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The immature rantings of Shapiro as a college student weren't something he grew out of. Instead, his dumbest beliefs were reinforced by a right-wing culture that nurtured every nutty idea he had, and pressured him never to stray from a far right ideology. As a result, Ben Shapiro has become a professional idiot.
—John K. Wilson[1]
I genuinely dislike Ben Shapiro.
—Chris Evans[2]

Benjamin Aaron "Andrew Neil's bitch" Shapiro (1984–) is an American right-wing author,[3][4] talker, UCLA- and Harvard-educated lawyer, founder of Truth Revolt (2013-2018) and The Daily Wire (2015-ongoing), catcaller,[note 1] and notorious dog whistler.[6] He is also known to many as an insufferable asshole,[7] a pseudointellectual hack,[8][9][10][11] the author of several really bad books,[12][note 2] and another hapless proponent of far right ideas, choosing whatever suits his current agenda.[citation NOT needed] On that note, Benny is best known for his mostly fact-free criticisms of ""left-wing"" ideas; in particular, he is famous for the phrase “facts don't care about your feelings”.[13]

Of course, because facts are the #1 priority on Ben's agenda,Do You Believe That? Shapiro denies anthropogenic global warming[14][15][16][17][18] and supports intelligent design.[19][20][21] He is religiously and ethnically Jewish, but has no qualms with verbally abusing any Jew who doesn't agree with his backwards ideology. Ben Shapiro once DESTROYED the BBC’s schedule by LEAVING the interview early childishly stormed out from a BBC interview when Andrew Neil of Britain's Conservative Party read Shapiro's quotes back to him (but not before accusing Neil of being a "leftist", of course).[22] Shapiro's main shtick is to whine about the persecution of straight, white, conservative men by the liberal media[23] and fear-monger about "coastal elites" liberally indoctrinating[note 3] the unwitting public into communism.

Shapiro earned his spurs as a writer for Townhall and WND, but is better known for his close association with Andrew Breitbart, even becoming an editor (and then editor-at-large) for He acrimoniously resigned after Breitbart refused to defend one of their own reporters after she accused Corey Lewandowski (then Trump's campaign manager) of forcefully grabbing her. He has since become a frequent critic of Steve Bannon and the alt-right.[24]

Shapiro has written several books, including "Post-Obama thriller" called True Allegiance[25] and a manual titled How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them.[26] These are as childish as they sound, notably the former. Imagine being THAT pissed off with Obama that you feel to need to fill the US with scaremongering and denialism... oh wait.

Shapiro's wife is a doctor. Don't worry, he'll let you know.[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][34]



If you wear your pants below your butt, don't bend the brim of your cap, and have an EBT card, 0% chance you will ever be a success in life.
—Ben Shapiro, non-racist[35]

Shapiro claimed that "Colin Powell was an affirmative action general".[36] He also decided that "[t]he Obama administration is" using "racism to let black criminals off the hook, justify illegal immigration, hamstring law enforcement across the country, and push redistribution as a solution to supposed continuing discrimination against 'people of color.'" As a result, "[t]he next race war will come not from racist whites, but from racist blacks and Hispanics who feel empowered to act on their racism by an administration that excuses all minority misbehavior."[37]

In a 2018 episode of the Ben Shapiro show, Shapiro tried to argue that assuming all black people are criminals is a reasonable use of group data rather than racism. This included justifying avoiding young black people on the street and hiring no black people if you can't run a background check.[38] No word was given on whether or not he would see it as reasonable to refuse hiring or renting to men because they have a higher violent crime rate than women.

In his "U.S. President Tier Ranking" video he stated that the Civil Rights Act was wrong because it encroached on the freedoms of private businesses (these "freedoms" being the freedom to discriminate against black people).[39]

Police brutality[edit]

Shapiro justified the killings of Breonna TaylorWikipedia[40] and Eric GarnerWikipedia, claiming in the latter case that Garner "was not murdered by the cops" and that his death was in fact caused by a heart attack.[41] This is in contrast with the autopsy conducted by the Medical Examiner's Office which stated Garner died from "compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police".[42] A doctor hired by Garner's family came to the same conclusion.[43]

Similarly, he defended the killing of thirteen-year old Mexican-American Adam Toledo, calling it a justified killing and claiming that he had a gun.[44] Unsurprisingly, Shapiro was lying by omission; whilst Toledo did carry a gun, Shapiro left out the part of the story where he dropped it and raised his hands in the air.[45]

Most frequently, Shapiro defended Derek Chauvin after he asphyxiated George Floyd to death by kneeling on his neck. He repeatedly claimed that the left-wing media was refusing to report on any defence testimony in Chauvin's trial[46] despite said testimony being widely reported and while himself never mentioning any of the prosecution witnesses who refuted the testimony he was reporting on. He also touted former police officer Barry Brodd, who testified that Chauvin's use of force was proportional, as evidence that the case could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt.[47]. This is despite the fact that eight police trainers, senior police officers and use-of-force experts testified that Chauvin acted outside protocol and was using wildly excessive force.[48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55] Following Chauvin's murder conviction, Shapiro sent out a hilariously bad tweet attacking Don Lemon for daring to say that "justice was served".[56]

Despite his dismissal of police brutality against people of color, Shapiro posted a video on Facebook in which fellow journalist far-right idiot Matt Walsh expressed support for a white terrorist named Ashli Babbitt who was shot by police while attacking the Capitol.[57]


Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue. #settlementsrock
—Ben Shapiro, Master of Facts and Logic[58][59]

Shapiro is extremely bigoted towards Arabs, showing a scary level of hostility to Palestinians. In a 2003 op-ed titled "Transfer is not a dirty word", Shapiro (then 19) called for the removal of Palestinians from Israeli-ruled Palestinian land and asserted that Arabs cannot come to peace with Israelis:[60]

The "road map" was doomed from the start. The Arab enmity for Jews and the state of Israel allows for no peace process. The time for half measures has passed. Bulldozing houses of homicide bombers is useless. Instituting ongoing curfews in Arab-populated cities is useless. Roadblocks, touch fences, midnight negotiations and cease-fires are useless.


Half measures merely postpone our realization that the Arabs dream of Israel's destruction. Without drastic measures, the Arab dream will come true. In the short term, the establishment of a "Palestinian state" based in Judea, Samaria and Gaza cuts Israel to the bone. In some places, Israel would be an unthinkable 9 miles wide. In the long term, the growth of the hostile Israeli-Arab population within pre-1967 Israel bodes ill for the future of the Jewish state. As University of Haifa professor Arnon Soffer says, "The trends and indicators all point to an economic and ecological catastrophe waiting to happen and of the death knell of the ideological dream of a Jewish state."

Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It's an ugly solution, but it is the only solution. And it is far less ugly than the prospect of bloody conflict ad infinitum. When two populations are constantly enmeshed in conflict, it is insane to suggest that somehow deep-seated ideological change will miraculously occur, allowing the two sides to live together.


It's time to stop being squeamish. Jews are not Nazis. Transfer is not genocide. And anything else isn't a solution.

Shapiro explicitly related this to the flight and expulsion of Germans after World War 2Wikipedia, in which at least 500,000 Germans (of about 12 million Germans transferred) died.[61] In 2013, Shapiro partially withdrew these views:[62]

Some on the right have proposed population transfer[note 4] from the Gaza Strip or West Bank as a solution. This is both inhumane and impractical. Moving millions of Palestinians out of areas they have known for their entire lives will certainly not pave the way to peace. Moreover, these Palestinians will have no place to go, since their brethren across the Arab would prefer to keep them cooped up in dismal poverty than house them in their own lands.

In the end, both right and left agree that a population separation is necessary. That does not mean Palestinian statehood, which will undoubtedly result in another Iran directly on Israel's borders. It means instead moving beyond utopianism and making mental peace with the fact that no solution will be permanent. Israel will have to protect its citizens, and it will have to continue to police Palestinian borders. Settlements are not the problem here. Removing settlements is not the solution. The problem is intractable.

Recognizing that the problem is intractable is the first step toward real security for Israel. Signaling to the Palestinian population that occupation will remain permanent so long as they continue supporting terrorism should provide a disincentive to do so. As for the propaganda wars, Israel has no choice but to weather them.

Shapiro offers no useful solution. Instead of supporting "population transfer" he supports "population separation" with no mechanism for achieving this goal. He neither endorses a one-state or two-state solution -- instead simply calling for inevitable occupation.[63]

It doesn't stop there. In 2007, Shapiro wrote an editorial for the print and digital syndicate Creators, entitled "The Radical Evil Of The Palestinian Arab Population." In it, he referred to Palestinian people as "rotten to the core", and declared they are "an entire population corrupted by bloodthirsty anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism" that "violates modern ideas of politics." He also wrote:

Ah, the fabled Palestinian people. The Palestinian people, who simply want "a better life." The Palestinian people, who, President George W. Bush has repeatedly informed us, "long for a society in which they can raise their children in peace and hope."

The Palestinian people, who support, fund and execute suicide bombings. The Palestinian people, who dress their toddlers in bomb belts and then take family snapshots. The Palestinian people, who cheered on September 11 as the World Trade Center towers fell. The Palestinian people, who followed terrorist extraordinaire Yasser Arafat, supported Saddam Hussein, shredded the blooming rose that was once Christian Lebanon, and almost toppled the Western-friendly Jordanian monarchy. The Palestinian people, who destroy relics on the Temple Mount, openly call for the destruction of the state of Israel, ally with Syria and Iran, and elect Hamas. The Palestinian people, who teach their children that the Holocaust is a fairy tale, and that Jews routinely poison Palestinian candy. The Palestinian people, who stage injuries in order to solicit Western media sympathy, and then roar madly as they hold up their hands, red with the blood of murdered Israeli soldiers.[64]

Shapiro wrote in a 2008 WND op-ed:

Viewed in its starkest terms, the Arab-Israeli conflict may be accurately described as a war between darkness and light. Those who argue against Israeli settlements – outposts of light in a dark territory – argue for the continued victory of night. They argue for the dominance of the same terroristic population that elected Hamas. They argue for the appeasement of populations and leaderships who value murder at the expense of those who value life.[65]

Shapiro explicitly called for the USA to invade Iran in 2019 after the Iranian military shot down an unmanned American drone:

When he says "150 people were going to die and that was not proportionate" I don't know where this idiotic notion came from, that if you attack the United States we are supposed to be proportionate in our response. In fact, I think that's a terrible idea.[66]

In 2021, after a brief detour into defending the killings of African-Americans, Shapiro returned to Arab-bashing after Israeli police violently suppressed a protest out the Al-Aqsa mosque. Although the protest was in fact about Palestinians being evicted,[67] Shapiro claimed that it was an act of anti-Jewish terrorism incited by Hamas.[68] After the attack, Hamas launched rockets at Israel. Responding to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeting that the attacks were motivated by the Israeli police launching an Islamophobic attack on Al-Aqsa mosque, Shapiro chose to ignore her criticisms in favour of calling her an anti-Semitic terrorist sympathiser. He also claimed that the conflict "is not a conflict about land" and that Arabs simply hate Jews, as if Israel didn't start the conflict by occupying Palestinian territory.[69]

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan[edit]

Shapiro wrote an article for TownHall in 2002 stating that he is 'really sick of people who whine about civilian casualties' in Afghanistan because 'one American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian'. He suggested that the IDF follow a US War on Terror approach to their oppression of Palestinians. He claims he would have 'gone in with F-16s and leveled Jenin' – a city of 40,000 Palestinians. Yikes.[70]


Ben: So let's assume *blah blah blah transphobic comment*...
Conservative Reactionary Audience: *CLAPS HEAVILY*

Shapiro is also a virulent transphobe who does not believe that trans women are women,[71] and thinks being transgender is a mental illness.[72]He interviewed Blaire White on the topic of gendered language, stating that people should only be called pronouns and honorifics based on their biological sex. (However, he does respect name changes, for whatever reason.[73]) He reiterated the myth that transgender suicide rates do not decrease post-transition.[74] During a discussion about Caitlyn Jenner on HLN, Shapiro asserted that all transgender people are simply delusional and argued this point with Dr. Drew Pinsky (who had spent much of the segment explaining the neurobiology of sex and gender differences). Pinsky is a psychiatrist (i.e., a specialty specializing in mental disorders and other feelings, including gender dysphoria); Shapiro is a lawyer.[75]

During that same discussion on HLN, Shapiro repeatedly addressed correspondent Zoey Tur, a transgender woman, as "Sir", to which Tur placed her hand on Shapiro's shoulder and replied "You cut that out now, or you'll go home in an ambulance."[75][76] Afterward, Shapiro filed a police report for battery against Tur.[77][78][79]


During an interview with Dave Rubin, Shapiro stated that he not only opposes gay marriage, but also marriage between Jews and non-Jews.[80]. Shapiro said he would not participate in any activities with Dave Rubin if it had anything to do with his homosexuality.[81] He has also criticized the movie "Happiest Season" (which he admits having never even seen) because having an LGBT-centred romantic comedy is apparently "woke."[82]

In 2016, he tweeted that he believes homosexual activity is a sin,[83] while frequently citing how the "militant gay agenda" is destroying America. Shapiro, who attended college and (probably) pays taxes, said:

If you pay tuition, you're sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. If you pay taxes, you're sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. If your child majors in English, you're sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. Tell Billy to major in math.[84]

After gay marriage was legalized in Obergefell v. Hodges, Shapiro issued this response to Barack Obama lighting up the White House in rainbow colors:

Our hate-filled president slaps religious Americans in the face in the name of "love," using tax $ for gay propaganda[85]

Similarly, Shapiro saw a federal judge's 2010 ruling against California Proposition 8 as "using the power of his gavel to justify his sex life."[86]

After the Supreme Court ruled in Fulton v. City of PhiladelphiaWikipedia that Catholic adoption agencies could discriminate against gay couples looking to adopt, Shapiro complained that the ruling didn't go far enough because it didn't exempt religious people from all anti-discrimination laws.[87]

Most horrifying of all, however, was his response to Beto O'Rourke's promise to strip churches of their tax exemptions if they didn't perform same-sex marriages. In a blatant call to violence, Shapiro accused O'Rourke of "indoctrinating" his children into a pro-LGBT way of thinking and threatened to shoot him if he won the election and wrote his promise into law.[88]


Like many American rightists, Ben is an almighty Islamophobe. In fact, Shapiro was one of the top Twitter feeds that the 2017 Quebec City mosque shooter checked immediately before attacking the mosque. His feed was visited 93 times in the month preceding the shooting.[89]


As a general matter, the left’s favorite three lines of attack are (1) you’re stupid; (2) you’re mean; (3) you’re corrupt.
—Shapiro, How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them: 11 Rules for Winning the Argument [90]

Liberal indoctrination[edit]

Shapiro has long argued that colleges are liberal indoctrination centers. For example, The Christian Science Monitor (!) described his 2004 book Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth thus:

Of US professors in general, Shapiro makes sweeping — and many would say absurd — charges that they promote atheism, absolute sexual freedom (including pedophilia and statutory rape), and rampant environmentalism to the point of urging the annihilation of the human species.[91]

Shapiro also infamously cited Sesame Street as an example of liberal propaganda.[92]

Climate change denial[edit]

On the climate change issue, I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert in, in reading the studies.[93][94]
—Ben Shapiro, fact and logic master

Shapiro is a vehement climate change denier. In 2007 he penned a weird article "mocking" liberals who believe in global warming and affirmed Gore's Law. He doubled-down in another article, which compares belief in global warming to a religion, with Al Gore as its "Prophet". He has since (somewhat) moderated his views, admitting that climate change is real and denying he is a denier[95] but insisting that the issue has been overblown through catastrophic headlines. He opposes any government intervention to mitigate the problem.[96][97] Now, claiming that the effects of climate change are exaggerated and saying "humans have adapted to climate change before"[98] is still considered denialism.

Ben Shapiro: ...that all the water levels around by, let’s say, five feet over the next hundred years, or let’s say 10 feet over the next hundred years, and puts all the low-lying areas on the coast underwater, alright, if you say all that happens. Wouldn’t you just think that all the people aren’t just going to sell their houses and move on?

*awkward silence*

Hbomber: *has a breakdown, grabs an axe and starts breaking his wall* *multiple axe blows to his wall, multiple hbomber grunts* (bemused yelling) just one small problem. SELL THE HOUSES TO WHOM, BEN? FUCKING AQUAMAN?!
Climate Denial: A Measured Response on Youtube, about 4 minutes in.

Other conspiracies[edit]

Debate master[edit]

A compilation of rightist YouTube's hillariously dramatic and pathetic titling.[note 5]
Renewable energy: dumbest phrase since climate change. See the first law of thermodynamics, dumbass. #tcot #teaparty
—Ben Shapiro, physicist extraordinaire[103]
And the truth is, no pro-life person on Earth would kill baby Hitler. Right, because baby Hitler wasn't Hitler, adult Hitler was Hitler. Baby Hitler was a baby.
—Ben Shapiro, cool kids' philosopher[104]

Ben Shapiro does not debate as effectively as he constantly claims to. Rather, he is famous for bullshitting debates by speaking quicker than every rapper ever born, coupled with gish galloping[105] and other logical fallacies,[106] to make him seem confident while the person he debates with remains confused by those irrelevant arguments. Here are some of his personal highlights:

Victim complex[edit]

—Mission statement of both TruthRevolt[107] and The Daily Wire,[108] both of which Shapiro founded

Shapiro authored a 300-page version of the tone argument in his 2013 book, Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans.[109]

Even outside his debating, Shapiro quite seriously believes that "neoconservative" is a dog whistle for Jew (and thus considers it "anti-Semitic"),[110] as he repeatedly demonstrated in a hilarious catfight with Patton Oswalt.[111]

Ad hominems[edit]

The Nazis equated Jews with animals. In its Holocaust On Your Plate exhibit, PETA picks up where the Nazis left off.
—Ben Shapiro, owner of an enormous brain[112]

Shapiro has a habit of engaging in ad hominem attacks against non-conservatives. As seen above, Shapiro literally compares PETA to Nazis for using Holocaust imagery.[112] Shapiro described Obama as a "philosophical fascist"[113] who had "clear-cut anti-semitism".[114] In an example of molehill mountaineering, Shapiro accused all liberal professors of spreading "evil" and called a professor's wife "brainless" because she talked about how much she treasures the Constitution.[115]

Of course, this kind of attack fails against experience. When Ben Shapiro was arguing with getting pwned by Andrew Neil, he accused Neil of being on the left. Neil, a British Conservative (and a staunch one at that), acutally laughed in his face, replying "If you only knew how ridiculous that statement is, you wouldn't have said it".[22] After being thoroughly roasted for the Christmas turkey in a total one-sided battle, Ben stormed out, becoming perhaps one of the only people in History to lose an interview. Neil then turned the ad hominem back on Shapiro by finishing the interview with: "Thank you for your time and for showing that anger is not part of American politics."

The YouTube upload of the interview was widely spread (8 million views) and completely undermined Shapiro's debating credibility, outing him as the flakey gish galloper he really is.

No true Scotsman[edit]

The Jewish people has always been plagued by Bad Jews, who undermine it from within. In America, those Bad Jews largely vote Democrat.
—Ben Shapiro[116]

In response to a Pew Research Center poll that found that American Jews were more likely to say that Donald Trump was too favorable of Israel than any American Christian group said,[note 6][117] Shapiro stated "This is because a plurality of Jews have nothing to do with Judaism other than in a passing cultural context."[118] Anti-semitism aside, Shapiro ignored the fact the study found the actual plurality of Jews (47%) said Trump had the right balance of Israel/Palestine favorability.[117]

Shapiro also has a history of referring to numerous Jews as "Jews in Name Only". In his 2011 Townhall editorial "Jews In Name Only", he referred to every Jew who voted for Obama in 2008 as "Jews In Name Only".[119] During a Fox News appearance in 2013, he stated that Noam Chomsky "is not really Jewish" and is "Jewish in name only.[120] Finally, as recently as 2016, he wrote an editorial in The Daily Wire referring to Bernie Sanders as a "Jew in Name Only".[121] He has also referred to journalists Sidney Blumenthal[122] and his son Max[123] as "self-hating Jew[s]", and has called Rahm Emmanuel[124] and George Soros "kapo[s]".[125]


See the main article on this topic: Breitbart

Shapiro and Breitbart were made for each other. They both take even the tiniest, most irrelevant morsel of "news"[126] and spin it into atrocities committed by the left. They both cry "Anti-Semitism!"[127][128] when confronted with facts, yet freely insert racist dog-whistles into their articles for effect.[129] They both earnestly use derogatory names like "SJW" and Marxist for anyone not on the far right. Shapiro has been caught a few times basing news articles on unsourced blogs, which later turned out to be false, yet never retracted them.[130][131] He tweets barely-literate screeds dozens of times per day.[132] He's the hero they needed...


...But not the hero they deserved, as and Shapiro split in rather dramatic fashion. In a stopped clock moment in March 2016, Shapiro resigned as editor-at-large from following the site's handling of the assault on one of their reporters, Michelle Fields (who left at the same time), by Donald Trump's then-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Shapiro cited the site's lack of support for Fields (they went so far as to publicly question the truth of their own report's claims, even in the face of clear video and audio evidence) and its sycophantic relationship with the candidate. Shapiro called "Trump's Pravda".[133][134]

The day following his resignation, published a story mocking Shapiro as short, a "conservative gadfly" and a traitor to the deceased Andrew Breitbart. gilded the lily of this extreme-but-characteristic pettiness by posting the article with the byline of "William Bigelow"; a pseudonym used by Shapiro's father, also a contributor to the site. His father had resigned with his son before the attack piece was posted.[135] The story was quickly memory-holed and replaced with a vague statement by editor and legal counsel, Joel Pollak, the actual author of the original post.[136] Shapiro has since called a "feces tornado".[137] Thanks for that image, Ben.

Breitbart's defense of the Trump campaign against the site's own reporter would help land their executive editor, Steve Bannon, a job in Lewandowski's former position as campaign manager and then (briefly) Senior Strategist in the Trump White House.

The few good moments[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Stopped clock
  • The Daily Wire posted a video on Columbus Day which listed Native American achievements as "dreamcatchers, tomahawks and cannibalism" and European achievements as "written language,[note 7] iPhones[note 8] and women's suffrage"; he first defended the video as "satire" and later removed it entirely.[138] It should be noted that Shapiro claimed the video was uploaded by other staff members. To his credit, in response to his staff at The Daily Wire posting a horrifically racist cartoon[139][140] demonizing indigenous people and glorifying European colonialism, Shapiro eventually took it down and apologized.[141] James Allsup, a noted alt-rightist, proceeded to do what all of them do when they face opposition and called him a "cuck", only after regurgitating 16th-century anti-indigenous racist bigotry in so doing.[142]
  • On November 7 2019, Shapiro gave a speech at Stanford University during which he condemned the alt-right.[143][144] During a later speech at Boston University, he was confronted by two alt-right supporters about this speech and took the opportunity to double down, attacking white nationalist Nick Fuentes and the Unite the Right rally, calling out Ron Paul for his anti-semitism and praising Donald Trump for expelling Steve Bannon from his administration.[145]
  • He has stated that he doesn't care about the Great Replacement.[146] While certainly classist and a bit of a twat, Shapiro appears to have no problem with Black people immigrating to the US, so long as they have the "correct" values.
  • He condemned the Uighur genocide.[citation needed]
  • Unusually for a conservative, Shapiro has advocated making JuneteenthWikipedia a national holiday.[147]


After being ripped a new one on Twitter in July 2018 for all of the horrific things he has said over the years, Shapiro decided to apologize for a few, most notably the "Enemy Civilian Casualties Are Okay by Me" column from 2002.[148] He is also in favor of ending the War on Drugs, although he is still very much in favor of stigmatizing addicts.[149] He plays the violin.[150]

More nuttiness[edit]

"You either die Shapiro, or you live long enough to see yourself become Alex Jones"[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Alex Jones

Shapiro now openly hawks sawdust and caffeine-based brain pills to his fans.[11][151][152] For someone who claims to not like Infowars, Shapiro sure does love stealing their marketing strategies. Warning: Dawn To Dusk may cause shortness of person. If you are experiencing extreme shortness of person, contact your waitress & get a booster seat immediately... In addition, Shapiro has also started selling doomsday prepper food.[153][note 9]

New evidence suggests that Shapiro may have been paid by Paul Manafort to push propaganda.[154][155][156][157]

"Everything I Don't Like is Why Trump Won"[edit]

As you have probably seen frequently, Ben hates on former President Barack Obama so much that it looks like Shapiro is Obama's biggest fan. In early September 2018, Obama gave a speech saying that America is good and that we should support liberty and stand up against fascism.[158] Shapiro criticized him by claiming that "Obama lecturing us is LITERALLY how you got Trump", whom Shapiro supports, but will oppose when it's convenient.[159][160] This, of course, makes perfect sense, since it is perfectly rational to think "I'm so sick of being told what to do by a constitutional law professor, I'm voting for the racist, sexist, bigoted, game show host who cheats his vendors and founded his own scam university."Do You Believe That? Jane Coaston pointed out that the real reason Trump won was that many people didn't vote in three battleground states and the Democratic Party ran a bad candidate.[161][note 10] Shapiro then responded by claiming that it was why Hillary lost but not why Trump was the nominee in the first place.[162] Shapiro never explained how exactly Obama made the GOP primary voters nominate Trump over the supposedly more reasonable 11 other options in the primary. That's because he doesn't have an answer, and blaming Obama for Trump is just a way to remove responsibility from the GOP voters.


Shapiro asserted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election against Barack Obama.[163] Shapiro was, in fact, wrong.[citation NOT needed]

The Ben Shapiro "Election Special"[edit]

During his "election special" show on Fox News, Shapiro mocked Bernie Sanders' voice (in an impression that sounded awkwardly like Arnold Schwarzenegger), criticized Nike's social justice campaign with Colin Kaepernick in light of the brand allegedly running sweatshops, and made several racist jokes.[164] It is highly unlikely that there will be a second episode.[165]

Ayn Rand 2.0[edit]

What Shapiro is hiding from you #NWO
See the main article on this topic: Ayn Rand

Ben is known also for having a suspicious, and worrying, resemblance in manner to the late great Ayn Rand. According to Shapiro, the idea that America should have a minimum wage is "totalitarian" and compares it to gunpoint robbery.[166]

On January 30 2021, Shapiro posted a YouTube video claiming that all good movies are following right-wing values no matter how left-wing it's themes because a hero simply having virtue and fighting against evil is inherently right-wing.[167] Not too long in the past, Ben Shapiro went against his own principle. When Chris Evans came at Shapiro for his homophobic comments, Ben Shapiro replied:

I don't dislike @chrisevans. We can disagree on politics, agree that The Fantastic Four is a terrible movie, and still like each other.[168]

Ben handwaves away his own homophobia, then proceeding to act like a child and antagonise Evans via dislike of The Fantastic Four movie. Apparently, fighting against evil is, in this case, not right-wing.[2] He wasn't done; he then proceeded to de facto call Evans a bad actor. What was his reason? Well, he concluded that MCU Captain America wasn't "nationalistic" and "America-loving" enough compared to the comic version.[169] Fighting evil is right-wing, until Ben doesn't like you, in which case your character then becomes more leftist propaganda. *clap clap*.

Speaking of "heroism", not even he can write that well. With his fan fiction True Allegiance, Shapiro took the easy path by inserting the thinnest 'characters' ever, both literally and in character development (the protagonists are attractive because they're good) into what he perceives as real life. In his book, black characters are mostly caricatures (one subplot involves a cop shooting an unarmed black minor, later revealed to be entirely a setup by a local drug kingpin). He gives weirdly-sexual descriptions of the men in his book, hangs salaciously on how taut and sexy the heroes are, and makes himself sound gay despite being anti-LGBT.


Of course, Ben completes his Ayn Rand transformation by stepping on the face of others, for profit's sake and profit's sake only. On August 16, 2019, The Daily Wire introduced a new piece of merchandise on Amazon depicting a dumpster fire with the Democratic Party logo attached to the lid.[170] It turned out the design was almost entirely plagiarized from a pop artist who was already selling merchandise featuring the same dumpster fire, only without the Democratic logo.[171] Eventually, the product listing was removed by Amazon,[note 11][172] and the tweet advertising the product was deleted.[173]

Nuking hurricanes[edit]

In August 2019, Shapiro unironically weighed in on President Trump's suggestion that the US military should drop a nuclear bomb on Hurricane Genevieve with this bizarre rant:

You’re talking about this dumb story that President Trump wanted to nuke hurricanes, which by the way, I don’t even care whether it does anything. It just sounds cool. I mean, what if there are sharks in the hurricanes? What if it’s a sharknado? What then guys? Have you thought about that? Just the idea. Anytime you’re talking about nuking a random thing that’s not really going to hurt anybody, I’ll admit the 13-year-old boy in me is kind of for it.
—He then goes on to complain about CNN treating it like the most powerful man in the world thinking this is deeply alarming. [174]

Evidently the master of facts and logic is unaware of nuclear fallout, and has no concept of either nuclear physics or the fact that citing to your inner thirteen-year-old makes you sound stupid.

When Hillary Clinton responded to this with "We should not nuke hurricanes", Shapiro tweeted that this was why she wasn't President.[175]

Misunderstanding of the law[edit]

After the 2021 Democratic primary for NYC mayor, during which the candidates were asked what they would ban if they were elected, Shapiro tweeted that none of the candidates had said they would ban crime.[176] Crime is, by definition, already illegal.[citation NOT needed]

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  1. In response to Shapiro, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded:

    I don't owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions… And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.[5]

  2. "And, at the end of the day, this is kind of a funny book to laugh at and just point out its stupidity and point out its flaws. But even beyond that, I just wanted to give some of you insight into Ben Shapiro because, at the end of the day, he's not just a piece of shit, okay, he doesn't just see his political opponents as less than human, he doesn't--he's not just a racist, he's not just homophobic, he's also really fucking dumb."
  3. Pun not unintended.
  4. We wonder who?
  5. In essence:

    Student: I don't like how clothing manufacturers exploit poor workers living in third world countries to make their cheap products which they brand and earn huge profits from that does not go to the workers.
    Ben: but you wear clothes tho.
    Headline: Overconfident delusional college snowflake CONFRONTS Ben Shapiro, Ben then DESTROYS, SILENCES, CRUSHES, ANNIHILATES, RIPS ultra-evil LIBERAL ATHEIST SOCIALIST LEFTIST snowflake kid to SHREDS using FACTS and LOGIC. Kid INSTANTLY regrets it. Q&A #6 (Compilation)
  6. 42% of Jews, compared to 26% of Christians, 22% of Protestants, 15% of Evangelicals, 28% of Mainline, 33% of Christians of historically black churches, and 34% of Catholics.
  7. Invented outside Europe by cultures such as Sumer, Egypt, Phoenicia, China, and Mesoamerica. So, as usual, he's full of shit.
  8. Like that's something to be proud of.
    "FEMA is NOT a first responder. That's what the agency's top administrator says to the media often. Fact is, YOU are the first responder. This must be your wake-up call to prepare to be more self-reliant. Build a food storage plan for hurricanes, earthquakes, long-term power outages, and more." ~Ben Shapiro
  10. Maybe running a warmonger wasn't such a great call by the Democratic party...
  11. A stopped clock moment for the corporation.


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    As the toll from California’s wildfires grows higher year after year, the state’s future appears fiery and hazy with smoke. For conservative columnists like Ben Shapiro, Niall Ferguson and Tyler O’Neil, it’s clear who is responsible: California Democrats. In recent opinion pieces, they acknowledge that climate change might play a role in these fires, but they blame Democratic leadership for exacerbating fuel buildups through poor land management. As proof, they reference a study from early this year in Nature Sustainability.
    We wrote that study. These columnists are wrong.
    Their opinion pieces represent a dangerous form of climate denialism, one that recognizes the value of climate adaptation—adapting to life under a changing climate—but purposefully misdirects by refusing to acknowledge the critical importance of limiting the amount of future climate change.

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  29. My wife (who, it is rumored, is a doctor) stayed up all night with my five-year-old because my girl has a brutal cough due to flu (tonight is my turn). My wife then got up and went to work to care for her patients. That's feminism. Not murdering babies outside the womb.[a w], Twitter
  30. My wife is a doctor, you asshat.[a w], Twitter
  31. My wife had to dig through actual bodies in medical school. All doctors do. Those bodies came in various ages, sizes, and races. This is perhaps the dumbest woke criticism I have ever seen.[a w], Twitter
  32. She is also a doctor. That is all.[a w], Twitter
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  48. Ex-sergeant: Officers "could have ended their restraint" of George Floyd sooner
  49. Senior officer says Chauvin used "totally unnecessary" force on George Floyd
  50. Derek Chauvin "absolutely" violated policy, Minneapolis police chief says
  51. Former training officer on Chauvin neck restraint: "That's not what we train"
  52. Minneapolis police sergeant testifies that officers often have time to "slow things down"
  53. Minneapolis police trainer testifies that Chauvin used unauthorized neck restraint on Floyd
  54. Chauvin had no need for force after Floyd was handcuffed and prone, expert testifies
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