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Devil's in the details
Many of these homos moving into Harlem looking for some black meat
Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.
—examples of the ATLAH World Missionary Church letter board[1][2]

James David Manning (1947–) is the chief pastor at the "All The Land Anointed Holy" (ATLAH) World Missionary Church, in New York City. Manning is most infamous for his virulent opposition to gay rights. Manning has frequently stated that not only does he wish LGBT people to be stoned to death, but for Jesus himself to do the stoning. (Good luck with that!) Manning is notorious for using ATLAH's church letter boards to express his toxic homophobia, which often rivals that of the Westboro Baptist Church. Manning has his own Internet series, the Manning Report.

Manning believes former President Obama to be obsessed with homosexuality (unlike himself).


Manning frequently recycles arguments in his preachings, noticeably on the Manning Report. One such example is his long-standing claim that Starbucks' lattes use semen from gay men, which is intended as a means of engaging in oral sex without the participants knowing each other.[3] This wild story evolves significantly over time with another video instead claiming that Starbucks coffee uses artificial semen and that semen is actually milk (why he didn't just say "artificial milk" is anyone's guess).[4] Manning constantly claims he is persecuted by the "Sodomite Mafia." In March 2015, Manning reported that "they" had sent him a bucket of poop.[5]

Manning claims that Obama is the son of Satan (after backpedaling on his claim that Obama was the Antichrist). Big shock, he's a birther too.

Criticism of black people[edit]

Manning has said he is ashamed to be black, and frequently bashes black society (goes so far as to regularly call black people niggersderogatorily). He frequently claims Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders are trying to start a race war. (And he isn't, of course.) However, Manning ultimately believes black America is being attacked primarily by white people (more specifically, white liberals), and frequently states homosexuality is a "white disease". Strangely, he also seems to dislike the Tea Party and other conservative groups like World Net Daily, at least in part because of racism. Go figure.[note 1]

Manning accepts stereotypes about black people. He notes that black people can be doctors, lawyers, astrophysicists, but maintains that "Black folk don't know how to run no nation." Manning ignores Gabon,Wikipedia[6] Ghana,Wikipedia Kenya, and other countries where economic development is growing and living standards of the people are rising.

Manning cherry-picks cases where he thinks black people have failed. Manning claims South Africa became worse after the end of apartheid, and criticizes Nigeria where oil companies make a profit while the people remain poor. He imagines that black people "Can't understand the world", and argues that "There's something wrong with the black man mind." and "The nigger ain't got no sense." And only God can help.[7]

Greatest hits[edit]

"Every sodomite butthole will get cancer in the butthole!"[8]
This is the word of the Lord! This is the prophecy of the almighty God! This is the Lord’s word! If you are a sodomite, God’s going to have a flame coming out of your butthole!
—James Manning[9][8]

He has come up with several other bizarre conspiracy theories on his show. If/when you aren't offended by his insane bigotry, you should really check out some of his insights (or lack thereof, anyway). These include:

  • Claiming a woman with a child who crashed her car into the White House gates was trying to give Obama his love child (and was murdered under the president's orders… after ramming her car into a bunch of cops).[10] Unsurprisingly, Joseph Farah of WND.com also appears to believe a conspiracy along the same lines.[11]
  • Obama didn't attend Columbia University. It was a cover story, while he was a secret CIA agent that armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan, so he could help his Mooslim brethren.[12]
  • Anyone (presumably a woman) who kisses (or has sex with) a man who had gay sex can contract the "Sodomite Demon". Claims the "Demon" is concentrated in a man's semen, but is also in all bodily fluids, and it goes into the recipient's bloodstream. No word on what he thinks about people having sex with a woman who had gay sex. Worth watching for his incredible (mis)understanding of biology.[13]
  • NWO satanists hijacked Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (so they can crash Air Force One in the future). Apparently, it's just like the Boston Marathon bombing False flag operation (or so he says).[14]
  • Justin Bieber is a trans man (says the Biebs cut off his breasts). Bonus points for the title.[15]
  • Obama cut a deal with Al Qaeda to attack other countries instead of America, after the Charlie Hebdo shooting.[16]
  • Thinks ISIS destroying historical artifacts is morally right. "I can't be against ISIS for tearing down these temples of these idols... I do think that the tactic that ISIS is using is Biblical". Ironically, he doesn't realize that ISIS is destroying Christian artifacts too. Even worse title.[17]
  • Obama will use the NDAA to send all black people back to Africa or Haiti, and steal their property. Apparently, it's what George Soros, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg want.[18]
  • The CIA will assassinate Obama... because the healthcare.gov website wasn't working.[19]
  • "Every person, that has supported Ben Carson, is also a sodomite. Every person that is supporting, giving money to, giving votes for, talking about, going to campaign meetings for Ben Carson has got a demon in ya. You got the same demon that... that.. that brought[sic] Obama. You don't have the son of Satan, but you got a demon. Ben Carson is a demon. LOOK at how he closes his eyes, look at how he moves his lips, loot at how he uses that little girl voice, there's a girl inside Ben Carson..."[20]
  • "Jesus has removed His blessings He gave our ancestors. Churches are empty, bulldozed over for lgbtq restaurants, shootings in broad daylight, junkies everywhere, homeless sleeping in the streets, babies daddy beating babies momma like the devil beating his wife." (emphasis added)[21]

Losing his church[edit]

Manning owes $1.02 million due to unpaid tax, unpaid water bills, and general debts, and his church is due to be sold compulsorily at public auction.[22] The Ali Forney Center,Wikipedia a group providing for homeless LGBT youngsters, has raised $200,000 in cash and hopes to buy Manning's church.[23][24] Manning became very angry over this, and he imagines it will not happen unless 'men give birth through their anus'.[25] Manning and his congregation have threatened to arm themselves and barricade themselves inside the church in an effort to keep it.[26] There is a temporary stay over the forced sale till a full court hearing on the 21st April 2016.[27] The Ali Forney Center plans to use the time to research a good financial package before bidding for the church.[28]

Relationship with Donald Trump[edit]

Manning initially endorsed Donald Trump in December of 2015;[29] however he withdrew his support in June 2016 when Trump sent concilliatory messages after the Orlando shootingsWikipedia.[30] In August during the campaign, when Trump's organization was undergoing chaos and a shake-up after the firing of Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski, Manning offered to take over.[31] In September Manning told Alex Jones of InfoWars that Hillary Clinton's own internal polling told her Donald Trump was leading in battleground states and had enough to win.[32] Immediately after the election,[33] Manning again withdrew his support from Trump and warned white people they were under God's judgement.[34] [35] Manning now refers to him as "Tribulation Trump".[36]

In 2014, Manning boasted of being privy to information of Putin's plan to interfere in America's domestic politics and subvert democracy.[37]

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  1. In part it is because he feels white wingnuts may be ignoring him due to the color of his skin. Partly because they think he's too crazy. Honestly, it's really god damn hard to follow his reasoning on his beef with them.


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