Irish convert to fundamentalist Islam who runs the website "Islamic Vanguards" (as well as the now defunct sites "MPAC Ireland" and "EireMuslim") with the mission of bringing Sharia law to Ireland. Egan supports the death penalty for homosexuals; the imprisonment of alcohol consumers, fornicators, and unmarried couples who kiss in public; the forcing of women to wear hijab and men to grow beards, and the destruction of non-Muslim religious monuments (such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt). Also openly supports Islamic terrorism in their jihad against the infidels, including Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and the Boston marathon bombers, now teaches in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muslims Against Crusades(link): Now banned, and probably back under another yet another new name.
  • Salafimedia(link): Extremist videos, led by Abu Waleed who has claimed that "We will put the niqab on even Queen Elizabeth". Waleed is also one of Anjem Choudary's entourage. His plan includes bringing slavery to the UK, kill apostates, and chopping heads for blasphemy.
  • SalafiTalk(link): Message board with Ultra-conservative theologians mainly debating trivial matters, only hardline positions are acceptable and users who are too liberal may be shunned by the community on the site.
  • Islamic forum with hordes of hardliners and extremists, and noted to be similar to Islamic Awakening.


  • Torah Philosophy(link): Blog run by "Jewish philosopher," an Orthodox Jew who really hates atheists.


See the main articles on this topic: Hinduism and Hindutva
  • Hindu Existence(link): advocates the creation of a Hindu State in India, promotes Ayurveda, and advises its readers to "Keep some actual weapons in your Puja (worship) Place. Worship them and use them against your enemies, enemies of Hindus." [27]
  • Stephen Knapp(link): pseudoscience-promoting site. Its description reads: "This has become a huge site with lots of information for the promotion of personal and social spiritual development, especially by using the Vedic path. This site has something for everyone interested in Spiritual Enlightenment, Eastern Philosophy, the Vedas, Vedic Culture, Yoga, Hinduism, reincarnation, or life after death." It provides links to websites of Hindutva organizations.[28]


  • Eye of Woden(link): Conspiracy theories and white nationalism in the name of the Divine Self-Harmer.
  • Nationalist Asatru News(link): Odinists gather in their united hatred of Jews. Worth a look for the brilliant dating system ("Published: 6th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 6th day After Yule 2264.RE")

Lack-of-religious-text-thumping (a.k.a. "Rationals", "Skeptics")[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Atheism
  • Agnostic Plague Doctor(link): Anti-feminist YouTube channel who hides behind the disguse of a plague doctor, almost in the vein of the Satiratician (see below). Accuses people of being crybabies with titles such as "TRUMP WON. GET OVER IT.", and questions the intelligence of people who disagree with him. His voice sounds like there have been effects made onto it make it sound much deeper than it actually is.
  • AlphaOmegaSin(link): YouTube ranter and gamer. In favor of GamerGate, though he sees it more as a pro-gaming protest movement. Despite this, it seems that he isn't exactly spiteful towards social justice in general, having endorsed Alanah Pearce for giving trolls their just desserts. He seems more ignorant rather than genuinely misogynistic.
  • TheAmazingAtheist (T.J. Kirk)(link): Makes videos on religion, politics, media and other topics. Used to be a jerk, but has mellowed out. Still a jerk with some nasty stupidity issues and rape apology.
  • Amos Yee(link): What's defendable is his Freedom of Expression regarding the mocking of religion, for which he is currently being unfairly persecuted for in his home country of Singapore. What's less defendable is his support for the legalisation of child pornography.
  • Angie The Antitheist(link): An antitheist blogger who caused a stir by filming her RU-486 induced abortion and posting a video of it to YouTube. For this stunt, she got to go on CNN.
  • Armoured Skeptic(link): His main body of work consists of rebuttals to creationist Christian arguments in videos by his character (a guy in a modern suit and a knight helmet) and seems to consist of pure snark, minus citations, in monotone (which he uses on everything from the standard creationist crap, to really crappy movies, and his friends' inability to identify the Millennium Falcon from the U.S.S. Enterprise). He is noted for his interest in medieval history and knightliness and his rejection of groupthink or identity politics. The controversial part only comes when he discusses, albeit briefly, culture wars: he calls himself "neutral" towards Gamergate, though he believes the movement genuinely started as a response to gaming ethics (which ruffles feathers on just about every side). Doesn't like RW very much, questions its name.[29][30] He claims he's neither June's father nor her brother, but he touts anti-feminist rhetoric and he is known for hanging out and siding with known anti-feminists, see his involvement in The Amazing Atheist's "Questions White Men Have for SJWs" where his neutrality was completely destroyed.
  • Asalieri(link): Compared a pro-transgender webcomic to those done by PETA, thinks that transgenders who speak up about their identities are attention seekers.
  • Atheism-is-Unstoppable (Devon Tracey)(link): A narcissistic, islamophobic neo-atheist with borderline racist and misogynist views. He constantly defends police brutality with the same arguments you hear from far-right people, that "well, they were obviously dangerous and they are criminals, so it's fine to beat them and attack them even without weapons". He also uses the term regressive non-stop, even calling Lawrence Krauss a regressive for not supporting far-right policies on the Middle East and spying on Muslims. As your typical butthurt anti-progressive (in the same zone as Pat Condell), he makes extremely long videos (almost all of his videos are at least 30 minutes long) picking apart videos of people who he perceives to be too progressive, although they largely just consist of ad hominem attacks and cursing. The Young Turks and Secular Talk are some of his favorite targets. Also for some bizarre reason tends to use a picture of Kurt Cobain (a well-known leftist) while criticizing people who would have the same views. Notorius for blocking and doxxing his critics, proving that his support for free speech is only a one-way street. He's also uploaded videos saying that the Central Park 5 and Kevin Cooper (5 black youths who were coerced into a false confession and a guy very likely framed by a racist sheriff's department respectively) are totes guilty.
  • TheAtheistGamer(link): Is known for making videos against feminism and is known for yelling and cursing almost every sentence. Made a video attacking an 11 year old little girl for wearing a FCKH8 t-shirt. After internet music reviewer Danny Korcz, known as 94SideKick, called him out for doing so in his commentary on Undoomed's video response to Maja Anushka, TAG doubled down and went after Danny too. TAG became one of the biggest fanboys of Undoomed to the point where most of the videos the latter responds to are sent him by TAG.
  • Atticus TheDeathMetaller(link): Blames SJW's for the success of Donald Trump in the 2016 election and for enabling racial Islam.
  • Beth Presswood(link): Atheist Feminist who was married to Matt Dillahunty who accused David Silverman of sexual assault
  • Bill Maher(link): Despite being championed by progressives, Maher has been known for saying racist things on his channel.
  • BionicDance(link): Rabid and screaming (of the same two arguments for 638 videos) lesbian atheist of DOOM! Animator, skeptic, advocate of reason. Also a well-known blocker, who assumes all criticism is simply trolling and often swears excessively at her opponents, including many atheists. Among other things she's gone into the comments section of a harmless parody video to accuse the maker of trying to start drama for subs,[31] and has said that people who choose to identify as "agnostic" are cowards.[32] Her commentary on religions often shows a fairly shallow understanding of the beliefs of the people she's criticizing (she once suggested that the phrase "til death do us part" indicated a lack of thought on the part of Christians, since they believed in life after death. She was apparently unaware that the book of Matthew explicitly states that after the resurrection formerly married couples would be "like angels", thus invalidating marriage contracts). Has recently become an infrequent co-host/guest on the radio show Ask an Atheist.
  • Bluemagus(link): Made a few videos debunking Anita Sarkeesian's videos. Attempted to call out Cody Briscoe as a white knight, a term that anti-feminists give to males who side with the feminist movement suggesting they only side with the movement to get laid...despite the fact that Cody is gay.
  • calpurnpiso(link): Possibly an atheist, or possibly a reverse-Poe. He insists that all religious people suffer from psychosis, and refers to atheists as "mentally healthy" (apparently unaware that mental illness can occur in atheists). Most of his videos are incoherent rants, with countless bizarre tangents. Strangely, he seems to show almost no compassion to the "psychotics", frequently calling them "stupid", "morons", and "imbeciles".
  • Canadian Atheist(link): Typical egalitarian atheist who makes videos such as how religious moderates leads to extremism and how Sharia Law is taking over.
  • charmingman93(link): A British egalitarian who is known for rambling on and on about topics such as how horrible feminism and Black Lives Matter are. While he has claimed to be of liberal leaning, such as claiming to be pro-choice and his support of gay men, he makes the usual talking points that the antifeminist community likes to regurgitate time and time again. Made a 22 minute video titled "Ginger the Friendly Feminist", where he made typical antifeminist talking points without providing evidence to back up his claims... and then begged her for evidence. When Danny Korcz made a video response to that video where he called him out for not providing evidence to back his claims, he made a video to Danny. Has a style of rambling and ranting that is inspired by TL;DR, despite charmingman93 trying desperately to claim to be nothing like him. Fails to understand the irony of his own avatar, that avatar being The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. To put things into perspective: The Black Knight, even after he had all of his limbs cut off, except his most important, obviously, his schlong continues to assert that he is the winner. It's the "If I never admit defeat I can never lose!" mentality, and that even after being defeated he continues to scream about how he will defeat King Arthur. He is left to die while he is still screaming his victory.
  • coffeelover239(link): Bernie Bro who voted against his own interests during the 2016 election. Can often be seen on Twitter liking Alex Jones videos. Many of his videos are usually him ranting at the camera.
  • CultofClusterfuck(link): Angry ranter who made several videos ranting for minutes on end about various topics. These topics he ranted about include language policing, the war on drugs where (where he says it needs to keep happening), the nobility of impulse. Admits that he loves South Park more than his first born child, hates political correctness, and thinks American liberals are "the dumbest cocksuckers in the entire political scene".[33]
  • Dprjones(link): A once well respected atheist and lawyer who assisted many users, including Thunderf00t, through rough times of mass censorship by religious YouTube users. Unfortunately, because of his association with Thunderf00t, he has some "questionable" claims about feminism, specifically regarding Rebecca Watson.
  • eimajuno(link): Antitheist and "centrist" who made "Dipshit of the Week" from 2009 to 2010, normally but not exclusively covering Bible thumpers on YouTube ranging from nutty to dangerous. In recent years, however, he veered into the far-right rabbit hole, as evidence of his Twitter page. He is very transphobic (has called California's Menstrual Equity Act of 2021 the "Yaniv Law", which makes no sense whatsoever), frequently makes comments against immigration and feminism (which in itself raises questions), called the March For Our Lives Rally in 2018 a "huge temper tantrum" and claimed that adolescents cannot influence politics (which is immensely hypocritical of him because he claims to be a staunch 1st Amendment supporter), and has spoken out against unions. Despite claiming that he was not a fan of Donald Trump in 2016, he has not said anything critical of the far-right since he took office.
  • Fringy(link): Gaming Critic. Internet Watchdog. Angry Australian. Atheist who makes response to anybody who disagrees with him in order to protect the video gaming community, whether that be the religious right or the "regressive" left. Made it clear that he doesn't mind saying the words "retarded" or "cunt" to people. Made it clear that despite disagreeing with the religious aspects of the Christian right, that he's a displaced liberal because he hates the feminists and "SJWs" on the left also.
  • Furious Fossa(link): YouTube channel who claims to have videos with a, "focus on fighting regressive actions from the left & right". Has made anti-social justice content in the past such videos exposing Steeeeeeeeeeeve Shiiiiiiiivvvvvves, complaining about Black Lives Matter, and misgendering VarmitCoyote.
  • GageMcRantsInHats(link): Despite his small subscriber count, Gage has jumped aboard the growing anti-feminist bandwagon. On the one hand, has made videos calling out the Westboro Baptist Church, the woman who thinks dinosaurs are a hoax, Roosh V and Evalion. On the other hand, has also made videos criticizing safe spaces, Black Lives Matter, and Feminism. Takes joy when Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election in response to Laci Green's "Trumpocalypse" video and made a video criticizing Riley Dennis's "Dating Prefences" video.
  • Gines(link): YouTube ranter who, like Mr. Repzion and The Amazing Atheist, jumped on the anti-feminist bandwagon.
  • Gryffix(link): An outspoken atheist who while succeeding in the fields of atheism, such as calling out both Joshua Feuerstine and stateofdaniel, fails regarding... everything else. Has a series where she reads tweets from feminists making fun of them along the way. As chrisiousity proved in her video response to "Questions Women Have for SJWs and Feminists", she has weird misconceptions of history and thinks feminist objectives are more vague than the previous generations, despite feminists still fighting for abortion rights, the right to breast feed in public, and wages men and women have to endure. Also, has proved to be extremely Islamophobic.
  • Hi, I Think I'm Real(link): Makes videos responding to both the religious and anyone who believes in social justice. Even when he makes videos responding to people on the far-right, he compared them to "SJWs", hence why he created the term "Right-Wing SJW" despite not realizing why his political opponents are upset. In his, "The White Rose Is a Right-Wing SJW" video, he makes comparison of Rose closing her comments section to that of Anita Sarkeesian, despite not realizing that the reason why Anita closes her comments is because of the harassment and death threats she receives on a daily basis.
  • Introverted Smiles(link): Ex-Muslim youtuber who makes popular videos criticizing Islam, though also several videos bashing Muslim YouTubers. In one exchange, he claimed that "all muslims make me sick" and started referring to muslims as "Sandn***ers". [34] (check in comment section)
  • Jeff Holiday(link): One of Bearing's inner circle, Jeff Holiday is your typical angry antifeminist who makes the same talking points you've heard time and time again.
  • Kaitlyn Chloe(link): Part of Godless Engineer. Defended Rationality Rules transphobia on Twitter.
  • King Crocoduck(link): A fusion of classic Aron Ra, Potholer54 and Thunderf00t (that hasn't fallen off the rails) taking on more modern creationists. Unfortunately, he slipped into the realm of anti-feminism and anti-social justice. The mainly seen in his videos where he whines about certain things he disagrees with being social constructs.
  • Kristi Thinks(link): Makes videos usually with her breasts sticking out. While doing this, rants on several subjects, making over generalizations along the way. Among those videos involve condemning feminism and Anita Sarkeesian, to the point of literally citing a video from Paul Joseph Watson, and makes comments regarding an incident over a transgender person being bullied without actually reading the article, though she did defend the person in the article.
  • Lee Lemon(link): Besides a her anti-theist videos, she also has a few videos on her channel criticizing feminism eloquently titled, "Feminism Can Suck on Hill of Dicks (and Vaginae)" and the sequel to that video titled "Why Feminism Can Still Suck Various Genitalia".
  • Matt Dillahunty's channel(link): Got upset when people called him out for hanging out with known racists and only canceled his tours when he got called out on it, giving a non-apology to boot. Defended Rationality Rules on his transphobia.
  • MrRepzion(link): A former Christian YouTuber who has been known for being hit or miss. When he's hit, he's defended people who have autism, defended gay marriage, called out Onision for his behavior, called out Sam Pepper's sexual harassment and even linked Laci Green's petition calling him out for it. When he's miss, however, he's a hypocrite. He's against feminism, made video responses to Anita Sarkeesian, used to run a tumblr blog in which he claimed suicide was beautiful, and at one point, threatened that he would kill himself if he didn't find a girlfriend before he hit 25. Is also buddy-buddy with The Amazing Atheist.
  • Nightmare Fuel(link): Anti-theist YouTuber and American Nationalist, Nightmare Fuel makes several videos critical of the left calling progressives parasites.
  • noelplum99(link): A British atheist who makes many videos debunking religion and promoting science. Unfortunately, spends most of his videos rambling at a camera for several minutes. Made several videos negatively criticizing feminism to the point where, by the time most of his videos are over, they put people to sleep. Defended Rationality Rules on his transphobia.
  • TheNonBeliever(link): Extremely close with Atheism-is-Unstoppable, similar content with him making video responses against regressives and liberals.
  • OfficialGATG(link): Started out as a generic run of the mill ranter that was popular in the early 2010s when topics about Justin Bieber and Blood on the Dancefloor fans were still relevant. As time went on, he dipped his toes into the field of anti-social justice including criticism of feminism, #BlackLivesMatter, and Islam. Said that Nash Grier's "What Guys Look for in Girls" video wasn't that offensive. During the Brock Turner allegations, OfficialGATG was willing to defend Brock Turner.
  • Onision(link): In spite of being an atheist who is also a feminist, the controversy from Onision comes from the fact that he threatened that people who refuse to become vegetarians should be killed. He also made exploitative videos such as those towards his girlfriend Shiloh and exploited her sepsis disease (this was later revealed to be an act by Shiloh The "confirmation" that it was an act came from himself, from no other source, and Shiloh recently went on Twitter and YouTube to go on record to show that it was real.). Despite his label of feminist, there have been videos in the past to prove that he is a complete misogynist. The only good thing he did on his channel was call out Evalion for her neo-Nazi propaganda. Has embraced the use of the term "feminazi" in the past, and has stated his belief that women are superior to men, while simultaneously objectifying them. He also likes to judge pictures of underage girls and has recently come under fire with grooming allegations.
  • Pat Condell(link): British vlogger with a particular emphasis on anti-Islam commentary regurgitating whatever utter tripe the Daily Mail has fed him, sometimes to the point of bigotry. He doesn't like the European Union and once spoke favorably of the racist, far-right UK Independence Party because they also oppose it.
  • Queeny(link): During the iMustDestroyAll incident, accused the people of calling him a pedophile a liar and said that the screenshots taken were photoshopped.
  • TheRandomGangsta(link): YouTube ranter who made a video ranting about not being able to say the n-word.
  • Rationality Rules(link): An anti-feminist atheist known for his transphobia. Made a video about trans athletes and got called out for his transphobia. When he got pulled from an Atheist speaking conference, he made a non-apology for his transphobia.
  • S-Man Speaks(link): Bases his opinions on feminism and the channels he's responding to based on what the YouTube channels he likes to kiss the asses of tell him to think. Has a playlist of videos he plans to respond to titled, "Future Battles Playlist", which is basically the videos he plans to respond to, and he has nearly 400 videos in that playlist despite having less than 200 subscribers.
  • Sam Harris(link): Is known for spreading a bunch of racist propaganda, specifically towards Muslims.
  • The Skeptic Feminist(link): Despite their feminist beliefs, much of TSF's problems come down to their Islamophobia. Many of their videos are seen criticizing Islam to the point where they're even mirroring videos from other Islamophobes such as Pat Condell and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They even claim that certain people aren't "real feminists" just because they believe in a religion, such them mirroring Ayaan Hirsi Ali's video saying Linda Sarsour is not a real feminist because she believes in a religion. After Bearing, an antifeminist well known for harassing women on the internet, made a video response to them, TSF did apologetics for Bearing saying the people who reacted negatively to him and his fans harassing women on the internet were overreacting. Sadly, Aleksandr Kolpakov, the male member who went as "Russian Deadpool," shot and killed female member Heather Annabel, who went by "Poison Ivy" during an argument.
  • Sketchy White Dude(link): Made videos calling out feminism, such as "Church of Intersectional Feminism" and made fun of both Steve Shives and Kevin Logan.
  • someguy827(link): Makes videos about how feminism is disgusting. Accused feminists of blaming MRAs for Elliott Rodger's killing spree, similar to Sargon of Akkad's rant where he blamed feminism for Elliott Rodger. Did, however make a video lambasting Rodger and his reasons for killing, and has criticized Onision for his behavior towards women in the past.
  • SyeTen Atheist(link): Is known for making cartoons that make fun of both feminists and Islamists as well as other anti-SJW cartoons. Mainly like Dark Matter but more crude and "offensive", and heavier focus on Islam.
  • TakeShotAction(link): YouTube ranter who spent most of his time in the past responding to acts like PewDiePie and Onision. Doesn't understand what institutionalized racism is as evident by the video titled, "Racism Towards White People Needs To Stop - My Message To Radical/Over Sensitive Extremists".
  • tehMimi(link): Claimed to be centrist on certain issues in her "Elections: My Final Thoughts" though has admitted that she didn't vote Trump and only voted Clinton more for the issues that Trump and the Republican party stood for rather than enthusiasm over Clinton. Made videos calling responding to feminism and calling it out such as video responses to FCK H8, MTV News, Laci Green, and even a video explaining why she started disliking feminism.
  • That Lovely Bitch(link): Makes these quick little videos that range from about 15 seconds to about 1 minute making fun of anyone that supports social change. Made fun of social justice advocates by saying they're creating a new generation of victims. On her other channel, Albany Rose, made a video about how she's a pro-life atheist and appealed to emotion as to why she disagreed with the pro-choice position.
  • The Thinking Atheist‬‎(link): Seth Andrew's channel. A former Christian of 30 years who makes satirical videos of a professional quality. Unfortunately, most of what Andrews says is centrist bullshit, especially regarding Rationality Rules and his opinion on trans athletes.
  • Thunderf00t (Phil Mason)(link): Came to prominence for making his series "Why do People Laugh at Creationists?" as well as his intractable defense of free speech. Has frequently been the target of false DMCAs, and his anti-Islamic views have somehow ironically provoked controversy. Unfortunately, he also got thrown off of within two weeks of his first post for defending sexism and causing back-channel drama. Has devoted most of his post-FTB time to manufacturing more controversy by waging his own personal war against feminism despite refusing to educate himself in the least about the subject (tl;dr: outed himself as a hypocrite).
  • The Transgender Atheist(link): Typical militant atheist making video that have delved into the anti-social justice camp. Among those video include the clickbait "Why I LOVE Saudi Arabia! *NOT CLICK BAIT*" illustrating Islamophobia displayed in several of today's militant atheists, Casey Neistat uses fearmongering, and the typical feminism is cancer talking points. Often uses the word "bitch" in almost every sentence.
  • TruthofthePeople(link): Wouldn't be bothered by feminism that much if, according to Truth himself, "feminist doctrine inherently blames society and 'male values' for their problems."
  • Tyler Preston(link): He devotes almost the entirety of his channel to attacking progressives, and seemingly anyone who wishes for their minority's position in society to improve. Believes moderate Muslims do not exist, supports (and completely misrepresents) Donald Trump's immigration policy and believes anti-trans bathroom protesters have legitimate concerns.
  • Zoe Does Life(link): Female atheist and anti-feminist.

New Age[edit]

See the main article on this topic: New Age
  • Auroville(link): About a New Age "utopian community" that's one part Woodstock, one part Jonestown and one part Rapture from Bioshock. It's an actual place in southern India, really.
  • Earth, We Are One(link): Collects woo news, spirituality, alternative medicine, etc., and, of course, a big dose of clickbait is also included.
  • Near Death Experience and the Afterlife(link): Pseudoscientist "experts" and "resources" galore fulfill your paranoid conspiracy desires!
  • The Spiritual Catalyst(link): New Age faith healer, whose video about vaccines[35] would be pretty amusing if it wasn't for the all the other kooks who might reject life-saving vaccines for themselves and for their children thanks to her bullshit.
  • The Spirit Science(link): A prominent New Age practitioner, whose claims have been standard issue for mockery among youtubers.[36]
  • UNIFY(link): Essentially what happens when you combine flash mobs, yoga, The Secret and New Age consciousness woo.
  • The Universal Light(link): Combine metaphysics with alternative medicine and New Age bullshit and you get the "Universal Light Inc. (TUL)...a non-denominational, non-dogmatic, parapsychological and metaphysical church without walls."
  • The Venus Project(link): The web home of Jacque Fresco's "ideal" for all humanity. Imagine Auroville above with more techno-utopianism, dubious science and crankery than New Age woo.


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