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Just to be clear[edit]

Just to be clear, I have been occasionally visiting this site for around five years as of writing. However, I'm a newcomer to active participation on this fine institution, and the limits for what I can possibly talk about and vent seem to be vague. Since I am relatively closer to the center than the average contributor to this site (MBFC has rated this site Left-Center for reasons.), I am unsure if the thresholds for certain things are, especially when I do have to vent out feelings that may be a bit risqué and extreme for the regular namespaces.

As my situation and my OCD affect me and cause serious intrusive thoughts, it means that I would remember a lot from the past as well from my surfing on the general Internet.

And while I am reluctant to edit pages directly, I am OK with talking on pages like this one or opening up debates.

With my autism and my OCD affecting me, many people in my life have given me the cold shoulder and treated me as just another person to cruelly discipline, and most of the torment I faced came from the bureaucratic bowels of the local education system as a whole, since rigid protocols and moving goalposts have been used against me to a severe degree. That's why I feel a bit nervous and reluctant as of writing, since I don't know how accepting and flexible the place really is on pages like the Saloon Bar or the Debate namespace.

While writing things online will be public and could be used against me, I constantly feel like my free speech is being stifled whenever people intentionally take my words out of context (akin to a DARVO), perceive what I said as a threat, and subsequently (and indirectly) threaten to inflict mental harm on me for even speaking out. I am sick of being intimidated and silenced by unsympathetic teachers who claim they are teaching social skills to me when in reality are defending the other students and snubbing me. I want a place where I can be accepted for what I could say, even if what I say is a little off and sounds like venting.

  • Note: Unlike here, I was trapped in a location that was within the school buildings and was unable to disengage from the situation (and also rudely told to just suck it up). That's why I ended up parsing their claims as them gaslighting me. (They say that all public spaces are going to be like the school buildings, despite some evidence to the contrary (I usually stay silent when out in public areas, however.). Whether this place is public or not remains a bit blurry to me however, and I want to know if I am safe to speak out here.)

Thanks for listening to my initial thoughts on the matter. TheEternalOutsider (talk) 12:07, 25 August 2023 (UTC)

Yo, greetings! The stuff you might get serious consequences for (bans, blocks etc.) is mostly in the community standards. For almost anything else you'll get harsh criticism as most. General rule of thumb: if the opinion you have is described in the article space as stupid, evil, or otherwise negative, it might be a good idea to keep it to yourself. Especially regarding antidemocratic, antiscientific, too authoritarian or anti-minority statements. But I think it is generally considered nice on wikis to first talk to people before involving the banhammer, so you'll probs get a warning and the possibility to excuse yourself first before anything bad happens. I'd recommend to be bold and try! IluzasipalStone them! 19:14, 26 August 2023 (UTC)
Addendum: The experience you describe in your school sounds really bad. I think you should consider this place more or less public (remember you are talking to real people!), although you are pseudonymous here, and the absolutely worst thing that may happen is you getting banned from RatWik, which would absolutely not be the end of the world. If I can help you in any way, just write on my talk page (:IluzasipalStone them! 19:20, 26 August 2023 (UTC)
In the Saloon you can basically talk about anything thats on your mind (society, events in your personal life(remember anonymity!), politics, culture, RatWiki...). Essay space is for anything that is too long for the Saloon, but does not fit into mainspace. If you find a topic fitting into mainspace that you want to write about, perhaps try it first in draftspace, so others might look at it. Use talk pages of articles if you have issues with the corresponding articles but are not sure/need a third opinion, and talk pages of users like their mailbox.IluzasipalStone them! 19:32, 26 August 2023 (UTC)

However, I published something too verbose and irrelevant in the Saloon Bar (likely due to poor judgement). Is it OK to move it to the talk page? TheEternalOutsider (talk) 19:35, 26 August 2023 (UTC)

you can leave it there. you acted in good faith. it might come off as a lil bit weird, but its nothing even remotely bad and wont have any consequences. It is completely fine and topical in the saloon bar. If people wont interact with it, it will get archived in a little while. Little tip: even if you fucked up a little bit (which you didn't in this case), it is generally frowned upon to move or delete other peoples (because they don't want to be taken out of context) or your own comments (for transparency). If people really want your stuff to go away, they can contact an administrator themselves, who will then delete it. Posting lots of stuff in any chat is only considered bad if it was intended to interrupt or intentionally extremly off-topic, that means spam. for example if i'd copy the bee movie script to the bar it would get removed quickly. But none of this was the case for you. Hope this helps (:IluzasipalStone them! 20:54, 26 August 2023 (UTC)

Stopped clock[edit]

I think you might have misunderstood what this means. If you say you have a stopped clock moment, you're not conveying that you're somebody who is usually doing well but "stopped" for a moment. It means that you are usually doing/saying bullshit, but had a moment where you didnt, by chance. It derives from the saying "A stopped clock is right twice a day". Sorry for being a smart-ass, have a nice day/night/eternal darkness/whatever! IluzasipalStone them! 17:33, 28 August 2023 (UTC)

Oops. I was meaning "Reverse Stopped Clock". My mistake. TheEternalOutsider (talk) 09:31, 29 August 2023 (UTC)


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