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Angelo John Gage
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Fuck Israel. There I said it. I'm so fucking tired of hearing about this goddam country and seeing our PATHETIC politicians, who essentially are traitors, cuck to Israel with every breath. Fuck both of them.
—Angelo John Gage in October 2019[1]
Subhuman behavior deserves death.. that's just my position.
—Gage in May, 2020[2]

Angelo John Gage is an American self-described "anti-Zionist",[3][4] Holocaust denier, white nationalist,[5] and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who promotes fake news and misinformation about the 2019-20 COVID-19 outbreak.[6] One of his bizarre conspiracy theories is COVID vaccines "probably [have] a backdoor into your brain, or the side effects include sending money to Israel."[7] Gage is also a homophobe who has likened homosexuality to child-abuse and pedophilia.

Post-2016, Gage a former neo-nazi has claimed he is no longer a white nationalist and abandoned his old views. (Gage as of 2021 is still a neo-Nazi and was suspended on YouTube for hate speech). However, the website Right-Wing Watch in a 2019 article on Gage has pointed out: "It doesn’t appear his worldview has changed much–if at all. Gage is still online cranking out anti-Semitic content and associating with white nationalists."[1] On his current YouTube channel Reality Engaged, Gage has hosted interviews and discussions with anti-Semites and far-right activists, including Kevin MacDonald and Tomislav SunićWikipedia.

As of 2020, Gage advertises himself as an anti-war, anti-supremacist and pro-free speech activist supporting Third Position.[8][9] However, Gage continues to post homophobic and anti-Semitic comments on Twitter and his belief that certain people should be executed. Despite his dubious claim to have given up white nationalism, he has never cut ties from white nationalists and has recently appeared on alt-right podcasts such as Red Ice TV with neo-Nazi Henrik Palmgren and retweets alt-right content from Paul Ramsey.[10][11] The SPLC has noted that "Gage has a long history of racism and anti-Semitism."[12]

In June 2020, Gage claimed to have converted to veganism but admitted he still ate meat if he did not pay for it and someone else cooked it for him[13], so he's not a true vegan but, oddly, liked to promote himself as one on Twitter. In December 202,0 Gage claimed to have given up his phony veganism by posting a photo of a chicken meal he was eating and now openly eats meat he pays for and cooks himself.[14]

The website Stop Antisemitism noted in August 2020 that Gage is on a "never ending antisemitic tirade against the Jewish people."[15] Gage has most recently tried to reinvent himself as a Third Positionist and promotes neo-fascist views.[16]

In November 2020, Gage deleted his YouTube videos and virtually all his tweets. He seems to be reinventing himself yet again now as George Galloway fan.[17] However, Gage returned to Twitter a few weeks later.

In January 2021, Gage was permanently suspended from Twitter for hate speech including virulent anti-Semitism.[18][19][20] He blamed “Jewish supremacists" for his ban.[21] The following month he was suspended from YouTube.[22]


Gage is a deist[23] and a practitioner of neurolinguistic programming.[24]

National Youth Front[edit]

From February to October 2015, Gage was chairman of the far-right National Youth Front (NYF), which until July 2015 was the youth wing of the neo-Nazi American Freedom Party (a.k.a. American Third Position), whose director is Kevin MacDonald. Gage replaced Caleb Shumaker as chairman once Shumaker was forced out of the group because of his interracial marriage.[25] The AFP calls for halting "non-white immigration" into the US and claims to stand up for the "customs and heritage of the European American people". NYF promoted an identical white nationalist message as the AFP but mostly focused on recruiting young people at universities.[26] Gage has described NYF's goal as "declaring our freedom from this oppressive, anti-white, globalist government that has been slowly subverting our country since the 1960’s".[27] In April 2015, Gage contacted AFP attorneys and sent a letter to the Appalachian State University school newspaper warning of legal action after they had described his organisation in an article as a "neo-Nazi group" in response to the NYF putting up controversial posters at one of their campuses.[28] The newspaper subsequently changed their description of the NYF to "white nationalists" but pointed out they did not think describing the NYF as "neo-Nazis" was defamatory.[29] Despite Gage's claim the NYF under his leadership was not a neo-Nazi group, one of its notable activists was seen wearing a black shirt with the symbol of the Greek neo-fascist Golden Dawn political party and punctuated one Facebook post with the neo-Nazi shorthand of "88!," i.e. "Heil Hitler".[30] In July 2015, Gage appeared on Renegade TribuneWikipedia alongside white nationalist Kyle Hunt to discuss the National Youth Front.[31] The video exposes Gage as extremely anti-Semitic.

Gage resigned from the NYF in October after the group faced various fundraising issues and a name change after a threatened lawsuit.[32] After a rather odd name change to The Dispossessed, the organisation became defunct shortly after. Gage has incorrectly claimed the NYF under his leadership never had anything to do with the AFP when it was, in fact, the youth wing of the AFP until July 2015, meaning Gage's leadership of the NYF had strong ties to the AFP for about 5 months.[33] Gage is also a former member of the AFP and had pursued elected office in 2014 in New Jersey as part of the American Freedom Party; during his campaign, he appeared on the radio program of white supremacist David Duke. He was disqualified because of incorrectly-filed paperwork. At this time, Gage also hosted a program on the white nationalist website The White Voice. According to Right-Wing Watch:

Gage served as the chairman of the white nationalist group National Youth Front. He reportedly resigned as chairman before his first child was born and handed control of the organization to Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo.[1]

Racist YouTube videos[edit]

In 2016, Gage started creating his own racist videos on YouTube, spreading the "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" and "diversity is white genocide" mantras as well making videos such as "Make Whites Great Again",[34] denying the Holocaust, and criticising what he calls international-jewry. In 2015, Red Ice Creations who interviewed Gage stated:

Angelo John Gage is a political activist who is fighting against Marxism in all its abominable forms. A former US Marine, Gage went on to graduate from the International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Conversational Hypnotist. He also chairs the National Youth Front (NYF), an anti-supremacist conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of all White people, including their nations and cultures across the globe.[35]

Alleged recantation of white nationalism[edit]

Gage continues to retweet alt-right content from Paul Ramsey in May, 2020

In April 2016, Gage deleted his YouTube content and said his white nationalist strategy had been a total failure:

White Nationalism is a failing strategy because of this (60 years proves this) and we need something MORE effective, which I think would be Ethno-Nationalism […] Let these losers talk in circles; that’s all they have been doing for 60 years and that’s all they’ll continue to do. The time has come for REAL people to get serious; standing behind a real populist message where activists won’t be afraid of losing their jobs; one that won’t keep them stuck on a computer talking to – who I now call ‘avatards’ – and other hobbyists that have no strategies at all. We need a REAL strategy that can actually be APPLIED TO THE REAL WORLD. Donald Trump has shown us all just how effective an all-compassing populist message can be, but these internet LARPers rather hide behind avatars pushing their losing message than ever do anything in the real world.[36]

He did not actually repudiate any of his racist or anti-Semitic views but realised it would be impossible to gain political power promoting white nationalism because white nationalists perform poorly at the ballot box. Therefore, he changed his message to adopt right-wing populism views and support Trump. In a 2016 interview, Gage discussed "Trump’s pull to White interests and his ability to attract broad support from Americans through a simple, hard-hitting and emotionally appealing style."[37]

In 2018, Gage and Kevin MacDonald were featured on the alt-right podcast Red Ice TV.[10] In 2019, Gage started a new YouTube channel titled, Reality Engaged[38] and claimed in June 2020 on his website in a blog post titled "My Journey In and Out of the Rabbit Hole of Racism" to have finally repudiated racism and white nationalism.[39] Despite claiming to change his mind on issues related to race, Gage in his blog post defends pseudoscientific "racial realism", writing: "you could compare the different races just like you could compare different dog breeds." This argument is a bad comparison.[40] Gage, however, claims to have given up white supremacy and describes his new outlook at "trait realism":

So, what position do I hold today? I call it “trait realism.” I do not deny human biodiversity nor do I deny evolution; it is a fact the human species evolved differently around the world and human groups are not equal, otherwise we wouldn’t have any human biodiversity. But this does not mean we shouldn’t be treated equally under the law, nor that there is a superior race, in fact the total opposite is true: there are only superior individuals. Thus, categorizing human beings by race is utterly useless when trying to find these superior individuals. Granted, it may beneficial knowing one’s “race” in the medical field to gain more knowledge of an individual’s genetic heritage, but none of this matters when it comes to determining behavior.[41]

In the same blog post, Gage clings to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, still claims to oppose non-white immigration, and supports eugenics:

And for my fellow White Europeans and Americans out there concerned with what I said: we have always been a minority, and the tribe that runs the world is one of the smallest minorities today; yet they control most of the world while we can’t even control countries that were handed to us by greater men. So being a minority isn’t the problem you need to concern yourself with; the problem you should be concerned with is whether or not the majority of people in your country are noble and just, along with its ruling class. That is not to say I support massive 3rd world immigration or the displacement of White people from where they are, but I am saying the focus should be on moral eugenics: removing scum from our society wherever they may be, so whatever remains is not scum.

It, therefore, appears Gage has not much abandoned his racist views, if at all. Furthermore, he continues to associate with white nationalists and other far-right activists on this YouTube channel and defends most of their views. He also posts the same "white genocide" mantra (re-worded as "diversity kills"), anti-Semitism and retweets alt-righters on his Twitter profile — so the leopard hasn't changed his spots. In February 2020, Gage posted a YouTube video "My Beef with Israel Explained"[42] and has increasingly become even more anti-Semitic, for example claiming The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is real.[43]

In May 2020, Gage said he was receiving online threats from anti-fascist activists. He posted:

If you threaten me or my family, then claim you're going to come get me, I will let you know that I'll kill you. If this is violation of ToS, then Twitter actually supports terrorism and is against self defense.[44]

Gage, who is still deeply involved with figures from the alt-right claims, to be neither left nor right (Third Position).[45]Do You Believe That?

Anti-Semitism and racism[edit]

Much of Gage's Twitter feed consists of anti-Semitic content and his criticism of Zionism about which he has an obsession. So he hasn't changed his ways.

I've probably blocked 6 million Zionists in the last few days; will I be accused of committing a digital holocaust?
—Gage in August, 2020[46]
White folks are not allowed to defend themselves. The whole "white supremacist" narrative makes people instantly assume any shooting is "racist" instead of seeing what actually happened. You can thank the ADL and Zionist media and Hollywood for this. Never forget the REAL enemy.
—Gage in August, 2020[47]

In August 2020, a blogger and lawyer David Lange compiled much evidence that Gage is still a virulent anti-Semite.[4] In response, Gage began falsely accusing the blogger of harassment.[48] Gage is known to delete racist tweets and then deny he made them, despite there often being screenshots prior to deletion. Despite him deleting all his white nationalist videos from YouTube, some have resurfaced on BitChute such as "Make Whites Great Again" which consists of Gage ranting like a lunatic for 2 minutes about how to save the white race by learning self-defense, eating healthy and reading David Duke's books.[49]

Gage continues to post anti-Semite and racist content on Twitter.[4][6][15] Many of his offensive tweets have been documented by the websites Stop Antisemitism and Canary MissionWikipedia.[6][15]

Other beliefs[edit]


Gage is an Islamophobe who, when chairman of the NYF in 2015, distributed Islamophobic leaflets at university campuses against Muslim immigration to US.[50]

However, in 2020 Gage toned down his Islamophobic views and has tried to forge allies with Palestinians (the vast majority of whom are Muslim) who share his anti-Zionist views:

Palestinians never wished me my children or my wife death. Compare this email to the string of disgusting filth I've gotten from #Zionists #Freepalestine


When he was openly a white nationalist, Gage opposed non-white immigration into Western countries based on racist conspiracy theories; in 2013, Gage, for example, in a video said that white genocide is underway as a result of 3rd world immigration to Europe and the US. Although the video was deleted in 2016, it is still quoted on the neo-Nazi VNNforum:

Italian-American veteran Angelo John Gage explains the importance of protecting the White race by standing against White genocide which is a result of massive uncontrolled 3rd world immigration to White countries only.[52]

As of 2020, Gage continues to hold the same anti-immigration views, but realises to make them more palatable and not sound racist, he now talks about economic issues rather than race (this tactic is used by many other white nationalists including Nick Fuentes):

When a politician claims you need more migrants to help the economy, they are putting profits over people. What good is an economic system that demands the replacement of a nation? A successful one would help the current citizens prosper with minimal or zero immigration.
—@AngeloJohnGage, August 2020[53]

Third Position[edit]

Gage in 2020 has claimed to support Third Position, describing himself as a Third Positionist on his Twitter page[54] and recommending CasaPoundWikipedia's neo-fascist policies.

For an example of 3rd position policies, go here, translate website, and read Casapound's program. Keep in mind: 3rd Position will vary from country to country, but its core values are universal among those who seek to end the false dichotomy.


Gage is known to attack LGBT people on his Twitter. He argues against same-sex marriage claiming it is not natural. He has also claimed that homosexuality is a "sexual perversion" and is a danger to children.[56]

I would be more comfortable having two women raise children, with their maternal instincts intact, than two men... Men are more likely to be pedophiles and rapists.
—Gage in April 2020.[57]

Calling for executions[edit]

Despite claiming to be an anti-war activist, Gage often posts on his Twitter that certain people should be executed. Gage wrote the following in 2020:

Everyone of these returnees should be rounded up and executed. Technically, Belgium is harboring terrorists. This is clearly the insanity of a politically correct Europe. Any terrorism to the Belgium people, is on them, and frankly, the people deserve it for even allowing this.[58]
All jails should be converted to factories for criminals who do lesser crimes and everyone who does serious crime executed within 24 hours[59]
All spies should be executed.[60]
The elites need to die, and every single decent human being I know agrees wit this, yet is afraid to say it publicly.[61]
He should have been executed, like the rosenbergs[62]
In a truly just system, all of these men would have been executed by firing squad, after being castrated.[63]


Gage claims to have eaten meat, eggs, and dairy for 36 years until converting to a vegan diet in June 2020.[13] Gage used to formerly criticize veganism and posted photographs of his favorite meat dishes on Twitter. He removed all these in July 2020 and began to describe himself as a vegan on social media.[64] However, Gage admits he still eats meat if someone else pays for it, so he is not a vegan:

My approach is so practical that I could go over my friend’s house and eat a steak if offered to me and it wouldn’t violate my ethics. How? Being that I am an ethical vegan, did not pay into the system for the slaughter, and the animal is already dead, it’s either it is eaten by someone who doesn’t care about animal suffering, eaten by someone who does (me), or is thrown in the garbage and its life lost in vain. My position is unheard of to most non-vegans and probably would be rejected by most vegans.[13]

Gage admits his position "would be rejected by most vegans."

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