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Kan Ham vs Bill Nye - who'll win?

Bill 2
Bill, but Ken will claim victory56
There can be no winner in these charades26
The debate won't happen2

What do you say?

Merry Christmas!21
Happy Holidays!10
Joyous Festivus!4
Happy Chanukah!2
Happy Kwanzaa!1
Just fuck off and give me my change!46


I'm in RW's Facebook group15
I don't like to mix my real life on Facebook with RW8
What, we have a Facebook group?22
I wouldn't join Facebook for all the goats in China46
What's Facebook?9

How Bout That Pope Francis?

He's ok35
Screw Him8
He'll be ok once he has more time.0
I expect a backslide into hard conservatism still14
I expect a 'natural death' within 6 months13

Which of these wingnuts, despite being fairly obscure and/or insignificant, still manage to get on your nerves, and it pisses you off even more that they can get on your nerves?
Glenn "PIDOOMA" Beck6
Katie "Hold onto your guns!" Pavlich0
Dennis "Secular Leftists are everywhere I tell you, EVERYWHERE!!!" Prager1
Michael "pink-baiter" Medved1
Michelle "The JAQer" Malkin6
Erik "Boomerang Bigot" Rush0
Two or more of the above5
None of the above, because I have the patience of a saint4
None because I know that these people tell the truth, and this wiki is just part of the liberal communist conspiracy!3
None because I've never heard of most of these people4
Listener "blame the pinkos" X0
Smerdis "no such thing as privilege" of Tlön9
Inquisitor "something about Nazis and rape" Ehrenstein15

Name a politician from your lifetime that you still admire (feel free to add or vote)
Michael Manley4
Lester B. Pearson5
All options are crap20
Rush Holt2
Erkki Tuomioja1
Jack Layton2
Poll updated: 29th of August 2013

So how about that America?
Canada Day is better22
Poll updated: 5th of July 2013

Where is the U.S. Democratic Party on the political spectrum today?
Far right/Fascist1
Right-wing/Very conservative7
Centrist but leans to the right25
Centrist but leans to the left0
They probably don't even know14
Meh, who cares?3
Poll updated: 18th of June 2013

Do you think the UK will leave or significantly change its status with the EU by 2018?

Poll updated: 14thth of May 2013

Fuck this week?

Fuck this week.52
Poll updated: 20th of April 2013

Who will win the NCAA men's basketball championship?

Wichita State3
The winner0
Poll updated: 31st of March 2013

What generation of atheist are you?

1st Generation46
2nd Generation15
3rd Or other5
Not an Atheist13
formerly atheist3
Poll updated: 18th of March 2013

Were you ready for Daylights Saving Time?

People still use that?3
Some of us aren't American, you know11
Poll updated: 11th of March 2013

Do you watch awards shows?

Poll updated: 27th of February 2013

Was the Cambrian explosion real, or was it just an artefact of preservation?

Yes, bilaterians quickly (within ~50 million years) filled the Earth10
No, bilaterians have ancestors going deep into the pre-Cambrian that link the phyla together gradually2
I dunno, lol8
Poll updated: 15th of February 2013

Favourite transitional fossil? Add more genera as needed, link to WP.

Poll updated: 26th of January 2013

Would any of the Beatles' § 1 hitsWikipedia before, say, 1965 would make it to #1 today? (Assume that, rather than them being re-released today, the Beatles are a modern band who are releasing these same songs but for the first time.)

Yes, they're timeless enough to still be #13
Top 100
Somewhere between 10 and 506
Forget it, those songs were '60s songs, they wouldn't become popular today15
Poll updated: 22nd of January 2013

Most amusing creationist fail?

Harun Yahya includes a fishing lure in his Atlas of Creation3
Answers in Genesis includes a plush toy in their "peer-reviewed journal"21
Bananaman's adorable chimaera4
The Creation Museum and Ark Park7
Poll updated: 16th of January 2013

Best Final Fantasy game ever?

Fuck you and your whiny JRPGs. I'm going to play Call of Duty.1
Fuck you and your video game RPGs.15
Poll updated: 12th of January 2013

Which do you have more of?

Friends on Facebook/Google+/other social networking site of choice2
Songs on your iPod/MP3/other musical collection10
Edits to RW in 201212
Poll updated: 6th of January 2013

Favourite extant animal besides goat? (add in more as need be, like we did with that "most beautiful language" one)

Man Person3
Goat (I don't care it's not an option)2
Metazoa is a stupid kingdom1
Helena Bonham Carter9
Red fox1
Long-eared jerboa1

Should I, a relatively healthy male under 50 who mostly will be working at home this winter, get a flu shot?

It can't hurt, but the flu won't kill him4
Poll updated: 26th of December 2012

What would you propose society do if scientists were to somehow bring back dinosaurs?

Allow them to have such an unrestricted existence that they could be adopted as pets15
Allow them to live unrestricted in the wild1
Allow them to live only in reservations3
Allow them to live only in zoos1
Force scientists to only create a few and for scientific purposes only8
Dinosaurs should never be brought back6
Eat them22
Poll updated: 30th of November 2012


Why not?14
Define "why"3
I don't know.4
Poll updated: 10st of November 2012

Which natural disaster would you find the scariest?

Poll updated: 31st of October 2012

Penguins and tigers and goats, oh my

Bloom County6
Calvin and Hobbes11
Poll updated: 15th of October 2012

Stihl vs. Husky

Other - you better have a good reason, and it better not be a Poulan1
Stihl vs. Husky the hell you say, what about Linux vs. BSD?1
Poll updated: 12th of October 2012

What will happen to Felix Baumgartner (the guy who plans to "skydive from space") soon?

Kick the bucket0
Break a few vertebrae, but make it0
Survive fully intact12
Become the first human to witness the rare Sky Goat8
Poll updated: 8th of October 2012

How long will it take you to answer this question?

Mere seconds.1
A day.1
Half an hour.1
I won't answer it. Hah!5
My life doesn't make any sense. Thought I tell you.0
I honestly don't know yet.7
This poll is dumb.2
You are a liar. I feel betrayed.1
Poll updated: 5th of October 2012

Which option did you pick?

A) Option B3
B) Option A2
Poll updated: 3rd of October 2012

Settle it:

Poll updated: 27th of September 2012

What day is it today?

17th September2
18th September2
19th September3
20th September1
21st September1
22nd September1
23rd September6
Time to change the poll21
Poll updated: 17th of September 2012

"Na na na na na na..."

Hey Jude.18
Poll updated: 3rd of September 2012

Do you think Lance ArmstrongWikipedia actually doped?

If he wants to clear his name and prove everyone wrong, why stop fighting now? (Yes)12
The USADA has insufficient evidence. (No)4
Poll updated: 23rd of August 2012

Mars One is another in a series of space exploration "proposals" that the fastest and cost-effective means to send the first humans to the Red Planet would be a one-way trip (aka. they'll never see Earth again). Considering the claustrophobic, isolated and sexless living environments involved and the possibility that necessary equipment will break down (plus M1 apparently wanting to film the whole damn thing), how much time do you think the astronauts will last before they start hacking each other to pieces?

1 week0
1 month3
6 months2
1 year3
2 years0
5 years0
10 years (presuming more colonists haven't arrived at this point)2
10 minutes1
They'll make it the entire way. Come on, we already had a guy on Mir for 438 days straight.4
Wait, Buzz Aldrin and others are taking this seriously?8
Poll updated: 16th of August 2012

Which is the most gruesome holy book known to mankind?

The Bible18
The Qur'an1
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy7
Poll updated: 3rd of August 2012

If you had to go back and live in any era, which era would you choose? (Presume you'd be in the West for the middle five.)

Pre-10000 BC2
10000 BC - Birth of Jesus2
Dark Ages1
Age of Enlightenment8
Second Industrial Revolution3
Third Age of Middle Earth10
Roaring 20s3
Swinging 60s6
Punk era (first wave)1
Poll updated: 15th of July 2012

Best voting system?

First past the post, we hate change3
MMP, coalitions FTW10
IRV, don't want to choose the lesser evil27
Unrestrained mobocracy, with largely defensive weapon of guillotine10
Poll updated: 5th of June 2012

What is the most pressing LGBT issue in the West at the moment?

Same-sex marriage23
Workplace protections8
Housing or public accommodations protections2
Homeless children0
Trans rights4
Bi erasure2
The heterocispatrikyriachy1
Hate crimes/gay bashing4
Abolishing reducing sexuality to stupid acronyms4
Poll updated: 28th of May 2012

What will happen to the European sovereign debt crisis?

Greece "stays the course" and takes its austerity medicine, economy slowly, painfully regains composure2
Far-left Syriza forms government in June, EU kicks the country out, world in near-depression by summer4
Merkozy Merkel and Hollande renegotiate the bailout to promote Marshall Plan-style growth, further economic integration infuriates public4
Greece leaves the euro, IMF and ECB act in key places to save the rest of the currency, resulting downturn is relatively mild12
Syriza and fascist Golden Dawn party join up to create a extremist James Bond villain of terrible proportions1
The time is right. Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn!18
Poll updated: 16th of May 2012 -- See: Previous polls

What is keeping you up at night these days?

The possibility of a Santorum presidency1
The possibility of a Romney presidency11
The possibility of another Obama presidency6
Financial woes4
Relationship issues1
Not-being-in-a-relationship issues8
School/work related stress34
Fear of global warming0
Anger at the global warming hoax2
The cat jumping around the bed9
The dog snoring1
You bedmate snoring1
The voices in my head. THEY ALL MUST DIE!!!7
The removal of half RW's content by a self-appointed bunch of idiots that thinks deleting content is the best way to gain money for their badly-defined goals26
What? I sleep like a baby13
Health issues2
Poll updated: 3rd of April 2012 -- See: Previous polls

What's the worst part of the reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting?

Bleating about 2nd Amendment rights2
Focusing on everything but the shooting7
"It was self defense"4
If you're black and wearing a hoodie, you're a crook19
Digging up dirt on a dead teenager to make the shooter look better27
The fact that we're not talking about the privatization of public security2
The Martin family taking out a trademark for "I am Trayvon" and "Justice for Trayvon."2
Poll updated: 27th of March 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Worst (Western) head of government right now?

David Cameron9
Stephen Harper16
Julia Gillard1
Barack Obama5
Nicolas Sarkozy5
The one who governs me9
Poll updated: 20th of March 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Ok, let's go into hypotheticals here and say that in true testament to the American education system, this foamy liquid somehow manages to squirt himself into the Oval Office this November. By 2016, what will have happened?

An economic collapse worthy of making Teddy fucking Roosevelt weep.4
Jesusland (and/or a coalition of blue states) consider separating from the union.6
Margaret Atwood becomes the most important writer of the 21st century.7
We'll meet again...3
All of the above56
Rick Santorum does a good job and things get better for the U.S.2
Poll updated: 21st of February 2012 -- See: Previous polls

When it comes to "person with an odd quirk that helps them solve crime" shows, which is the most ridiculous concept:

Numb3rs - basically Mathnet for grown-ups.2
Castle - crime novelist becomes a detective due to contrived circumstances.10
Dexter - compulsive serial killer catches compulsive serial killers.6
Monk - OCD and 300+ phobias and the guy is still functional.21
The Mentalist - if Derren Brown solved murders.4
Poll updated: 6th of February 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Who's going to win the Super Bowl?

New England6
New York6
The 'Super Bowl' is too lame for me to have an opinion49
The All Blacks5
Tim Tebow3
Poll updated: 28th of January 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Which language do you find most beautiful? (please add)

Greek 0
Erse (Irish)3
Poll updated: 25th of January 2012 -- See: Previous polls

You find yourself with some spare time on your hands. Do you... (please add)

Play PC/Console games2
Muck about online15
Go for a walk1
None of your goddam business! (i.e. masturbate)3
Create a pointless poll2
Poll updated: 22nd of January 2012 -- See: Previous polls

What is your favorite sport? (please add)

American football8
Track & Field/Cross country1
Table tennis2
Martial Arts2
I just enjoy watching Ace workout in the gym, lifting weights with those big muscles, as sweat drips down his body.7
Sport sucks18
Poll updated: 15th of January 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Which of the following is the funniest word?

Poll updated: 4th of January 2012 -- See: Previous polls

Is the world going to end this year?

Poll updated: 31st of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Who's the hottest player in tennis?

Maria Sharapova1
Ana Ivanovic 5
Maria Kirilenko3
Caroline Wozniacki1
Fuck you and your misogynistic social outlook. (Have no chance)14
Poll updated: 27th of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Do you support the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB)'s attempt to halt the publishing of Ron Fouchier's H151 strain study?

Duh, he did call it "one of the most dangerous viruses you can make." Don't open Pandora's box.2
No. It's limiting the free flow of information and pissing off two of the most respected scientific journals in the world.5
Make sure the data can be accessible by researchers, then redact the sensitive stuff.15
Goat - we're all going to die anyways, so go on and enjoy the holidays!1
Poll updated: 22nd of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Mod election opinion poll

Throw them all out! We need an all new mod slate.0
Only a few have really been causing issues. The rest can stay.18
Keep them all in office.0
We should revert back to the bureaucrat system.6
Poll updated: 18th of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Best fantasy series EVAH?

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant0
Lord of the Rings16
Malazan Book of the Fallen0
Song of Ice and Fire4
Wheel of Time1
Harry Potter4
The Sword of Truth0
His Dark Materials4
The Old Kingdom1
The Elric Saga1
The Chronicles of Amber2

The one fantasy literature battle to rule them all.

Harry Potter5
The Lord of the Rings18
Long-eared Jerboa8
Poll updated: 10th of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Do you/did you attend a public or private university?

University? Psh.3
Poll updated: 8th of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

God these reality talent shows are appalling.

Poll updated: 4th of December 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Choose very carefully. (26th of November 2011)

I could care less.13
I couldn't care less.31
Poll updated: 26th of November 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Okay, so if it had to be one of them. Which is it? ( 11th of November 2011)

Rick "Erm...?" Parry Perry0
Michelle "Batshit" Bachmann26
Herman "Oh yeah, baby, feel me there" Cain5
John "Who?" Huntsman13
Mitt "Flip-Flop" Romney2
Ron "My fans are insane" Paul8
Rick "Juicy" Santorum1
Newt "Who the hell names their son 'newt'?" Gingrich2
Gary "Hey, over here. I'm running too. Hello! Anyone?" Johnson9
Jimmy "Rent is too damn high!" McMillan11

What's your favorite season? (4th September 2011)


Greatest fictional politician ever? (excluding Richard Nixon's head)

Neutral President, Futurama3
Mayor Adam West, Family Guy8
Mayor Joe Quimby, The Simpsons3
President Merkin Muffley, Dr. Strangelove9
President Skroob, Spaceballs2
FDA Commissioner Steve Hoyer, The Onion5
Poll updated: 30th of October 2011 -- See: Previous polls

Okay, nerds, have at it: What's your favourite sci-fi (22nd October 2011)

Star Wars10
Star Trek6
Babylon 53
Battlestar Galactica4
Red Dwarf4
Blake's 71
Doctor Who9

The very most importantest question in the world (22nd October 2011)

Star Trek18
Star Wars10
I refuse to participate in this horrendously flawed poll3
You screwed up the voting by adding and removing options3

You are casually browsing for hardcore pornography when you're suddenly shocked to see someone you know. Who would be the most disturbing to see. (17th October 2011)

Your parents13
Your current partner4
An ex1
Your boss2
Ace McWicked*4

* Only really counts if you are Ace McWicked and don't remember it.

You are casually browsing for hardcore pornography when you're suddenly shocked to see someone you know. Who would be the least disturbing to see. (14th October 2011)

Your parents0
Your current partner0
An ex5
Your boss0
Ace McWicked*21

* This totally doesn't count if you are Ace McWicked.

How much do you spend on a night out? (10th October 2011)

$0 - I don't leave the house and prefer to spend it on my WoW account10
$0-$25 - I leave early, got to get to work the next day9
$25-$50 - I party, but in simple moderation10
$50-$75 - Pass me the JD and coke3
$75-$100 - Just pass me the coke *wink*wink*1
$100-$150 - Where the fuck was I last night?1
$150+ - My bank account lives in perpetual fear1

Currency Exchange Calculator for Your Convenience

6÷2(1+2) = ? (3rd October 2011)

What sort of idiot phrases an expression like that?19

Is Maratrean quite possibly the most hilarious troll of all time? (2nd October 2011)

Come on, we all know RationalWiki is pro-suicide. 1
I'd rather check on Schlafly's musings with a bowl of popcorn nearby.1
Stop feeding him.8
All hail Holy Lord Bacu!3

Did you enjoy the the September 30th rapture? (30th September 2011)

I'm clicking this from heaven and laughing at you all.5
The real rapture is October 21st, for definite this time.4
No, the real rapture is in 2012 idiot!1
I got confused and bought dinosaur insurance.10

Neutrinos and the speed of light: (23rd September 2011)

Blatantly obvious experimental error9
Unaccounted gravitational distortions3
Short-cut through an extra dimension3
I look forward to Jim Al-Khalili eating his shorts live on television15

Rationalwiki's biggest asshole (hence best user) is: (16th September 2011)

Ace McWicked12
Nutty Roux1
Ed Poor2
Anonymous user20
Someone else1
All those fucking goats6

Are you:(12th September 2011)

Married with kids.5
Married without kids.5
In a relationship.13
Single, desperately looking.2
Single, not looking.7
Fuck you and your gender binary supporting heteronormative and regressive patriarchal ideology towards relationship development. (Single and have no chance)5

Best Richard Dawkins moment: (27th August 2011)

"What if you're wrong?"2
"Have you heard any clever or interesting argument from the other side?" - "No."8
"You can fuck off."4
"What is the penalty for apostasy?"7
"Ooh Mrs Garrison!!"12

Your favourite space shuttle. (27th July 2011)


Regarding Richard Dawkins' comments to Rebbecca Watson (See PZ Myers for a sensible appraisal.) (6th of July 2011)

Dawkins is an out of touch ignorant asshole and hanging is too good for him!5
What else do you expect from an old white guy?19
We're Climbing Mount Molehill here...33
Valid point, but insensitive and badly timed.12
Watson should shut up, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!13

Should the pointless polls be allowed to include "The F-word" in the options?

Fuck yeah!25
Fuck no!4
Fuck off!9

Am I lazy to come up with a real question for this poll? (2nd of June 2011)

All of the Above5

What is your view of our new leader Pi Psygremlin whoever has the hat right now?

Very Favourable2
Extremely Favourable2
I Want His Children... to eat3
Oh Please, Just Don't Fucking Kill Me30

Osama Bin Laden's Death...

...has made the world a safer place.12
...has made the world more open to revenge attacks.1
...distracted from the real issue: Barack Obama's birth certificate.7
...made me paranoid about being attacked by Navy SEALS.3
...shown that American's will chant "USA! USA! USA!" over pretty much anything.31
...achieved fuck all.4

Should this poll be update more often?

Yes Pi, you are a slack bastard.33
No, it was a shit idea in the first place.4
Hey, when did we get this?14

Where does your RW bookmark lead you to? (11th of June 2010)

The Main Page - For all my random featured content needs.11
WIGO CP - I just can't get enough.4
My Watchlist - I'm just organised like that.3
My Userpage - I'm just egotistical like that.0
Recent Changes - It's like Twitter, but with content.12
Bookmark? Pah! I type the full URL manually each time! (Or I'm lazy and let the browser do that "auto complete" thing)33

Does WorldNetDaily's polls have too many option?

No, they have just the right amount of options0
No, they help give a better idea of exactly why people vote yes or no0
No, this is just a way for Obama to distract from the birth certificate issue5
No, Farah is right in everything he does0
No, this what the Founding Fathers intended1
Yes, it is just a way of splitting dissenting opinions up so they don't attract as many vote1
Yes, it is plain ridiculous0
Yes and the sooner we throw that usurper-in-chief out the better1
I don't know0
Long-eared jerboa0

Do you like the colour of A Storehouse of Knowledge's tq template? (23rd Apr 2010)

I like it1
I find it noxious11
Goat (I don't care)3

How do you rate the performance of the Loya Jirga so far? (24th Feb 2010)

The who?19
They haven't done anything, perfect7
They are fascist tyrants that should be impeached3
Needs more Mei4

What did you do for "V-Day"? (15th Feb 2010)

Mostly alone, sipping at a small glass of whisky, a single solitary tear dripping down your cheek.1
Did the dirty all day and all night and right now want to brag about it.1
Xin Nian Kuai Le!1
Spent far too much f**king money on that totally f**king unappreciative bitch... Oops, there seems to be some hidden bitterness there.0
Got confused by Twitter shorthand and went to see the Vagina Monologues instead.1

Who is your "favourite" creationist?

CMI's Jonathan Sarfati1
AiG's Ken Ham1
ICR's Duane Gish1
US Correctional Services' Kent Hovind10

Did you vote in this poll? (23rd Jan 2010)

Not yet, but I will. Right about ... now.2
No ... hey wait!4

What do you consider the most important event for RationalWiki in 2009 (so far)? (1st Dec 2009)

Dawkins mentioning the Lenski Affair (even though he didn't mention RW, dammit!)1
Poe's Law (among others) being mentioned in the Telegraph21
Dembski's "legal threat" against the site3
The summer holidays at Teflpedia - and "what happened to rational wiki" making it into Google's suggestions.2

Should polls have more than one option?


Which of our mission goals is the most important to you? (10th Nov 2009)

Refuting pseudoscience4
Analysing the anti-science movement 11
Refuting crank ideas1
Exploration of authoritarianism0
Exploration of fundamentalism5

Your method of choice? (2nd Nov 2009)

Ticker tape and hole-punch4
Magnetised needle and a steady hand4

Do you ever click on online advertisement? (28th Oct 2009)

Yes, all the time1
Only if it interests me2
Only if it contains boobs1
Those Evony ads are my favourite6

Which of the newish features do you think was the most successful? (22ndnd Oct 2009)

The extended WIGOs (all except WIGO CP)5
Article of the Weak0
Saloon bar2
The to do list1

Should every poll have goat as an option? (12th Oct 2009)

This is just silly now1

Special Poll: Who is cooler?


What is RationalWiki's reputation like? (30th Sept 2009)

High: TV Tropes0
Medium: IMDB1
Low: 4Chan2
We have a reputation?!?8

Which is the most lulz-worthy website? (18th Sept 2009)

A Storehouse of Knowledge1

Do you like voting in online polls? (18th Sept 2009)

I find it strangely sexual10