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Helen Joyce is a British trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) who uses her platform as a finance editor with The Economist to promote transphobia. She also writes for the alt-right publication Quillette.

TERF writings[edit]

She works as a finance editor for The Economist, but is better known for her transphobic activism and for her attacks on "gender ideology". She came out in support of the LGB Alliance, an anti-trans hate group. She has a history of calling trans people "frauds", "sexual predators" and "sickening", and is believed to be behind a transphobic tweet by The Economist that suggested that trans people should be sterilized. The Daily Dot noted that she "has made questionable comments about trans people for years and continues to be employed at the publication."[1][2] Joyce also writes for the alt-right publication Quillette.[1]

In 2021 she published a book titled Trans attacking "gender ideology". The book received an endorsement from Richard Dawkins,[3] who had just "randomly decided to question the humanity of transgender people — under the guise of I’m-just-asking-questions."[4] It seems plausible that Dawkins' anti-trans tweet, that appeared to come out of the blue just a few days before Joyce gleefully revealed his endorsement of her book, was in fact the result of his reading of that particular book. In any event, Dawkins was widely condemned for his anti-trans statements and stripped of an earlier honor by the American Humanist Association.[5]

Joyce regularly employs all the usual TERF talking points, claiming transition is "child abuse" and referring to trans women as "males" who "infiltrate" women's spaces.[1]

Zack Ford of ThinkProgress noted that Joyce's bigoted worldview has frequently influenced The Economist’s coverage:

In its collection of essays on trans rights last year, the guise of ‘debate’ justified publishing numerous anti-trans essays that included junk science and scaremongering
—Zack Ford[1]