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Angelo John Gage
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Angelo John Gage is an American white nationalist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist and practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming.


Gage is a former marine who has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.[1]

Gage was formerly a chairman for the National Youth Front (NYF), the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party (a.k.a. American Third Position), whose director is Kevin MacDonald. The party calls for halting "non-white" immigration into the United States and claims to stand up for the "customs and heritage of the European American people". After leaving the American Freedom Party, Gage started creating his own racist videos on YouTube, spreading the "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" and "diversity = white genocide" mantras as well making videos such as "make whites great again", denying the Holocaust, and criticizing what he calls "international-jewry".

In April 2016, Gage deleted his YouTube channel and said his white nationalist strategy has been a failure and he was changing his views:

White Nationalism is a failing strategy because of this (60 years proves this) and we need something MORE effective, which I think would be Ethno-Nationalism… Let these losers talk in circles; that’s all they have been doing for 60 years and that’s all they’ll continue to do. The time has come for REAL people to get serious; standing behind a real populist message where activists won’t be afraid of losing their jobs; one that won’t keep them stuck on a computer talking to – who I now call ‘avatards’ – and other hobbyists that have no strategies at all. We need a REAL strategy that can actually be APPLIED TO THE REAL WORLD. Donald Trump has shown us all just how effective an all-compassing populist message can be, but these internet LARPers rather hide behind avatars pushing their losing message than ever do anything in the real world.[2]

Yet, Gage continues to post the same "white genocide" mantra (just re-worded as "diversity kills"), and anti-Semitism on his Twitter profile — so the leopard hasn't changed his spots.


Gage is known to attack LGBT people on his Twitter. He agues against same-sex marriage claiming it is not natural. He has also claimed that homosexuality is a "sexual perversion" and is a danger to children.[3]

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