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Liz Wheeler

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Liz Wheeler at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference
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Liz Wheeler is a conservative millennial superstar commentator as well as one of the loudest and most notable pundits at One America News Network. She was one of fourteen activists to author the book titled, Young, Conservative, and Why it's Smart to be like Us.[1] In addition, her work has been praised by some conservatives. Today, she's the current host of her own 30-minute show on OANN called, Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler.[2]

Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler[edit]

Wheeler joined OANN on September 2015 after Tomi Lahren left the previous month.[note 1] In her show, she usually addresses political issues and current events. Occasionally, Wheeler would have guests from opposing sides of the political spectrum on her show.

However, during her segments, Wheeler likes to attack those evil liberals as well as liberal ideas. Sometimes, she even endorses conspiracy theories or usually makes wingnutted arguments.

Deus vult![edit]

Wheeler is a Catholic[3] and believes that there's a "War on Christianity". Her view arises mostly from situations that seems to "harm" Christian faith, or from people who criticize Christian faith, and she deems these as "attacks".

It's about religious freedom![edit]

The reason why we need a religious liberty task force is because of people of the left. People who think that their views, and their religious decisions are somehow superior to mine.
— Liz Wheeler, ignoring the fact that there's something called the religious right.[4]

On July 31, 2018, Wheeler defended Jeff Sessions' new "religious liberty task force" that has stirred controversy within LGBT people, civil rights groups, and others throughout social media pointing out how this is set forth to attack LGBT rights and how it violates constitutional rights of others.[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

Despite this, Wheeler painted the situation as left-wingers "attacking Christians".

At the beginning of the segment, Wheeler misunderstands the purpose of the person's tweet and allows their joke to go over their head, where the purpose of the tweet was to compare the "religious liberty task force" to the Taliban because both groups are set to push the superiority of their religion.

"Religious Liberty Task Force"? Hmmmmm... Wait, isn't that something the Taliban would do?[15] No. The Taliban stones women to death who've been raped and kills anyone who dares question the religion of Islam.[16]

Wheeler then continues stating how it's a constitutional right for the freedom of religion. While this is true, some have made it clear that Sessions' goal is not religious freedom due to his affiliation with other Christian, anti-LGBT groups, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom[6] and his rhetoric.

It's Bloody Murder![edit]

See the main article on this topic: Abortion

Wheeler is not a fan of abortion rights.[17][18] Her arguments against abortion usually come with usage of loaded language and appealing to emotion. For instance, she compared having late-term abortions to killing "an entire kindergarten class and wiping them out every single day.[17]


Wheeler is also known for her usage of whataboutery in her arguments regarding Planned Parenthood and another irrelevant situation in an attempt to "expose liberal hypocrisy" when it comes to abortion.[19]

After the Parkland shooting, Wheeler denied the National Rifle Association spending and political donations to other politicians by calling it a "hideous lie". She then bashed liberals and Planned Parenthood by saying.

...ironic because liberals have no problem with another organization that also donates to politicians and actually does kill millions of children -- Planned Parenthood.[20]

On June 4, 2018, Wheeler mentions an alleged sex scandal that was said to be covered up by Planned Parenthood.[21] Media Matters for America exposed this scandal as a lie back in 2011[22] but it resurfaced around this time.[23] Wheeler repeats this again when on June 13, 2018, where during her segment, she diverts the situation from Donald Trump's harsh crackdown on illegal immigration, which was causing families to be separated at the U.S-Mexico border, to going on a rant about abortion.[24]

Other stances[edit]


See the main article on this topic: Feminism

Feminism isn't a topic that Wheeler is friendly to, either.[25][26]

Global warming[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Global warming

Unfortunately, Wheeler doesn't seem so convinced that humans are contributing to anthropogenic global warming.

This defensive declaration ironically coming from the party [...] who so arrogantly believe their own actions contribute solely to climate change.[17]

Gun control[edit]

See the main articles on this topic: Gun control and Gun nut

Wheeler is against gun control and advocates that try to push it. She believes that school shootings would occur less often if we arm the teachers and school officials. She also uses some examples of government incompetence to further advance her point.[27] (See below)

More wingnuttery[edit]

  • Wheeler got pissed after Samantha BeeWikipedia's W.svg called Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt" and, like Donald Trump, thought that she deserved to be fired. Even after Bee apologized, she blamed liberals for coming to her defense and trying to "normalize" the word. Although, using the word cunt as a slur and can be seen as offensive, she doesn't acknowledge the fact that even Donald Trump has used that word, as well as similar vulgar language against women in the past.[28][29]
  • She believes in Benghazi conspiracies against Hillary Clinton.
  • She jumped on the anti-Soros bandwagon.

Response to Liz Wheeler for the aftermath of the Santa Fe High School shooting[edit]

In a Final Point segment on May 18, 2018, after the Santa Fe school shooting, Wheeler has expressed her thoughts on people who say that "thoughts and prayers" [27], here's our response.

Liz Wheeler:RationalWiki:
Another school shooting, this time in Santa Fe, Texas. Ten people killed, at ten others injured. After a seventeen-year old who was reportedly a student at the school opened fire in art class. […] Ten families lost their precious loved ones today. Ten families are ruined. Ten families will never be the same. And hundreds of teachers and students will bear these scars forever. My prayers are with the families and the whole Santa Fe community, tonight.Liz Wheeler opens with describing a major tragedy as a major tragedy, but it's just an opening for her main argument. We're going to see her use this as a way to appeal to the audience with emotions and show that liberals attack her because she believes her "thoughts and prayers" adequately addresses the problem.

Yet.Here we go.

All you liberals can say is that my thoughts and prayers aren't enough.Wheeler addresses the "liberals" criticism of her "thoughts and prayers" quip. She may not be aware of the "thoughts and prayers" becoming a cynical meme addressing these meaningless words.[30] Even among survivors, the phrase is viewed as a dishonest, selfish, low-effort feel-good sentiment.[31]

So let me ask you, what are we suppose to do besides pray, when you liberals won't do what's necessary to keep our kids safe?By accusing her opponents as doing nothing while her opponents widely criticize the "thoughts and prayers" response to mass shootings, she is engaging in projection. Judging from political action, liberals and Democrats have, many times, proposed a policy to regulate gun usage to ensure the safety of others and prevent future incidents in schools. On the other hand, right-wing politicians continue doing little beyond meaningless platitude to people who have been killed and are suffering. They may counter by saying that they are trying to address the "real" problem, which they believe is not guns, however. Most of their proposals addressing the problem, however, are not viable solutions and do not reflect the somewhat limited, due to funding being stifled by pro-gun lobbies, but mostly conclusive research.

What are we suppose to do besides pray, when you liberals keep demonizing AR-15s instead of arming school security guards? What are we suppose to do besides pray, when you liberals blame high capacity magazines instead of fighting to enable teachers, like Coach Aaron Feis from Parkland, who was a certified security guard, to carry his firearm on campus.First, Liz Wheeler is just going on a smear campaign against liberals (like she usually does) and is not really addressing why saying "thoughts and prayers" is useful. Second, people "demonize" a tool capable of easily killing people, so it is not easy to overdo harshly criticizing such a thing. Owning an AR-15 is most often problematic; even in the "right hands", the owner always carries a risk of getting shot (e.g. misfiring, suicide, or confusing the police into shooting the owner) or hurting victims (ricocheting bullets, bad aiming, children touching guns), and it can get stolen, either by thieves or friends and family.[32] It is only worse when a "bad" person gets one. Arming teachers is a common proposal for dealing with future school shootings, but it creates many more problems than it solves (increases tension in students, scarce time and resources spent to arm teachers, plus the aforementioned abysmal cost-benefit ratio of owning a gun), and we have seen prior incidents.[33][34][35][36][37] Fourth, for your "arming school security guards" remark, a response to this can be found by PolitiFact, where in even cases with armed school security, school shootings still occur and the death count remains virtually the same, if not worse.[38] Finally, even if arming teachers and security at school helps, somehow guns are designed in a way so misfires do not happen and teachers have perfect aim and perfect emotional control, it doesn't solve the situation for non-school related mass shootings.

What are we suppose to do besides pray, when you liberals would rather call the NRA a terrorist organization then make sure what happened in Sutherland Springs doesn't happen again.This is a false dilemma. While the "NRA being a terrorist organization" is a common emotion-filled accusation, Wheeler may not understand what leads people to call the NRA this. The liberals that she has accused have attempted to take action many times, only for progress to fall on deaf ears. Case in point is the survivors of the Parkland shooting, such as David Hogg, who have become politically active. This is because the NRA is a powerful political organization with ties to many organizations, some surprisingly unrelated to gun ownership, that has historically stymied not only political action to reduce guns, but also restrict funding for research on guns.[39] It has in 2018 mobilized its followers to accuse victims of a shooting, that they want to take away guns[40] along with multitudes of other gun supporters ranging from powerful political figures such as Tomi Lahren and Laura Ingraham to people on Twitter who are far more vicious. The NRA also sponsors fearmongering propaganda in the form of NRATV. All this taken into consideration, this vicious pushback as well as inaction is what prompts people to cynically label the NRA as "terrorist". The result: there has been no major gun legislation in nearly six years following Sandy Hook despite efforts to introduce gun control.

Where the shooter, Devin Kelley, was able to pass his background check, because of government bureaucrats, who didn't update the FBI database, failed to keep a gun out of Devin Kelley's hands.Here's the closest to what Wheeler said.[41][42][43][44] Also, this just raises the question. What is a reasonable solution to prevent a situation such as the Sutherland Springs church shootingWikipedia's W.svg doesn't happen again, like you said? What happened with Devin Kelley is just one account of government incompetence. One single case of a shooter slipping through the cracks is not representative of gun-deaths.

What are we suppose to do but pray, when all you liberals want are more laws, even though the FBI, Law Enforcement, the Air Force, you name it have failed to enforce the laws that we have in the books already that would've stopped the deadliest mass shootings that we've seen this year?To be fair, this is legit criticism.[45] However, as stated before, one account of government incompetence doesn't represent that all civilian mass shootings are because of a slip up by the FBI, Homeland Defense, etc.

Listen, I get it. You don't like guns.This is another false dilemma.

Some good things[edit]

On December 2016, Wheeler interviewed alt-right leader, Richard Spencer in which she called him out for his blatant racist commentary.[46] On January 2017, Wheeler and Bre Payton from The FederalistWikipedia's W.svg criticized a church of Scientology in Pasadena, California.[47]

External Links[edit]

Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler on YouTube


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