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A perfect expression

Stupidity is a frankly brilliant term, that has so many uses that you can safely rely on it for the many tribulations of life.

How does one use it? Well, it is a universal moniker for when one entity (be that person, company etcetera) does something that, relative to even their usual level of intelligence, is so undoubtedly thick and unintelligent, that it warrants this unique and special designation. Said usually in the form of "you're STOOOopid!!!", you can decide the exact tone and phrasing of this relatively simple insult in an amazing number of ways, which is what makes it so terrific. And no one person is exempt from this term either. When a wingnut or moonbat performs an act that is far below even their point of rationale, you need a word that can encompass this occassion. And Stupidity is just that word.

Stupidity can often manifest itself in the form of irony, not even wrong, hypocrisy, bullshit, deceit, and the extremes of reactionary philosophy.

Need some examples? Have another non-exhaustive list!!

Stupidity in all it's wonder[edit]


  • The Alt-right and most of their claims.
  • Antifa being "anti-fascist", but often using violence to achieve their means. Remember, fascism itself glorifies violence...
    • On that note, those blaming Antifa for everything the far-right does.
  • All U.S states that voted for Richard Nixon in 1972.



  • Neville Chamberlain seeing Adolf Hitler, to then declare "I believe it is piece in our time".
  • Ann Coulter declaring "women should not have the right to vote", effectively hating and oppressing her own half of the human race.


  • Thomas Jefferson writing "all men are created equal" on the Declaration, forgetting how many slaves he had at the time (and being a slave-shagger)


  • The batshit insane Kim family, notably their "Juche" cult.


  • Theresa May ruining the Conservative majority with a snap election, on the basis that she wanted a "stronger majority".


  • Sarah Palin is literally made of this word.
  • Most of the verbal utterances of Jordan BEE Peterson, some of which are about as empty as the Mariana Trench.
  • On a similar note, Mikhaila Peterson's outrageous promotion of the carnivore diet.