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Oxyaena Harass 01:46, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

hi, it blocked me as a spammer for trying to create an article. any idea why? — Unsigned, by: Tobias / talk / contribs
Yes, you tripped a filter. — Dysk (contribs) 01:42, 21 April 2019 (UTC)


You should be good now. Oxyaena Harass 01:45, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

Sniped. — Dysk (contribs) 01:50, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

Not convinced


Don't screw around with it this time. Any questions, please ask. Anything that isn't routine, please get a second opinion. And I don't want to see any drama with the other banned trolls. Consider it probationary, any misbehavior and I will be cross and may remove it. Other than that, have fun. :) — Dysk (contribs) 21:59, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

ok thanks, appreciated. And I (hopefully) won't make the same mistake as before.Tobias (talk) 22:19, 21 April 2019 (UTC)

Your userpage

I've heard of self-deprecating humour but... --RWRW (talk) 02:19, 26 April 2019 (UTC)

Turning over a new leaf?

Never thought I'd see the day. Congratulations. Now if only Mike and Abd would act their age as well. Oxyaena Harass 02:34, 2 May 2019 (UTC)

So you know about the three stooges? lol. Mike is literally insane. Lomax is just retired and bored and gets into slap fights because he's got nothing else to do. Tobias (talk) 02:44, 2 May 2019 (UTC)
Y'all make for great comedy material. Oxyaena Harass 02:49, 2 May 2019 (UTC)
And I hope you're going to choose one user account now and stick to it. No wonder our enemies thought you wrote this entire site under 300 different user names thanks to all the fucking socks you had. And don't accuse me of stalking or trolling you again! Spud (talk) 05:16, 3 May 2019 (UTC)
I've had somewhere between a dozen and two dozen accounts since January 2012 (7 years, 5 months) which isn't actually a lot for the lengthy time period. The 300, 600 or 1000 figure is exaggerated from Abd's troll blog; the actual person with hundreds of accounts (easily over 500 and possibly as much as 1000) is Mikemikev, although since Mike often impersonates me on this wiki, or other people confuse our accounts, that's why some people are misled into thinking I own hundreds.Tobias (talk) 17:00, 3 May 2019 (UTC)
Speak of the devil.Tobias (talk) 21:07, 3 May 2019 (UTC)
Which one? Oxyaena Harass 23:06, 3 May 2019 (UTC)
"Susan" is Mike. There's hundreds of these accounts since he's blocked on at least 2-3 each week and he's being doing this since 2013.Tobias (talk) 23:56, 3 May 2019 (UTC)

Bryan Pesta

I suspect those accounts are our resident troll on the talk-page. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong! John66 (talk) 08:30, 4 May 2019 (UTC)

Yea, that's Mike again now trolling Bryan Pesta article. Thanks for blocking. Tobias (talk) 10:21, 4 May 2019 (UTC)

Mr.Spud why are you so angry?

I seem to have upset Mr. Spud for calling a convicted thief "ugly". I think Spud is still butthurt over the deletion of RationalWikiWiki he probably still blames me for. The deletion of that wiki actually had nothing to do with me.Tobias (talk) 14:04, 4 May 2019 (UTC)

Not a bit of it. I didn't spend anywhere near as much time and energy on RationalWikiWiki as you did, as well you know. And I really don't care how it came to Wikia staffs' attention. I'm also not the tiniest bit angry at the moment. I just think that we should only criticize people on the basis of what they've said and done, not on the basis of things they can't help, like what they look like and their mental health problems. You're not on Encyclopaedia Dramatica now. Don't act as if you are. Spud (talk) 14:25, 4 May 2019 (UTC)
Ok. My comment about mental illness was not personal, rather I was pointing out racialists are basically psychotic/mentally ill like creationists, here's a good article. What I said, is I wasn't susprised to learn Greenrd is mentally ill because he's a racialist. These irrational beliefs are the result of psychosis.Tobias (talk) 14:33, 4 May 2019 (UTC)
I used RWW to primarily document Mikemikev's sockpuppets; he just showed up on another two hours ago. Mike has been legally threatening me for years despite non-stop defaming, harassing and impersonating me. I just thought RWW would be a good place to document all his abuse.Tobias (talk) 15:15, 4 May 2019 (UTC)
Well I think it's pretty clear that view is somewhat problematic. I will just reiterate the point about not engaging in drama with the other banned trolls. History notwithstanding. — Dysk (contribs) 16:59, 4 May 2019 (UTC)
Mr Smith, there comes a time when it will be good to Troll. Oxyaena Harass 13:46, 5 May 2019 (UTC)


Just block them for 3 days. It's rather excessive blocking an IP for 3 months given that he only probably has it assigned to his router for a few hours. — Dysk (contribs) 17:06, 7 May 2019 (UTC)

He's spammed the same link to an obscure alt-right subreddit on multiple IPs/accounts. This is the first time I've come across that link and its not the sort of place I would visit, yet I notice over 200 comments of impersonations and he will even go as far as attacking himself while pretending to be me. He also incriminates himself every-time since he has to give me the link where he's doing this, otherwise I wouldn't know about it - all for a reaction I guess.Tobias (talk) 17:23, 7 May 2019 (UTC)
Well it does seem to work. :/ — Dysk (contribs) 17:27, 7 May 2019 (UTC)
Yep, but he's been doing this now for 6 years. There must be some sort of restraint order against this form of persistent harassment.Tobias (talk) 17:55, 7 May 2019 (UTC)
Not really something you can easily prove though is it? Best to just ignore it and get on with your life. — Dysk (contribs) 18:04, 7 May 2019 (UTC)

Articles created

I know for a fact you created more articles, Mr Smith. Why hide them? Dr. Ox quack specialist 02:13, 11 May 2019 (UTC)

I've created hundreds of articles, but I've only listed 3 made by this account. I'd rather not list all of them and some I've forgotten since I created so long back. People who dislike me and whine about my page creations only cherry-pick a few and ignore the hundreds no one has a problem with.Tobias (talk) 02:45, 11 May 2019 (UTC)