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Ashtar, a supposed extraterrestrial intelligence, is the central character of an Internet-based UFO/spiritualist/New Age cult which does not really have a name. Other characters seen in this cult include Pleiadians, "Mother/Father God", "Adama", etc. The cult is based on the New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy theories, but it does not rely on meaningful evidence at any time. Rather, the only form of information it employs is a "continuous revelation" from multiple different beings about secret knowledge and imminent transformation. This format seems to be derived somehow from its predecessor, the NESARA conspiracy cult, which was also Internet-based.

The number of readers of Ashtar's messages is difficult to determine, since most communication is done over the Internet, but is clearly quite large. "Messages from Ashtar" are generally translated within 24 hours into a dozen languages for the sake of foreign believers.

The general conspiracy theory runs as follows:

  • Aliens are all over. They are in the skies every hour of the day. They want to reach out to us, and some of them already have.
  • However, they are unable to land on Earth due to the machinations of the Illuminati.
  • "The government" knows everything but is refusing to tell us.
  • At a moment in the very near future, called "Disclosure", world governments will admit the existence of the great conspiracy, the aliens will land, and the Illuminati will fall.
  • Until then, cultural change and spiritual transformation is needed to prepare for the arrival of the aliens.

As you can learn on Wikipedia, the Ashtar cult's previous form in NESARA deprived many naive believers of a lot of money, including one grandmother who lost her life savings.

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