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Liz Wheeler

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Liz Wheeler at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference
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Liz Wheeler (1989–) is a far right talking head at One America News Network (OANN). She was one of fourteen activists to author the book titled, Young, Conservative, and Why it's Smart to be like Us.[1] She was also the host of her own 1-hour show on OANN called, Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler.[2] However, she has since left the show in 2020.[3]

Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler[edit]

Wheeler joined OANN on September 2015 after Tomi Lahren left the previous month.[note 1] In her show, she usually addressed political issues and current events. Occasionally, Wheeler would have guests from opposing sides of the political spectrum on her show. However, during her segments, Wheeler liked to attack those evil liberals as well as liberal ideas. Sometimes, she even endorsed conspiracy theories or usually makes wingnutted arguments.

Deus vult![edit]

Wheeler is a Catholic[4] and believes that there's a "War on Christianity". Her view arises mostly from situations that seem to "harm" Christian faith, or from people who criticize Christian faith, and she deems these as "attacks".

It's about religious freedom![edit]

The reason why we need a religious liberty task force is because of people of the left. People who think that their views, and their religious decisions are somehow superior to mine.
— Liz Wheeler, ignoring the fact that there's something called the religious right.[5]

On July 31, 2018, Wheeler defended Jeff Sessions' new "religious liberty task force" that has stirred controversy within LGBT people, civil rights groups, and others throughout social media pointing out how this is set forth to attack LGBT rights and how it violates constitutional rights of others.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

Despite this, Wheeler painted the situation as left-wingers "attacking Christians".

At the beginning of the segment, Wheeler misunderstands the purpose of the person's tweet and allows their joke to go over their head, where the purpose of the tweet was to compare the "religious liberty task force" to the Taliban because both groups are set to push the superiority of their religion.

"Religious Liberty Task Force"? Hmmmmm… Wait, isn't that something the Taliban would do?[16] No. The Taliban stones women to death who've been raped and kills anyone who dares question the religion of Islam.[17]

Wheeler then continues stating how it's a constitutional right for the freedom of religion. While this is true, some have made it clear that Sessions' goal is not religious freedom due to his affiliation with other Christian, anti-LGBT groups, such as the Alliance Defending Freedom[7] as well as his rhetoric.

In addition, Wheeler seems to be oblivious such a move from Sessions stomps on the Johnson Amendment.Wikipedia

It's Bloody Murder![edit]

See the main article on this topic: Abortion

Wheeler is opposed to abortion rights.[18][19] Her arguments against abortion usually come with usage of loaded language and appealing to emotion. For instance, she compared having late-term abortions to killing "an entire kindergarten class and wiping them out every single day.[18]


Wheeler is also known for her usage of whataboutery in her arguments regarding Planned Parenthood and another irrelevant situation in an attempt to "expose liberal hypocrisy" when it comes to abortion.[20]

After the Parkland shooting, Wheeler denied the National Rifle Association spending and political donations to other politicians by calling it a "hideous lie". She then bashed liberals and Planned Parenthood by saying.

…ironic because liberals have no problem with another organization that also donates to politicians and actually does kill millions of children — Planned Parenthood.[21]

On June 4, 2018, Wheeler mentions an alleged sex scandal that was said to be covered up by Planned Parenthood.[22] Media Matters for America exposed this scandal as a lie back in 2011[23] but it resurfaced around this time.[24] Wheeler repeats this again when on June 13, 2018, where during her segment, she diverts the situation from Donald Trump's harsh crackdown on illegal immigration, which was causing families to be separated at the U.S-Mexico border, to going on a rant about abortion.[25]

More wingnuttery[edit]

  • Wheeler is opposed to feminism.[26][27][28]
  • She doesn't seem so convinced that humans are contributing to anthropogenic global warming either, based on her saying, "This defensive declaration ironically coming from the party [...] who so arrogantly believe their own actions contribute solely to climate change."[18]
  • Wheeler is against gun control and advocates that try to push it.[29][30][31] She believes that school shooting would occur less often if we arm the teachers and school officials. She also uses some examples of government incompetence to further advance her point. [32]
  • She got pissed after Samantha BeeWikipedia called Ivanka Trump a "feckless cunt" and, like Donald Trump, thought that she deserved to be fired.[33] Even after Bee apologized, Wheeler blamed liberals for coming to Bee's defense and trying to "normalize" the word. [34] The irony of the situation is that Trump, who Wheeler agreed with on firing Bee, has been known for saying similar vulgar language against women in the past.[35][36]
  • She believes in Benghazi conspiracies against Hillary Clinton.[citation needed]
  • She jumped on the anti-Soros bandwagon.[citation needed]
  • Like many whose job it is to regurgitate right wing talking points, she claimed that Barack Obama was weak on the border while he was president. Then, when Trump became president, she justified family separation and using pepper spray to deter caravan refugees by saying that Obama voted for a border wall too. [37]
  • She claims that science confirms her contention that life starts at conception and uses her supposed support of science to justify infringing on a woman's right to choose. However, when it comes to believing religious dogma like people rising from the dead, her alleged support of science appears to be absent.[38][39]
  • She makes completely baseless claims about countries with strict gun control having higher homicide rates than ones that don't.[40]
  • She's a big fan of the ad populum fallacy[41]
  • She claims that criminals don't obey laws, therefore gun control is futile. Yet, she supports stricter immigration laws. [42]
  • She got mad at Chick Fil A once after the company decided to no longer donate to two anti-LGBT organizations, arguing that the best way to fight poverty, homelessness, and hunger was to "STRENGHEN THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY".[43][44]
  • She has also railed against transgender rights.[45]

Some good things[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stopped clock

On December 2016, Wheeler interviewed alt-right leader, Richard Spencer in which she called him out for his blatant racist commentary.[46] In January 2017, Wheeler and Bre Payton from The FederalistWikipedia criticized a church of Scientology in Pasadena, California.[47]

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