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This is an archive page, last updated 16 November 2021. Please do not make edits to this page.
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Should Incel ideology be considered a domestic terrorist threat?

Yes, it promotes extremism3Vote
Yes, Incel ideology has led to attacks akin to terrorism48Vote
What are Incels3Vote
While incel ideology is clearly and demonstrably linked to violence and terrorism, and should thus be monitored and countered, I am generally concerned about governments framing things as “terrorist threats” to justify extending their own power33Vote
God damn bloody f**king incels7Vote
The current terrorism paradigm needs to be revised to include all ideologies that can incite domestic terrorism which includes Incel ideology. The current legal framework is ineffective3Vote

Should we abandon the electoral college?

Yes, it unfairly favors white people3Vote
Yes, it subverts democracy103Vote
Presidents should be decided by a flock of rabid goats19Vote

Do you want to join the Church of Unitology?

Yes, I am willing to give up all my money6Vote
Yes, bring on Convergence and the Necromorphs9Vote
No, I do not want to become a cult member13Vote
No, I do not want to become a Necromorph16Vote
I don't play Dead Space117Vote

What is the dumbest argument against same-sex marriage?

It's disgusting!6Vote
It's unnatural!9Vote
Won't someone please think of the children!7Vote
It's part of a liberal plot to destroy marriage!8Vote
It will result in incest/bestiality/pedophilia being allowed!136Vote
God will punish us if gay marriage is allowed!6Vote
But muh religious freedom!13Vote
Call it "civil unions" or "registered partnerships", but don't call it marriage!4Vote
It resulted in the fall of Rome!9Vote
Gay marriage shouldn't be allowed, because all marriage shouldn't be allowed!4Vote
It's a western invention being forced on India/China/Russia/etc.!9Vote
If gay marriage is allowed, everyone will become gay!13Vote
It's part of the gay agenda!14Vote

Should we move the Earth further away from the sun to stop global warming?

I am happy to freeze to death14Vote
Are you batshit crazy RZ9423Vote
As long as I can build an ice sculpture of Super Mecha Death Goat25Vote
RZ94, you trying to kill us all10Vote
Let global warming continue and turn Earth into the next Venus10Vote
Oh boy! Zombie apocalypse!4Vote

Which gender is better at comedy?

Women are funnier4Vote
Men are funnier10Vote
Intersex/Nonbinary are funnier4Vote
Trans of either gender are funnier3Vote
All genders are equally funny6Vote
Don't know, but all of them are funnier than this poll161Vote
Goats are far funnier than boorish humans47Vote

Should Roland Emmerich go to jail for murdering the Laws of Physics in the movie Day After Tomorrow?"?

Yes, the Laws of Physics did nothing wrong7Vote
No, the Laws of Physics deserved it17Vote
RZ94, please stop smoking crack14Vote
Goats murdered the Laws of Physics3Vote
It was some farmer in Mexico1Vote
A Canadian gas station worker did it3Vote
Fake News1Vote
The Day After Tomorrow never existed! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!9Vote

Who is the least funny conservative "comedian"?

Steven Crowder2Vote
Dave Rubin2Vote
The Babylon Bee4Vote
Ben Garrison9Vote
Bruce Tinsley1Vote
Kurt Long and Jennifer Robertson (of The 1/2 Hour News HourWikipedia, a failed Fox News Daily Show-ripoff)1Vote
Greg Gutfeld3Vote
Ryan Long (who made that infamous "wokes and racists agree on everything" YouTube video)3Vote
Adam Carolla0Vote
Donald Trump1Vote

What is your favorite breed of goat?

Nigerian Dwarf4Vote
Whichever one lets me take them home on a Saturday night26Vote
Greg Minnaar2Vote

What is the dumbest thing someone has said about the moon?

It can affect our personality21Vote
We never been on the moon87Vote
It's not real21Vote
It's flat5Vote
It's made of goat cheese9Vote
There is a secret Chinese COVID creation factory on the dark side of the moon23Vote

What is the dumbest COVID-19 Denialist argument?

99% Survival Rate35Vote
Fake News4Vote
Chinese Bioweapon (at least it can work in the real world)6Vote
It is 5G Cell Towers80Vote
It is a depopulation plot5Vote
It is the flu rebranded as COVID7Vote

How should the US have handled Afghanistan?

Stay forever6Vote
Stayed until it's the next President's problem2Vote
Left after killing bin Laden (in another country)32Vote
Left in early 2002, after Taliban was toppled 19Vote
Never gone in; extensive bombing campaign6Vote
Never gone in; ignored it entirely108Vote
Let's just enjoy some goat kebabs16Vote

What is the worst video game ever made?

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing2Vote
Hong Kong 97 (it is an actual game, watch the AVGN episode)4Vote
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties2Vote
Ethnic Cleansing8Vote
Rape Lay (it is an actual game and the plot is what the title implies)28Vote
Custer's Revenge6Vote
Unholy Triforce (Legend of Zelda CD-i)1Vote
Shaq Fu0Vote
Superman 641Vote
Ride to Hell: Retribution2Vote
Drake of the 99 Dragons0Vote
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric0Vote
All of these suck31Vote
Goat Simulator1Vote
Every single game ever made except for Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask5Vote


Sure, why the heck not?66Vote
Porn is immoral and unclean and damages your relationship with God.4Vote
What I do for extra money is none of your business!6Vote
The more implausible and badly made the better3Vote
Only if no goats are involved6Vote
I mean, it’s not my thing and there are some ethical issues in the wider industry, but hey, have at it if you want27Vote
It objectifies women 8Vote
Sex education yes, porn no11Vote

Should the US enact Voter ID laws?

Yes, unconditionally2Vote
Only if the US also provides cheap/free IDs85Vote
No, unconditionally31Vote
Not until goats can vote too4Vote

What is your favorite Alternate History video game series?

Assassin's Creed4Vote
C&C: Red Alert8Vote
Crimson Skies2Vote
Deus Ex9Vote
Goat Simulator28Vote

Which is more important for Rationalwiki longterm?

We protect Freeze Peach and associated trolls47Vote
We become a haven for ultra-woke SJWs17Vote
We can have both!13Vote
We want neither of those groups30Vote

Will an invasion of Taiwan by the People's Republic of China result in World War 3 (or 4 if you count the War on Terror as a world war)?

Taiwan should do a preemptive strike on China2Vote
The People's Republic of China needs to piss off54Vote
Taiwan belongs to the People's Republic of China2Vote
Not if we dump Lego blocks across Taiwan. Those hurt1Vote
Give Taiwan to Mexico8Vote
Give China to France4Vote
I want a goat4Vote
Let the goats consume Chinese weapons with a side of soy sauce (just for irony)0Vote
China does not exist and Taiwan is a scam created by the NWO to fatten up Americans to feed to the Canadians then the Canadians are fed to the Japanese who will start a beach party (Are you high RZ94?)9Vote

What's your favorite work by Swift?

Shake it Off7Vote
The Lady's Dressing Room0Vote
You Belong with Me3Vote
Gulliver's Travels2Vote
I Knew You Were Trouble5Vote
A Tale of a Tub0Vote
Blank Space1Vote
A Modest Proposal13Vote
I am smugly proud to say I do not know the title of a single Swift song18Vote

How should California handle the drought?

Ban almond farming4Vote
Ban private swimming pools2Vote
Penny/gallon tax on water3Vote
Make lawns illegal34Vote
Pray for dew and rain1Vote
Ban people and let the goats take over59Vote

Where should trans women Olympic athletes compete?

In Women's events47Vote
In Men's events15Vote
In a new, separate Trans/Inter category19Vote
Depends on event, and how much advantage a trans athlete would have since transition37Vote
Get rid of gendered categories entirely, no separate categories for men and women14Vote
Ban all sports48Vote

What words are synonymous with the people who stormed the capitol?

Terrorists 0Vote
Enemies of the State0Vote
All of the above13Vote
All of the above and also fascists93Vote

What is your ideal romantic experience?

Weekend together on a tropical island paradise18Vote
Week exploring a country23Vote
Playing video games together26Vote
The field of battle, covered in blood of your enemies24Vote
Romance? What's that?57Vote

Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?

His butler6Vote
Nick Tartaglione0Vote
Those two guards3Vote
Ghislaine Maxwell1Vote
Chrissy Teigen1Vote
Donald Trump17Vote
Bill Clinton3Vote
Prince Andrew or Queen Mum1Vote
Alan Dershowitz1Vote
Anonymous user7Vote
Angry goat5Vote

Which of your hands is dominant?

Hand non-binary1Vote
Trans Handed4Vote
Lost both hands during really bad sex6Vote

Who is the biggest traitor to the United States?

Aaron Burr (plotted to steal part of the US to form his own country with British help)3Vote
Aldrich Ames (sold out more than 100 CIA agents to the Soviets)26Vote
Benedict Arnold (turned against the US in the Revolutionary War)2Vote
Donald Trump (attempted to stage a coup by sic-ing a bunch of braindead wannabe Nazis who literally think they're the CSA on the Capitol building, all because he didn't like the results of the election he actually lost fair and square no matter how many times he says otherwise- this is all from the same guy who has the audacity to lecture "the libs" on patriotism)35Vote
Gerald C. MacGuire (plotted to overthrow FDR and install a dictator)1Vote
Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederacy)79Vote
Joe Dresnok (defected to North Korea to serve as a propagandist)0Vote
John Tyler (former US president who joined the Confederacy)1Vote
John Walker, Jr. (sold info about the US nuclear arsenal and Vietnam War operations to the Soviets)3Vote
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (gave nuclear secrets to the USSR, which helped them build the Bomb)9Vote
Martin James Monti (US pilot who defected to Nazi Germany and joined the SS)4Vote
Robert E. Lee (led the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia)7Vote
Michael Flynn (Avocating terrorist plot to install Trump as a dictator)3Vote
Me (I personally want to overthrow the US government myself and replace it with communism, killing all the centrists and rich people)3Vote
Me (I personally want to overthrow the US government and replace it with a hereditary dictatorship ruled by the Trump family)1Vote
Me (I personally want to overthrow the US government and replace it with complete anarchy! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD1111SHIFT!!!oneone11SHIFT!!1elventy11oneSHIFT!!111one!!!11!!)8Vote

What is the best solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

Two state solution72Vote
Three state solution (return Palestine to Egypt and Jordan)9Vote
Three state solution (separate states for Israel, Gaza and the West Bank)4Vote
One state solution (binational)36Vote
One state solution (Israeli dominance)13Vote
One state solution (Palestinian dominance)10Vote
Maintain the status quo3Vote
I don’t think the conflict can be solved22Vote
All states are illegitimate and must be abolished for there to be lasting peace41Vote
One state solution (Goat dominance)1Vote
Just have a meteor wipe out all people on Earth and end it already!3Vote
Idk, all of these ideas are shit3Vote

Should RationalWiki take over Mars and declare it an empire?

Hail to the Kingdom of Ratildonia!5Vote
Join the Soviet Socialist Republic of Mars9Vote
Mars belongs to everyone14Vote
Mars belongs to Merica!3Vote
The concept of Space is an evil government plot7Vote
RationalZombie94, can I have some of that weed you are smoking23Vote
Only if we can call it "Barsaloon"5Vote

Is property damage a form of violence?

Why do these anarchism related polls keep clogging up the SB?19Vote
Well, I mean, it depends doesn’t it?7Vote
Don't you dare to damage my Goat.2Vote
Goats are not your property.0Vote

Are you ready for the Octopus Uprising

Hail to our new Octopi overlords34Vote
RZ94, put down the crack pipe8Vote
RZ94, you need new medication8Vote
Join the Goat Resistance Army11Vote
Octopi are an evil Democrap plot to turn us into evil atheist liberal communists5Vote

How are you going to spend your Sorosbucks check this month?

Paying BLM protesters2Vote
5G Towers9Vote
Enforcing the LGBT agenda10Vote
Installing socialism19Vote
Attacking and dethroning God23Vote
A fursuit OwO8Vote
My goat farm13Vote

Are you keeping up with Eurovision this year?

Yes (my country is participating)4Vote
Yes (my country is not participating)2Vote
No (my country is participating)16Vote
No (my country is not participating)13Vote
What the hell is Eurovision?24Vote
What the hell is Eurovision? (spoken in a violently American accent)46Vote
We only have Nul points because its all politics4Vote

Who is the true and legit "China"?

People's Republic of China5Vote
Republic of China/Taiwan31Vote
People's Republic of Goat2Vote
Republic of Goat/Gaiwan8Vote
Japan is better3Vote
All states are illegitimate10Vote

Will you watch RZ94's/Channel 48's Agimi i Apokalipsit EAS scenario?

Yay EAS scenario!3Vote
Piss off5Vote
What is the EAS32Vote

Should the Republic of North Macedonia be renamed to the Republic of Paeonia to shut up crybaby Greek nationalists?

Salty Greek nationalists would find a reason to complain45Vote
RZ94, why do you care about politics in the Balkan Peninsula?11Vote
Greece should be called the Former Ottoman Republic of Greece (f--k you nationalists)6Vote
I want a goat11Vote
Ship RZ94 to the Balkans5Vote
Hail to the New Yugoslavia Kingdom! 3Vote
Rename it to North Goatistan.4Vote

A genie gives you two options: live forever or die right now. Even if the existence of a supernatural being suggests that God exists, the genie tells you there’s no life after death. What do you choose?

Live forever. I’ll have millions of years to get out of this rock before the Sun burns it, then trillions to prevent the protons from decaying, and then God knows how long to prevent the Universe from reaching its state of entropy. 33Vote
Live forever. See the death of the Universe is a lifetime opportunity (no pun intended). I'll have memories from quatrillions of years ago and I can be happy remembering them while floating into nothingness. 5Vote
Live forever. Ceasing to exist is worse than spending the rest of the eternity alone doing nothing.4Vote
Live forever. I just have to find the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and enjoy myself. 3Vote
Die right now. Life sucks anyway and I’d rather not do all the things I still want to do than spend the rest of eternity into boredom. 17Vote
Die right now. The genie is lying, the Bible proves that God exists and I don’t want to be alive when the the Rapture finally comes.3Vote
Tell the genie to fuck off.52Vote

Will the US go to war with Russia?

Let's get ready to rumble!!!6Vote
I want World War 38Vote
I will submit to Mother Russia8Vote
Russia should stop being an asshole13Vote
Send in the Goat Regiment against Russia13Vote

What did you get from the COVID Vaccine?

Very sore arm28Vote
Nausea and/or headache5Vote
Severe blood clots1Vote
A really cool microchip20Vote
Have not gotten the vaccine46Vote

Are animals from Australia the spawn of the devil?

They are a gift from heaven32Vote
Those demonic looking spiders are awesome22Vote
Australian animals are the product of evolution gone wrong70Vote
Can I have a scorpion?18Vote

How would you have voted on the three impeached presidents in U.S. history?

Convict all three65Vote
Convict Johnson and Clinton, acquit Trump7Vote
Convict Johnson and Trump, acquit Clinton79Vote
Convict Clinton and Trump, acquit Johnson7Vote
Convict Johnson, acquit Clinton and Trump2Vote
Convict Clinton, acquit Johnson and Trump1Vote
Convict Trump, acquit Johnson and Clinton7Vote
Acquit all three2Vote

Who is the shittiest US state governor?

Kay Ivey (R-AL)0Vote
Asa Hutchinson (R-AR)1Vote
Gavin Newsom (D-CA)6Vote
Ron DeSantis (R-FL)14Vote
Brian Kemp (R-GA)8Vote
Greg Gianforte (R-MT)1Vote
Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)20Vote
Mike DeWine (R-OH)0Vote
Kristi Noem (R-SD)8Vote
Greg Abbott (R-TX)66Vote

We are creating a centralized page for changing the BrainStar rating of articles, whether that's a Silver article that deserves to be a Gold cover story or a Silver article that is no longer worthy. What should we name it?

Articles for BrainStar1Vote
Articles for Demotion9Vote
Articles for Promotion3Vote
Articles for Braining4Vote
Articles for Upgrade0Vote
Articles to Rate2Vote
Brainstorm Articles0Vote
These are all terrible names and you should feel terrible8Vote

How will the Palestinian national election turn out?"

Fatah victory0Vote
Hamas victory2Vote
Palestinian civil war3Vote
More conflict with Israel6Vote
UN intervention14Vote
Who cares5Vote
RZ94, why do you care so much2Vote

If the Balkan Peninsula had a slogan, what should it be?"

Countries keep splitting into ever-increasingly tiny states1Vote
Peace does not exist23Vote
Europe's most dysfunctional family10Vote
Nationalist Paradise2Vote
Land of corruption16Vote
Oh? You're only 99.999999% similar to me? Viva la revolution!!!14Vote
Europe's powder keg1Vote

Who do you think Faux News will hail as the next "victim of cancel culture?"

Donald Trump (again)2Vote
Marjorie "school shooting survivors are literally Hitler" Taylor-Greene35Vote
Cancún Cruz1Vote
Rush Limbaugh's memory5Vote
Goaty McGoatface3Vote
Idk but probably not Starbucks, or BLM, or Doug Ducey, or Brian Kemp, since it's only "cancel culture" if liberals do it34Vote

Do you like RZ94?


Would it be better if Canada...?

Joined the European Union8Vote
Turned into the 51st US State13Vote
Became a Caribbean Island7Vote
Entered the Eurovision contest (like Australia)12Vote
Became the first country to land a person on the Sun13Vote
Replaced their entire military cache of weapons with Nerf guns33Vote
Gave every citizen a free goat39Vote

Should we remove "the R-Word" from our lexicon?

It's a hateful word, and the r-word and all variants should be eliminated entirely from our lexicon28Vote
It certainly could be reduced, and shouldn't be used to describe/insult those with actual developmental disabilities, but should still be acceptable depending on context60Vote
I'm against the excessive use of all slurs and cursewords, because much like your mother, they've lost a lot of appeal from overuse2Vote
There's no point in fighting the euphemism treadmill, just leave it as is, lest we start calling each other "differently abled person of size" as the go-to insult21Vote
What's the point? It's an accurate description of this poll and everyone involved14Vote
I'm only interested in words that refer to Goats, so this doesn't affect me1Vote
Please don’t use it if you’re not one of the people that it’s a slur against. It can be upsetting to many of the people who’ve had it directed at them for being disabled or neurodivergent, even if it’s not intended that way.15Vote

Which fundie school should have a RW article?

Andersonville Theological Seminary1Vote
West Coast Baptist College17Vote
Grand Canyon University3Vote
Jimmy Swaggart Bible College3Vote
Clarks Summit University0Vote
Crown College1Vote
Golden State Baptist College1Vote
Zombie Squirrel Theological Seminary (Are you serious RZ94?)21Vote

What will be the 51st state?

Puerto Rico19Vote
US Virgin Islands0Vote
State of Jefferson2Vote
There will never be a 51st state29Vote
Lincoln (eastern Washington, northern Idaho)1Vote
Goat Town (currently in Georgia)2Vote

What is the most hilariously bad conspiracy "theory"?

International Jewish Takeover2Vote
Vaccines cause Autism6Vote
Moon landing is fake2Vote
Muslims coming to kill us2Vote
Illuminati controls the world1Vote
New World Order3Vote
Gays coming to make the world fabulous5Vote
Transgender people are out to get us2Vote
All transwomen and cis men are rapists who oppress all "real" Womyn™ by like, existing4Vote
Atheists are coming to destroy churches12Vote
Vaccines have microchips5Vote
Immigrants coming to kill white people0Vote
RZ94 secretly controls RationalWiki (eyes shift)1Vote
Soros-funded space lasers run by DA JOOZ are the real cause of California wildfires and the Texan Ice Bowl; a truth that THEY censored Congresswoman MTG (QR-GA) for exposing!!!8Vote
Biden will soon have us all speaking Chinese and impose radical liberal Green New Deal marxist socialist atheist BLM antifa communism on America38Vote
Biden stole the election from Herr Drumpf4Vote
Big Tech censuring muh freezepeach that Patriots™ constantly whine about on Fox News, Newsmax, and the New York Post0Vote
Collapses are the thoughtpolice's way of censoring freeze peach0Vote
IT'S A PLANDEMIC1111!!!oneoneelventy11one!!111one!!!11!!1Vote
Bush did 9/110Vote
JFK Jr. is still alive and is investigating an elite pedophile ring that includes Hollywood and the Democratic Party8Vote

What's your favorite Mars Rover?

Mars 31Vote

Favorite thing to do on RW

Commenting on Saloon Bar7Vote
Banning/reverting trolls, wandals6Vote
Shameless self-promotion of one's own irrelevant videos and expertly-drawn comics Only editors who were around in early 2019 will get this reference!0Vote
Actually making edits8Vote
Joke-blocking sprees1Vote
Commenting in the talkpage of WIGO CP1Vote
Unfunny wandalism0Vote
Trolling other editors0Vote
I want nothing to do with Rat wiki's irrational hivemind!!! I have personally reported this site to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services1111!!!oneoneelventy11one!!111one!!!11!!3Vote
Picking at its scabs1Vote

How do you think Cadet Bone Spurs' impeachment conviction vote (part 2) will go?

The Senate's vote will be in favor of Trump.4Vote
The Senate's vote will not be in favor of Trump.6Vote
The Mormon will not be the only never-Trumper Republican to vote for the conviction, and the Senate's vote will not be in favor of Trump.4Vote
The Mormon will not be the only never-Trumper Republican to vote for the conviction, and the Senate's vote will be in favor of Trump.20Vote
The Mormon will be the only never-Trumper Republican to vote for the conviction, and the Senate's vote will not be in favor of Trump.2Vote
The Mormon will be the only never-Trumper Republican to vote for the conviction, and the Senate's vote will be in favor of Trump.3Vote
Rudy "Trial By Combat!!!1!!1" Giuliani will manage to embarrass himself (and Trump) in front of the Senate.11Vote
dont step un mi you-knit-tea, our country needs 2 heel by giving the insurrectionists a free pass2Vote
Just when it seems that the Senate's vote will not be in favor of Trump, DINO Big Oil/Big Guns shill Joe Manchin will manage to ruin everything.4Vote
Either way, it's a lose-lose for Republicans.2Vote
Idk but I feel like it’s probably going to suck the whole time34Vote

What's your favorite "Ragtag Bunch of Misfits on a Starship" series?

Babylon 5 (sorta)4Vote
Battlestar Galactica4Vote
Cowboy Bebop23Vote
Dark Matter0Vote
The Expanse (mostly)8Vote
Space Cases0Vote
.....does uh DS9 count?9Vote
How is Outlaw Star not on this list?~3Vote
Red Dwarf7Vote

[You chose to Get torch] You grabbed the torch. Suddenly, the room shifts! The goat is now untied, in the room, near the South exit. Exits are East and South. Do you...

Go South2Vote
Go East6Vote
Extinguish Torch6Vote
Pet Goat69Vote
Burn Goat8Vote
Slay Goat11Vote
Get eaten by a grue18Vote

What's your favorite booze?

White wine4Vote
Red wine22Vote
Box wine3Vote
Lager (real)10Vote
Lager (American, like making love in a canoe)4Vote
Am Mormon, can't drink21Vote
Kefir (fermented goat's milk)3Vote
Goon (boxed wine, but you throw out the box and are also Australian)3Vote

How are you enjoying your new host body?

I enjoy the fine motor control this ape-form provides27Vote
These flesh-balls are a little greasy and smelly for my tastes, but I can get used to it13Vote
AHHH! MY EYES! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP! I mean, ahem, how about this fine weather, fellow meat-creature?21Vote
I once again long for the freedom of silicon, ceramics, and fiber-optics62Vote
The Cycle of the Cleanse can't come soon enough21Vote

How do you wear your mask?

[You chose to “Take Goat”] There is no goat in the room. The goat is tied outside the room near the North exit. There is a torch on the wall. Exits are North and West. Do you...

Go North13Vote
Go West4Vote
Go South7Vote
Get torch33Vote
Get eaten by a grue16Vote
Take Long-eared Jerboa18Vote
Over my mouth and nose174Vote
Over my mouth only6Vote
Over my nose only3Vote
Over my chin3Vote
Over the hole I talk with; you can't see it because I have pants on right now11Vote
My goat ate my mask39Vote

What comes to mind when you hear Anti-Mask arguments?

Ableist Rhetoric11Vote
Pseudoscience garbage100Vote
Anti-Mask People Lack Empathy and Compassion29Vote
I support Anti-Mask arguments14Vote
Dont step un mi freewdum87Vote
People who support Anti-Mask arguments should only be counted as 2/3 of people when it comes to deciding how much Goat their states have13Vote

Should we make the "reality show" RationalWiki Ghost Hunters?

Go to Hell6Vote
Seriously RZ94? Are you an idiot?!2Vote
Are the RW editors smoking crack?11Vote
I can practically smell the cash rolling in!49Vote
Lets get rich quick!1Vote
Sounds like fun5Vote
GrammarCommie will be the host of the show14Vote
We should make the "reality show" RationalWiki Goat Hunters?12Vote
Heeey, you stole Circular's idea of making this a poll, RZ! I have now reported you to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services1111!!!oneoneelventy11one!!111one!!!11!!15Vote

You are in a room. There is a torch on the wall. Exits are North and West. Do you...

Go North8Vote
Go West7Vote
Go South9Vote
Get torch28Vote
Take goat58Vote
Get eaten by a grue38Vote

Which Spice Girl are You?

Reptile Spice29Vote
Mammal Spice34Vote
Amphibian Spice13Vote
Avian Spice18Vote
Fish Spice14Vote

Did you click the first option on this poll?

Wait, what?133Vote