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Fun:People to pray for

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We got to pray!

Jesus, St. Paul, and others told us that we should love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us, be forgiving, etc. Indeed, some great people were once real bad asses before becoming Born again Christians—like St. Paul himself. This is especially important as because the unsaved are destined to eternal Hellfire, perhaps the greatest act of love would be to pray for their salvation. Who knows, in a 100 or so years Assad and Joseph Kony might be canonized. So with that in mind, some RationalWikians might contribute to a list of people for born-again Christians (and maybe others) to pray for—particularly those who have committed what many people—theist and atheist alike—would consider great evil.

to bless and make new[edit]

  1. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  2. Assad
  3. Julian Assange (and that God blesses/stops his activities)
  4. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  5. Sam Berkovitz
  6. Paul Bernardo
  7. Mark David Chapman (a tool for God's punishment according to some)
  8. Richard Dawkins
  9. Larry Flynt
  10. John Hinckley
  11. Karla Holmolka and her (relatively) new husband
  12. Ali Khamenei
  13. Li'l Kim
  14. Henry Kissinger (Pray that he renounces his Christ-denying Judaism—oh..,and that he repents for what he did during the Nixon years)
  15. Joseph Kony
  16. Kim Jong-un
  17. that so-called born-again Christian who wants to kill Joseph Kone
  18. Chelsea Manning
  19. Charles Manson
  20. Marilyn Manson
  21. Shirley Manson (Hawt, but evil!)
  22. Michael Moore (Ask yourselves: would Jesus say such mean things about the rich and hypocrites?)
  23. former Egyptian president Mussolini Morsi
  24. Steve Morrisey
  25. Sir Paul McCartney (Would his music of the past 30 years be any worse if they were Christian rock and the like?)
  26. Yoko Ono
  27. Daniel Ortega
  28. Justin Trudeau
  29. the king of Saudi Arabia
  30. the leader of Hezbollah—whateverthefuck'shisname
  31. the one surviving Boston Bomber (is there one left?)
  32. the members of Pussy Riot (particularly those in prison for their assault on that Church)
  33. those guys who raped that young Indian woman—and for all of the homicidal gang-rapists in India, the US and rest of the world
  34. all the angry man-hating feminists

to bless them, and if they are in a state of grace, to kept them in such[edit]

  1. Susanne “Sadie” Atkins (of the Manson family)
  2. Tony Blair
  3. George W. Bush
  4. George H. W. Bush
  5. Chuck Colson
  6. Ann Coulter
  7. Bill Clinton
  8. Hillary Clinton
  9. Charlie Daniels
  10. Pope Francis
  11. Pope emeritus Benedict XVI
  12. Mike Huckabee
  13. Robert Mugabe
  14. Ted Nugent
  15. Barack Obama
  16. Vladimir Putin
  17. Nancy Reagan
  18. The Schlaflys (Phyllis, Andrew, Roger, John, et al)
  19. Our Most Supreme Lord and Savior President Donald J. Trump
  20. every Conservapedian sysop (past and present)

dead people for Mormons to baptize[edit]

Note: If the official (i.e. big) church has done these, some of the cults, like the FLDS, might do so.

  1. Yassar Arafat
  2. Countess Bathory
  3. Ted Bundy
  4. Hugo Chavez
  5. Jack Chick
  6. Jerry Falwell
  7. Muammar al-Gaddafi
  8. King Henry VIII
  9. Hirohito
  10. Christopher Hitchens
  11. Adolf Hitler
  12. Saddam Hussein
  13. Steve Jobs
  14. Terry Koeckritz
  15. Osama bin Laden
  16. John Lennon
  17. Martin Luther (the most noted German anti-Semite)
  18. Timothy McVeigh
  19. Joseph Menegela
  20. Muhammad
  21. Ian Paisley
  22. Pope John Paul II
  23. Augusto Pinochet
  24. Pol Pot
  25. Ayn Rand
  26. Joseph Stalin
  27. Kim Il Sung
  28. Kim Jong Il
  29. Margaret Thatcher
  30. Mother Teresa